Hey there all! So I had just recently watched Charmed and when I do stuff like this, Delilah, the voice in my head, hehe, decides to create plot bunnies and then I need to write so I head to put this down on paper and then to computer for a final print! This isn't the first chapter, more like a prologue. So I hope you enjoy the start and give me feedback and such an share ideas with me! Thanks for viewing!

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They had never seen Chris sleep, close his eyes for faithful and harmonious rest, not once even to rest his red eyes and there was a truly good reason. Chris had failed sometimes to keep his eyes open, when those times occurred all he saw was what he was trying to prevent but when he first came he, he felt less worry but now the bond was growing, Wyatt was connecting with him further, he needed more power, that was the only way to prevent it but he couldn't do that, he never wanted to do it that way. Even from the future Wyatt was finding ways to get to him, through Bianca but that failed and now he was trying this, he could tell Wyatt was furious and it was at him. Wyatt had figured out why Chris was in the past and that made his mission even more dangerous but he didn't think Wyatt would risk coming back to the past… just yet. So for now Wyatt was trying to reconnect with Chris, a connect that Chris had sealed off but a person with enough powers like Wyatt could figure a way around a spell that Chris at the age of sixteen made up, it wouldn't be that hard but Wyatt had never tried to before now, he was getting desperate now. Chris remember the first time Wyatt and him made a strong enough connection with each other to talk with each other in their dreams, that was when of course Chris made the spell to block each other out, it had gotten quite… disturbing, especially since they were hormonal teenagers at the time. But Chris had never thought that Wyatt would be able to connect with him from the future, they had always said that the connect between them was truly strong but this, he had never anticipated.

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