Author's note: I especially loved Ethan Stone and Cadan in the trilogy so I created Jasmine with Ethan's personnality and knowledge and the strengh of Will and Ellie. I invented the two principal characters because I wanted to leave the original ones to the author, Courtney Allison-Moulton. For the next chapter, Cadan will play a big role because likea lot of other readers, I liked him soooo much! This fanfic is mostly based on hypothesis I thought during my reading of the novel so some of them are a little bit crazy.

The last book is not available in French so I wrote this fanfic in English even if it isn't my native language. So please, don't review only on grammar and spelling mistakes.

Hope you'll enjoy!

- 1 - Gabriel

Archangels can't have children. False! They can, but they haven't the right. I can control every birth from any reapers I know, so all of them. As I permitted to Madeleine to have one, I can decide if I can get pregnant or not. For the past 2000 years, I wasn't afraid of getting pregnant by a reaper because I was human. He, someone stronger than me, gave me another chance in a kind of new life, as he can do with every archangel and reaper. I had to deal with my human and my angel nature. It was hard and easy at the same time. When I got enough strong, I came back to see Will. Once. But it was enough to get pregnant. I forgot to protect myself by this spell I know too well. Will has no idea for the baby. Only Michael and Azrael knew that I was born again, so I hid for the next nine months and I gave the kid to the first person I tough to: Ethan Stone. I owe him one, as I told him. I know it wasn't the best choice because he doesn't look like a good father and he has a strange nature, but my daughter will have the best training and magical education. And after Ethan's death, somebody will have to take care of all the relics he stole.

I won't look for this baby again. I hope she will come back to me someday.

- 2 - Jasmine

I always wanted to do this, but Ethan didn't allow me to do it. But he's not here anymore and I don't care. Six police car are following me. Their cars are not strong enough to keep the same speed as me. He's near me, I can feel it inside. I know who my parents are, but I don't want them to know me as they didn't want to see me growing up. My uncle will probably have no idea of my birth, so I'll go see what he looks like. 3. 2. 1. I pulled the handbrake and Ethan's Lamborghini made two turns on itself and crashed outside the highway.

I have some aluminium pieces stick in my left arm, but I don't care. I have to run. They will find the car and no trace of a driver or his blood. Ethan's books were useful for some spells that can help me escape. I ran for two miles. Cadan's bar is near from here. I could feel how strong he is, even if he hid his power for the past ten years.

No customer was visible. Only two barmen were trying to look like busy. They were reapers, so I didn't have to be afraid. I asked them if they have some pliers. One laughed, the other one looked at my arm and I saw the fear in his face. True. No real fights have been since Gabriel won. He came back thirty seconds later.

"Can I help you?" he asked me.

"Sure have fun buddy!" I replied. I think normal people are not used to my sarcastic language. Note to myself: Stop being friendly with someone who's afraid of you. Cadan finally showed himself up.

"Can I have a bottle of an alcohol over 80%? I have to heal myself a little bit faster than right now." He said nothing and jumped over the counter to hand me a bottle of something that I was unable to identify. He probably knew his stock more that I was. I opened it and drank it one-shot. When I turned around, he had replaced the barman to take off the metal pieces in my arm. He was careful.

"You can sleep. You'll feel better tomorrow." He said. I lay my head on the table. Two minutes after, I was snoring.

I woke up with Cadan's face near mine. He was sleeping in the same position as me on the next table. My arm was completely healed. As I moved a little, he woke up and stared at me. I hope he won't recognize my eyes - my father's eyes.

"What were you doing to be that much hurt?" he asked. No identification, no name. He probably knew who I am. I tried to look like nonchalant.

"A Lamborghini race against myself. I wanted to know if I would die of my injuries. High five to my immune system, he did a great job." He laughed. His laugh is so much more beautiful than any other I ever heard before.

In fact, I wanted to do something stupid because Ethan is not here anymore to say no.

"I'm happy to see that your three hundred thousand dollars test worth it." I laughed. If he knew that I could spend a Lamborghini every week for the next ten years without being afraid of bankruptcy, he would probably cry.

I got up to say: "I'm sorry to end this conversation but I have to keep my way to Greece. Here's two hundred dollars for the alcohol and the service. Have a nice day!" The confusion in his face meant more for me than would like it.

"Don't worry, Cadan, I'll come back in a while." He did nothing to stop me except keep looking at me with care. Note to myself: Be nicer with him next time.

- 3 - Jasmine

The National Library of Greece is the best place to continue my readings about the angels' world. Some books need to be clean and classified, so I proposed my service for free to work day and night until I would have red all the interesting books. It took nine months of my eternal life to achieve it. So I did the same thing for the Rome National Central Library. At the end of almost a year, I found what I was looking for. So I discovered how to access the angels' paradise without dying. This way, I would be able to face every archangel and to prove my right to live. But I couldn't do it right at this moment. I needed practice. Ethan engaged the best martial art teacher to show me how to control myself and to be stronger. And this is where Cadan enter in my plan. He's one of the best known - alive - demoniac fighters and I want him to teach me how to fight like a demoniac reaper.

A long time ago, before angels can be fallen, they were able to switch their side from angelic to demoniac. A lot of more powers were possible by combining these two sides. When the first one decided to fight against God, Archangels were obligated to choose and stay on their chosen side. They slowly forgot how to do it. So this is why archangels can't have kids. The side of the child is determined by the other parent, even if the archangel is female. By having a father half angelic half demonic, I'm able to control both powers and to switch whenever I want. As my mother can, I control angelfire. It can burn, but it can heal. This is why I healed so fast after my car crash. Angelfire is burning inside me and it is helping me to become more powerful every day. Demonfire has been forgotten a long time ago, but it can burn angelic reapers and destroy them like angelfire for demoniac. I'm not able to control it with weapons but I can ignite myself.

Before returning to Cadan's bar, I have to check something. I found an address on a lot of book in Ethan's four-room library. I want to know who's Nathanael. He copied a lot of old book so he should have a huge knowledge on everything. United States, here I come.

This old residence seems to have been abandoned for the past ten years or more. I saw a little access to the basement on the left side of the house. I broke the padlock from one hand and I opened one of the two doors. I tried to be as silent as possible; I can feel an angelic soul inside. He was sleeping, his head on a book with his glasses on his nose. Black strait hair, tan skin, he must have some oriental blood. What kind of unaware people sleep on a two hundred years old book! I came in front of him to take back the book. He didn't wake up so I started to clean all the books to see the inventory. Some greats books, all translate or written by Nathanael. The men seemed to have around twenty years old, so it must be him.

Two hours later, he woke up slowly in one big breath. He can't feel my presence, nobody can. "Good morning Nathan-..." I didn't have time to finish my sentence; I hit the wall behind me. His black almond-shaped eyes were staring at me with so much fear that I could feel it inside. I tried to move but I wasn't able.

"Who are you? Why do you know my name?" He asked.

"You're the one who wrote all these books. You're an angelic reaper, I can feel it."

"No, I'm not. This author is dead; my mom just gave me his name in his honor. He was a bright author and translator." He looked down like if he was shy.

"Who's your mom?"

"She's named Lauren, but I won't answer any other question before you tell me who you are."

"I'm Jasmine Stone. So why are you here?" I hate to say my name. Everyone knows who my father is and everyone hates him.

"Do you have a family link with Ethan? I saw his address on some boxes here." He asked this with an interesting gaze. No pain, disgust or sadness. But I should continue to be cautious.

"If a positive answer can be dangerous for my life, I answer no." I half-closed my eyes.

He fake laughed a little bit. He obviously didn't know of who I was talking about. After a small silence, I reveal he was my father. We are no enough intimate to say I'm adopted.

"I'm here to learn Latin and Ancient Greek. These books are produced in different languages so I can compare the words and learn it. My mother owns this place." He looked so professional when he said that.

"I can help you if you want." Anyway, I want to read all of them so I can be useful at the same time. "But please, let me move."

"You understand these languages?" Joy, surprise and pleasure. This man has so much more different feelings than anyone I met before. He stopped controlling me like if nothing happened. How did he do that?

"I speak twelve languages and read three more." I approached him and sat on the wooden bench in front of him. He did the same.

"What are you studying in? How did you learn all of these?" His excitement shocked my heart so hard. How can someone feel so many things without exploding?

"My father is a savant. I'd never been to school. So where do we start? You'll learn nothing with the book you were drooling on. Let me see what we get here." He changed his face again. Some interrogation was visible on his face. I really didn't understand how it was working in his head. And I think he was the only one who ever pay attention at what I was saying. I got up to read some titles on the shelf behind him. Two books looked familiar to me.

"We'll start with these two. The first is in French, the second one is in Latin. Do you speak French?"

"Sure, not perfectly but I can understand it well." His smile is back.

"Great. If you have any questions, ask them."

I got up to start browsing some books. Most of them were talking about reapers and their spells.

"Are you a medium? You weren't scared when I controlled you and you don't seem to be a reaper." He asked with his eyes on the book.

"I'm never scared. I'm actually a reaper, but I can hide my identity."

"Are you demoniac or angelic?"

"Both. I'm neutral." I suddenly understood what I was saying. I didn't know who he was and I said my secret. Even Ethan never knew it. I ignite my right hand and approached him. He did nothing; He wasn't afraid.

"Angelfire can't kill me and you know it. Can you explain to me who or what you are?" No emotion. I really don't understand this guy!

I talked about archangels and their side history so then he could understand more, but I didn't talked about my true parents. With this interested eyes and his rebel strand of hair that was always falling over them and... Note to myself: Stop staring at him! He wasn't surprised; he seemed to approve everything I was saying.

"And you, why are you so angelic?" I was tired of talking. I never talked this much before today.

"I'm a medium. Do you know how we are created?" That was a real question. Many books were talking about reapers but not about mediums. I just said nothing.

"The human mother has to make love with a reaper and after to have a child with a human. Then his first children will have some power. If this child also makes this same process, the next children will be stronger. If not, the family usually have a medium every two or three generation. My mother is a medium and she loved Nathanael before his death twenty years ago. I have a lot of Nathanael's mental power, like controlling people. So if I tell you to sleep, you will. But it's easier with human rather than with reapers."

He stopped talking and looked for my reaction. Sorry men, I don't have over-reactions like you. What can I say? Nothing. I'm good at that. I just have to change of subject.

"Can you translate every word you said in another language? If you want to learn something, you have to keep thinking of it." I finished my sentence and got up to continue the inventory.

"Are you always that special - to not say crazy?" I seriously like this guy.

"Always. If I'm not, you have the right to hit me." I looked at him in the corner of my eyes to see his reaction. As I predicted it, he laughed. A normal person would have been scared of me for the rest of his life. He returned to his reading; nothing more needed to be saying for the rest of the night.

- 4 - Jasmine

I was sleeping in a room upstairs only three to five hours a day as usual. I made the food for both of us because he really had no talent for cooking, or I was too used to eat perfectly cooked food. He gave me money for the food but I always put it back in his wallet. I stayed in the old house for a couple of months with him, reading all the books. I learned to control a lot of spells and he started to understand, read and pronounced almost all usual words in Latin. Greek was something else. In exchange, he taught me how to control people. But I felt inside of me that I had to go. I needed to move, to restart my intense training. I never needed to be or stay with someone before him. I'm so bad to show my feelings to someone. I wanted him to feel the same way about me.

"Do you know if it works the same way for the men?" I said when we were reading in the basement.

"What do you mean?"

"Will your children be stronger than you if I sleep with you?"

He cleared his throat and finally said. "Um... I don't know." He got up to look at some books but I knew he was just anxious.

Silence. What can I say? Note to myself: This is not the way to ask someone out.

"Sorry. I'm just stupid sometimes." I jumped the stairs to go back in my room.

Flying would be great tonight. I wanted to forget what I just said. I took off my shirt to not tear it and opened my tall white wings. Nathanael knocked on the door behind me.


He opened the door. "Oh god."

He never understood before that when someone says a simple "what?" it's because we don't want to see the other person.

"What are you doing? I was leaving." When I finished my sentence, He was near me, touching my wings. He never answered to my question. Maybe it was the moment to apologize for what I said sooner. After a minute, I asked: "Did you ever fly?" No answer. He was suppose to be the one who talk the most. I took his hand, the one he was touching my wing with and pulled him to the window. I jumped. He started to panic and came close to me to hang at my neck. It would have been romantic if I was a boy. I took him by the hips and flew a little bit higher. I brought him back to the roof. When he was stable up there, I left him and flew higher. I tried to control the stress inside me but it was hard. What a great move, Jazz! Note to myself: Never leave a man on a roof that you have asked to have sex with while having no shirt.

He was sitting on the roof, watching me. Breathe, Jasmine, breathe slower. I sat beside him and hid myself with my wings. He touched at my wings again. It was tickling me; my wings were moving by themselves.

"I knew reapers where having wings but these are the first I see and touch."

"A few mediums will have the chance to see some in their entire life. You're lucky." I tried to smile, but he probably noticed it was a fake one.

"You are beautiful. I just never tough you would have ask me that anyway, so I stopped thinking. I was too surprise I think. You're probably the only girl who ever talked to me more than ten minutes, except my mom. False! I teamed with a girl for a school work because she tough I would have done all the work." He laughed a little to show his discomfort.

"Did you?" I looked at him for the first time since I was on the roof.

"I sure did. I had to have great grades to go at the university."

"I never talked to a man that wasn't paid by my dad, so I think I'm in a worst situation than you."

"You never got out of your house?"

"Not before the death of Ethan."

"Why did you name him Ethan and not dad or at least father?"

"He is not my father. He adopted me by force."

"By force?"

"My mom gave me to him because she owes him one and she thought that an heiress would be beneficial for him."

"Who is your mother?"

"She's the archangel Gabriel, the Preliator. And my father is his guardian, William. That's why I'm neutral. The archangels can be both side and Will have half of demonic blood inside him, so I continue to be able to choose which side I want to be. I think that some reapers must be neutral because it would balance the tension between the two sides and we would be able to talk to each other or at least to send a neutral messenger. Understand?" I looked at him. He was listening carefully. "But it's not really important."

"Why are so shy to say what you think? You are sweet even if you seem to not care about the world around you."

"I'll take that as a compliment but Ethan was thinking and talking more than me and he didn't agree with my point of view so I just forgot to talk."

"That's bad for you." He got up to look at the end of the roof to the ground. "How do we get down?"

"Your choice. We jump, we enter by the chimney like Santa Claus or by the same way we got here?"

"Will I die if I jump?"

"I don't know. Do you want to try?" We looked at each other of the corner of the eyes.

"Umm... no! Let's go back by the same way we got here."

I took his hand and brought him back inside in his room. He sat on his bed.

"You know, if you want to prove something purely scientific, I can help you."

I laid down over him and kiss him. I never taught that I would feel something that much intense in my life.

A week later, I couldn't retard my trip longer.

"I'll leave soon." He looked at me to see if I was kidding - as usual.

"Where are you going?" He asked after a minute.

"Top secret!" I blinked an eye, but his serious face was enough to kill my joke. "Seriously, I'm going in Germany and after, I don't know."

"I know you like challenge, so I'll propose you one." I stared at me with sparkles in his eyes. A few seconds later, he got up and opened a love story book to take out two rings. He started to talk, looking down, suddenly shy.

"They were inside when I opened it for the first time. So I wanted to ask you to marry me someday but I was too shy. So I give you this ring. I'll start university in a couple of week for three years. If we don't meet each others in the next three years, bring it back in this book and I'll do the same. If you want to marry me, you'll have to find me." He put the ring in my hand and closed it.

I didn't know what to say. I came back to my room to pack my stuffs. I woke up before him the next morning. When Nathanael would get up, he will find next to him, written in twenty-two languages: Challenge accepted.

- 5 - Jasmine

I arrived at Cadan's bar at noon so I knew he was probably sleeping. I broke in - just opened the door a little bit too hard - and sat at a table.

"I'm back." I said when I saw him coming from the back store.

He waited a few seconds before he stared at me with a half-hidden smile. "Why are you here?"

"I want you to train me."

"You really think you'll have all you want, are you?"

"Will I?" I tried to give him the cutest look. I'm clearly not a normal girl.

"Who are you?"

"Jasmine." He knows Ethan Stone, so my last name must stay secret.

"Is that all you have to say?"

"Pretty much, yes. When do we start?"

I dodged a knife at the last second who was shot straight in my face. He chased me around the tables, hitting every unguarded place of my body. I started to feel my laziness of the past months. He gave me a break after half an hour of fight.

"You looked stronger the last time I saw you." He wasn't even breathing faster.

"Yeah, I know. Trust me, I can feel it. I stopped my training to study languages." I was exhausted, but I felt that my body was trying to get stronger."I'll be better in a while."

"You're a while is longer than any other I heard in my life."

"I wasn't supposed to be that long. I lost my way in United States."

"So we'll leave Germany to help your sense of direction. I'll train you if you promise me to do whatever I tell you."

"Deal." That was exactly what I was looking for.

"Be ready for tomorrow morning. 6:00 AM sharp." He turned around to go back in the back store. I dropped my backpack on the table.

"I'm ready." I tried a smile, but he kept his way.

"I said tomorrow, you weren't listening. 1-0 for me." He told me this without giving me a small look. He disappeared for all the day.

- 6 - Jasmine

"Do you like snow?"

We were keeping our way to Romania when Cadan asked this. I played a little bit in the snow when I was young, but I past this chapter of my life.

"The temperature has no influence on me so I can't say if I like this or no."

"Are you interesting at trigger an avalanche?" I loved this mysterious smile in his voice. Is he that crazy? It can be fun.

"If that's what you do with snow, I'll follow you everywhere."

"Look at this peak. The one with the pinky shades on it." Yeah sure dude! The one with is behind two hundred thousand trees and two other mountains. He always told me to look thousand of miles too far, especially at night.

"I can barely see it. Why is it so particular?"

"You will fly to it and I'll explain to you what we will do. Nobody will see us in the dark. The last one is a wimp!"

A strong wind made me fall on my back. Pff, I let him go first, it was intended. I never flew that fast, but he arrived before me.

"Wimp! 2-0 for me" What a kiddy voice!

"Shut up! So what do we do now?" I tried to look cool-headed but my defeat frustrated me. Calm down sweetheart or you wouldn't be able to stay neutral.

"Do you see this peak? We will make it fall down and slide on it with our shield. The challenge is to get to bottom with a dry coat. I'll be back in two minutes. Be ready!"

I waited a minute and I suddenly heard and felt the earth shaking. Oh damn, he created an avalanche. I started to run as fast as I could but the snow felt faster. At the last second, I saw a small house on my right. They will surely die if the snow covers their house. I jumped on the chimney to hear if someone was inside. Five voices. I shot Cadan's name as loud as I could. I hid my face under my ski goggles and broke in the house to take in my arms a teenager and a six-years-old boy and took the woman on my back. Cadan was in my back to take the others. I didn't have to talk, he understood what I was doing. I was running over the snow with a loading of three time my weight. I arrive at the base of the mountain where a lot of people were looking at the scene. I dropped them and returned on my way to help Cadan. When we arrived togheter, a lot of people were applausing us. We just ran back to the mountain. Nobody have to know who we are.

- 7 - Jasmine

We entered a medieval village in Romania. Cadan loved to look for new weapons so we often stop by that kind of activities. It helped to recover from all the training in the mountain. We travelled all day long around the shops and Cadan bought a dagger inlaid with silver and gold and a shield to replace the one he lost in the snow.

"What a great sword! You have a lot more budget than the last company. You can start the show whenever you want." The doorman said, when he past toward the door to the cafeteria.

"How long should be that show?"

"You know how much we gave to you, so

"You know, improvisation is the best way to become a true fighter."

He jumped over the first table he saw in front of him, while people were eating on it. He took off his sword from his belt and pointed on me.

"Beware, Lady! This is not a place for you to be."

I ran toward the room to the last table and did the same thing.

"You are dangerous for this place, sorcerer."

"Your white magic can be punish too if it comes to the ears of the village's executioner. I will fight days and night and only one of us will be alive to denounce the other." He move on the others tables, I followed his movements. I saw something interesting on the table.

"I waited all my life to prove my magic is better than yours. If you are enough courageous, come to me." I put back my sword in my belt and waited for him.

"If you ask it that friendly, I have no reason to be afraid." He jumped three tables to be on the one next to me. "Prove your talent, woman."

In three seconds, I took a sugar envelope in a man's coffee plate and opened to throw his contain Cadan's face. He was really surprise and was shaking his head right to left to take off all the sugar. We tried hard to keep our serious, but the sugar was stick on his face so cutely. The assistance was laughing.

"Is that all you have to give? I'm not even blind."

"I can show you fluid magic too." I did the same thing with a cup of milk.

"You look so cute with this sweet garnish in your face. It's your turn to prove yourself, young men."

"Let's fight!" He jumped on my table and I fell on my feet on the floor.

We both saw a stage on the right and ran to it. I took out my sword and we started to fight. That was the easiest fight I've ever done because he didn't want to scare people. I saw two men wearing musketeer suits at the door. Sorry guy, tomorrow will be your lucky day. I fainted to fall on the floor unarmed. The suspense was at his peak; the silence filled the room. Cadan understood and put the tip of his sword in my neck.

"Tomorrow, everybody will know you identity and we will burn you at the stake. You want to say your last word?"

"I'll be back in a while." While the attention was on me, Cadan throw his wallet in the light switches and all the room became dark. While people were screaming and talking, we escape by the emergency exit behind the stage. No one saw us again after this night. 3-0 for him.

- 8 - Jasmine

When you don't know what to do, you have to run. But to have this last choice, you have to know how to run. To run faster, higher and smarter. So we landed in New York city.

Rule number 1: Don't break things.

Rule number 2: Don't hit people.

Rule number 3: Nobody has to recognize you.

Rule number 4: Never stop moving.

It wasn't a race against Cadan - because I know I would have lost anyway - it was a race against me. There wasn't any goal; just do the best you can.

I dressed up with the suit I found in Romania, with is a black t-shirt with a blue and silver corset over it. At the top of it, I was wearing a half-jacket that covers only my arms with a long-sleeves shirt and a hoods. Nobody could recognize me because I can totally hide my face. I was wearing a dagger and two swords on my back.

Let's start! I was running in the street. Cadan wasn't with me, but I know he was running too. I jumped over some cars because the traffic is slower than me. I could feel the panic of the people, but their cars were intact so I didn't stop. Keep running, Jazz. I started to see some blue and red lights behind my head. Oh damn, I have to find a way to escape.

Café littéraire. I recognized that place by his name and I knew he was inside. But I couldn't stop. Keep running, Jazz. I heard him. He had a question on an Ancient Greek book that I have already read. And after all, I thought that Cadan would never have known and it would have distracted the policemen to make him think that I was changing my destination. Which destination after all?

I entered by the backstore of the café. I finally could blow a little bit I took of my half-jacket and my sheath which contained my swords. I dropped them on a small table. I was probably the employees' room. I followed the corridor and then I heard a policeman entering the café and asking if they had seen two boys running. Hey! I am wearing a corset, man. Do you know what that means? Too bad... I dressed up a café apron that I found in the backstore and approached the tables.

"You. Did you saw someone running?" The policeman was talking to me.

"The last costumer entered here half an hour ago, so I think you would have found him before now." I laughed a little and looked at him in the eyes and took a platter to bring back some finished cups. He saw me, I knew it. The policeman got out of the café and I looked at Nathanael.

"What's wrong with that book? I heard you crying two blocks away for that." I sat next to him and took the book from his hand.

"What are you doing?" I knew he wasn't talking about the fact that I was wearing a uniform and holding his book.

"I'm training around." I looked at the waitress that was looking at me like if she wanted to kill me - like if she could. "I'll give you back your uniform; I just don't want to get arrested." I brought back my attention to Nathanael. "So how can I help you?"

It was silent in the entire café - the two guys next to him and the five people at the other table. Nathanael broke the silence.

"We all don't understand this part." He was pointing at a paragraph. I red it fast and remembered what it was talking about. I explained to him in details with the best comparison I could give and I saw the others taking some notes of what I was saying.

"Is it helpful? Is there other questions, don't be shy. I'm here for that and I'm leaving soon."

"Can you explain the next paragraph too, because we will have to explain it next week?" The waitress asked.

"Sure! Sorry by the way for the outfit." I continued my explanation for about ten minutes to cover all the book and people were so happy that I didn't want to leave. Oh god, it was him. Cadan showed up in the door. His face was covered with his capuchon.

"What are you doing?"

"Did you read that?" I showed him the book. He took off his jacket, sat beside me and took the book from my hand. "Who has to read that? It is the stupidest book ever. God damn teachers! I red that book for a class at the university - a long time ago - and the author didn't know how to speak Greek. It's a mix of Ancient and New Greek. Don't spend time to understand this stupid thing and google it."

"What a great master. I expected more from you." I laughed at him and everyone else was stress. "Oh no, look who's coming."

The policeman entered the Café and looked at Cadan.

"Are you freaking kidding me? You are the one who's running around the town."

"You know him?" I asked Cadan.

"Hey Marcus! I'm glad to see you." It's the first time I see that Cadan is kind of shy.

"You are so a kid!"

"I'll be a kid for the next 150 years but after, I'll try to calm down. But I'm doing this to train her. That's it. Did you read that?"

"Stupid teachers. We had to read that a hundred of year ago and they continue to teach it. Where is the world going?"

"Did you all read this book?" The waitress looked very surprised.

"Yes. It's kind of an initiation for a Greek class. But anyway, we have to go." Cadan said while getting up. "Where are your swords?"

"In the backstore, we should get out by this way."

"Hey guys, I can hear you!"

"Do you really think you'll be able to stop me?"

"Not you but maybe her."

"Ah-ah! She runs faster than me so good luck my friend."

"Really?" I asked. I didn't know that.

"Ok, have fun guys, but get out of my district. Go ahead, he'll join you after." Marcus said to me. Did he know I can hear something three walls away. Anyway. I gave a smile to Nathanael, put a hand on my necklace and looked him in the eyes. He did the same thing.

"Thanks Marcus." Cadan said.

"Who's that beautiful lady?" He was talking in French.

"I train her for some dark reasons I don't know." I got dressed in half a minute

"Hey guys, they can understand you. They are all studying in languages. But you can do whatever you want." I heard some laughs and Cadan followed me in the ruelle behind the Café.

- 9 - Nathanael

I was entering in my parents' house. They invited me for a Christmas party. They asked if a girl will come with me. As usually I said no. They will surely think I'm gay. A known voice came to my ears when I opened the door.

"Trust me, Cadan is dating a girl." Marcus was telling everybody what he was thinking.

What are they doing here? I entered the house, took off my shoes and came closer to the living room.

"What if I told you that she didn't even look at me as a possible guy to date. She asked me to train her and it's what I've done."

"You didn't sleep with her?"

"Please, there're kids here!" My mom was talking.

"Come on mom. I know that the cigogne didn't bring me here! I'm fifteen years old." My little brother don't like when we tell him that he is a kid. I came closer, so that my mom can see me.

"Nathanael! I'm so glad you came!" She came to me and gave me two kisses on the cheeks. "I present you Cadan, Will's brother, and my old friend Marcus."

"I know you. You were at the Café with... Oh my god, so you can say that you saw him - Cadan - with this cute little lady." Marcus was trying to make me said that my girlfriend is in love with her uncle.

"Yes, they are training friend." I said. I didn't know what to say.

"I'm sure it's more than that. How do you know her? Does she have a name?"

"I studied with Jasmine last year."

"She never went to school so how can you have had study with her?" Cadan said.

"She taught me Ancient Greek and Latin. I never said I went to school with her." I knew I couldn't tell secret things about her. She would kill me.

"You didn't say us that you have private classes." Mom introduced herself in the conversation. I looked around the room to find a good idea but I saw someone in the right corner in my father's chair. I knew him, he was my mom's friend, but today it was different. His eyes were familiar. He was Jasmine's father. If he knew we were talking about someone who slept with his daughter...

"She just showed up someday when I was in Will's house and she wanted to know about Nathanael's translations and copies. So in exchange to read the book, she was teaching me a little bit of languages.

"So did you sleep with her?" Marcus said. Is he a kid more than I am?

"You always imagine girl naked, do you?" Will said. If he knew...

"Let the little boy answer the question."

"He surely had not. He never brought a girl at home." My brother has so much esteem for me.

"Anyway, it doesn't matter right now. Just forget about that." (Yes, I slept with her. She is my fiancée. I will marry her in a year or so. And I totally know where she is right now because she told me it two years ago. And you shouldn't have talked of her this way because I love her and her father is right behind you.) I'm too polite to say that. Or shy.

"You and she can have your little secret." Marcus and Cadan were laughing at me.

"She probably has more secrets in 20 years of existence than you both around 300 and 800 years old." I just forgot to filter my toughs. The silence in the room confirmed this last sentence. "Just forget what I said." I turned around, took my jacket and got outside. I heard Marcus saying "How do you know my age?"

Cadan caught me a minute later.

"How do you know a lot of things about her? She never told me anything." He was sensitive but my avoeu.

"Even if I wanted to tell you who she is or whatever else, she will find me before and won't have a problem to kill me. I'm not strong as a reaper and she is the strongest reaper I saw in my life."

"I just wanted to understand why she wanted to train."

"The most I can say is that she has to fight and win or she'll die."


"Yeah oh... let's go back home?"

We entered the house and Marcus said out loud: "Did you learn if he slept with her?"

I couldn't tolerate that so I wanted to make him feel jealous: "I surely did and she was perfect." I sat in front of him and started to eat knowing he was staring at me while my brother was saying: "Are you sure it wasn't in your dreams?"