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That morning in the Main Ops room, the remaining three titans were bestowed upon with a strange sight. They had been in the living-room area, sitting on the couch watching TV when the door swished open. They turned around to see Beast Boy walk in, carrying an oddly dressed Raven.

It looked like she was wearing a copy of Beast Boy's uniform. In fact, she was. She was also smiling contently, her arms in a comfortable position around Beast Boy's neck as he carried her to the kitchen. Beast Boy silently placed her on a stool at the breakfast bar, before walking to the other side and starting to make breakfast. As Boy pulled out a frying pan, Raven sat spinning on her stool, smiling wide.

"Um, did I miss something?" Cyborg said, a confused look on his face, getting up from his perch on the couch to walk over to the duo.

"Hi, Cyborg!" Raven chirped, putting her arms around her legs, still sitting on the stool. Somehow managing not to loose her balance.

Cyborg finally reached his destination, his confused look growing even more contemplative and curious. "Uh, Hi Raven... Are you okay?"

Her eyes lit up as she practically started bouncing in her chair. How is she not falling off? Suddenly a gigantic jumble of words came pouring out of her mouth at lightning speed, in a very un-Raven-like manner.

"I'm great! I've never been better! Except this morning when my head hurt and I was cold but now my head doesn't hurt as much and I'm not cold anymore and now I'm starting to get kinda hungry. Wow, did you ever notice how bright it is in here? It's like a bagillion times brighter than my room, which seemed like it was full of light this morning, or maybe it was just that my eyes were really sensitive. I think my ears were really sensitive too, that's why Beast Boy's voice sounded so loud even though he was whispering, but it sounded like an airplane was zooming by, making the horn honk on an eighteen wheeler. Hey, did you ever notice how big those things are? And why do they call them eighteen wheelers? They don't even have eightteen wheels, they just have ten. The other thing - the big box thing - has the extra eight wheels attached to it, but it's not considered part of the eighteen wheeler. Why do they have the double tire thing anyway? Who decided that they should have two wheels in one place? What do they do if the one on the inside pops? How would they get to it? Man, I'm thirsty. Do we have anything to drink? Beast Boy's making me some tofu. Do you want some?"

Cyborg stood there for a second, stunned, trying to make sense of everything she had just said. After a bit of trying to calculate her almost incoherent rambling, he shook his head. She was looking at him expectantly.

"What? Oh, uh, no thanks…." He said, turning and walking away as if dazed.

"Okay, well bye!" Raven all but screamed, waving frantically at the half-robot's retreating figure. She turned around to see Beast Boy at the stove, trying tremendously not to laugh.

Raven sat up in the chair, using it a leverage to climb on the breakfast bar. She continued to crawl across the counter top on her hands and knees, before coming to a stop near the stove. Raven then promptly sat down silently, sitting with her legs crossed, just like a giant kindergartener. She sat there quietly for a moment, looking back and forth between Beast Boy and the skillet that had all his attention.

After a few seconds Beast Boy looked over to Raven, who then started waving with a broad smile. "Hi, Beast Boy!" she stage whispered, causing him to grin in return.