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The Teen Titans were back at the abandoned warehouse, the one that had hosted a giant party when Blackfire was in town. Only this time, there were no squid-looking robots, no alien police, and no Blackfire... they hoped. However, there was another party. Raven had no idea why they were even there. Beast Boy had found out about the party via some girls at the pizza place, and then teamed up with Cy begging the rest of the team to go. Robin and Starfire agreed, and Raven just... followed, she guessed. There was nothing else to do.

Somehow someone had figured out how to get electricity working here, even though the building was supposed to have been empty for years. It certainly wasn't empty now. The room was crowded with who knew how many teenagers. Someone - maybe the same person? - had also hooked up strobe lights, as well as some spotlights, and maybe a couple black lights too. Flashes of color threatened to confuse and disorient anyone who kept their eyes open for any amount of time. That wasn't the only thing, though. The music was really loud, the kind with heavy beats that you could feel vibrating through you from across the room. And this room was huge. Raven turned her head at the sound of some really annoying high-pitched giggling. Or maybe it's not big enough. Beast Boy was ten feet away talking to a group of girls that looked like they had a combined IQ of three. The amount of clothing they were wearing practically made Starfire look like a nun.

Suddenly a strange guy walked right up to Raven, breaking her out of her trance. He was holding two red Solo cups. He had brown hair and wore a grey hoodie, or at least she thought so. The colored lights kind of made it hard to tell. Maybe-Grey-Hoodie guy gestured to her with one of the cups. "Hey, want a drink?" he said.

Although Raven didn't do parties, she knew enough. The cup was most likely not fruit juice, and was probably laced with alcohol, drugs, bacteria or herpes. Maybe more than one. She cast a glance back at Beast Boy. There was a blond snuggled up to his side, and a brunette clone hanging off his arm. Beast Boy said something - she couldn't hear what - and all the girls gave identical high-pitched giggles.

Raven had no idea why that sight bothered her so much. Cyborg was a little further away, dancing his heart out with three girls, just like he had for the past five minutes. So why did it matter that Beast Boy was surrounded by a small horde of girls that could only be described as groupies? Why did she care what Beast Boy did in his spare time? Either way, like it or not, she was left with a weird feeling in her stomach, watching the group with the fascination of a train wreck. The type where you can't stand to watch, yet can't make yourself look away.

The group of girls gave off another wave of ear-piercing giggles, and Raven turned around. "Sure," she said, grabbing the cup on the right and downing it in one gulp. The night couldn't get much worse, right?

It was later, although Raven wasn't sure how much later. In fact, she wasn't sure about a lot of things at the moment. She knew she was sitting down. What exactly she was sitting on, however, was still a mystery. She didn't know where she was, but it was dark aside from the multicolored lights that occasionally streaked the air. A guy sat down next to her. She couldn't remember his name, but he was friendly and kept giving her drinks. Drinks... Realizing she was thirsty, Raven took the cup the man handed her, and drank some more. She forgot how many she had drunk. Four? Five? Seven? It was all a blur. Literally... a while back she had stopped seeing straight, and for the last little bit everything was fuzzy. Raven felt dizzy, and suddenly her cup fell from her hands, shattering on the ground. It vaguely even registered that this cup was glass, not plastic like the other ones.

Raven stood up, or tried to, and fell to the ground. Good, that was her goal anyway. The world was wavy, tipping back and forth. She reached her hand out, trying to pick up the glass. Suddenly there was a sharp twinge in her hand. Bringing it closer to her face, Raven saw blood on a couple of fingers. For some reason, she found this hilarious. Raven sat there for a few minutes, amidst the weaving colors, laughing as grey and red swirled around in her vision.

After a while, or what seemed like a while, there were new colors. Raven looked up at the new swirl of purple, black, and green. Giggling, she raised her hand to greet the new friend, but ended up tipping over instead. At least she found out which direction was down. Thank you, gravity. She thought - and maybe said out loud. She wasn't sure. The swirl said something, but the words didn't register. After a few seconds, the swirl came closer - such pretty colors - and gravity changed again. She was suddenly going up in the air. Amazed with this flying phenomena, Raven started giggling again. However, a few seconds later the swirl was gone. So were all the other colors, in fact. The world had gone dark.