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They called themselves Booster Gold and Blue Beetle and in many universes that fact alone would have introduced them to a padded cell, even without the costumes.

Ah, the costumes.

Booster Gold favored a form-fitting suit with a stiff upturned collar. The outfit was yellow, mainly, but slashed liberally with blue, including the star on Booster's chest and his mask--if it could be called a mask. It was really more like a blue sleeve that simply held his hair out of his eyes and supported his eye visor. Not much use for concealment . . . but that was hardly a concern for someone who filled out his IRS forms under his superhero name.

The Blue Beetle, on the other hand, did maintain a separate identity . . . less out of respect for tradition than out of fear of his alter ego's creditors. Ted Kord was an inventor, a tinkerer, and quite, quite bankrupt. Fortunately, the collection agencies probably wouldn't expect to find him jumping around the streets in blue spandex. Beetle had taken the color scheme and run with it, designing a costume with a light blue base and dark blue sleeves and boots--not to mention the stylized silhouette of insect legs reaching down over his ribs (also in dark blue.) His mask was a capeless blue cowl that incorporated a pair of amazingly (and amusingly) bulgy yellow goggles. Beetle had even designed the headpiece so that two small antennae were drawn onto it, rising above the goggles. There was no point in having a theme if you didn't stick to it, after all.

Fortunately for Booster and Beetle, their society did NOT institutionalize those with an insatiable urge to dress like giant bugs or crazed refugees from Paris fashion shows. Rather, they were assumed to be one of three things. Superheroes. Supervillains. Or clowns.

Some would argue that two of those labels fit Booster and Beetle.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle did fight crime and supervillains and evil with a capital E, certainly--everyone in the Justice League did--but in between the epic battles and madcap escapes from over-elaborate deathtraps, they were sure to be doing one of two things: getting into trouble . . . or desperately trying to get out of trouble.

On this particular day they were doing the latter . . .