Growing up in the small, rainy town of Forks, Washington, everyone knew each other. Or, at least, knew of each other. I lived in a moderate four-bedroom, two-bath house with my parents Charlie and Renee, and my older brother Garrett. We went to Forks High School, home of the Spartans. Special dinners were at the one 'nice' restaurant in town, The Lodge; leaving less formal dining out to be done at Sue's Diner. One grocery store, one hardware store . . . you get the picture: small town.

When the Masen's moved into town it was a big deal.

The construction workers and builders arrived first, clearing a swatch of forest on the outer edge of town. For six months the whispers and guesses circulated as a large, luxury log cabin was framed out and built. All we knew was that the father, Carlisle Masen, was being brought on as the new 'boss' of Emergency Surgery at the hospital, and that they were relocating from Chicago.

Seemingly in the dead of night, the house was finished and the Masen's appeared. We found out they'd arrived when the kids showed up for the first day of school. Garrett was a junior, I was a freshman, and Edward and Rosalie Masen were the most beautiful people I'd ever seen.

All that morning I heard the whispers; the "Oh my god, have you seen them?" — from male and female classmates alike. It wasn't until lunch that I got my first look. I was sitting with the girls I'd been friends with since grade school — Angela, Jessica, Lauren, and Tanya — when they walked into the cafeteria.

You could've heard a pin drop.

In fact, someone did drop a fork with a loud clatter that brought everyone back to life. They went back to their murmurings and tried to pass off that every last one of them had not just been staring at the new kids.

Tuning out the girls, my eyes had zeroed in on him, on Edward. He and his sister were complete opposites, making me wonder if they had the same parents. Though from what I'd heard, Carlisle and Esme Masen had a long history together; had been high school sweethearts even, so we were pretty sure they shared the same parents. It ended up being that Rosalie took after Carlisle, and Edward favored Esme. While they were both tall, Rosalie was platinum blonde and very tan, and Edward was pale — like he didn't get out in the sun much — and had darker hair. I wasn't sure of the color, but it was different.

As if he could feel my stare, his eyes snapped up and met mine. In an instant, I was gripped by the power in his green orbs, and I found myself lowering my eyes, backing down. Submitting.

In that moment Edward ruined me for any future relationship with anyone but him, but it would take me six years to figure that out.