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Title: Our Own Happily-Ever-After
Author: Aeryn Alexander
Summary: How much time is too long? How much danger is too great to be faced? Does time heal all wounds, or is it love? Heroes from the past and young warriors from the present face a new evil in Spira. But will they succeed?
Rating: PG-13 (Some language, moderate violence, a few adult situations, and a bit of sacrilege to Yevon)
Special warning: If you love the Guado, then you will never love me (or this story).
Spoilers: Yes, definitely, for the whole game.
Genre: Romance/ Supernatural/ Drama/ Comedy/ General
Author's note: If some of these romantic pairings or this plot line has been done before, I sincerely apologize, but I haven't read everything out here. I wish I had the time. Please read and review. It makes the author happier. Thanks!


Our Own Happily-Ever-After

By Aeryn Alexander

Chapter One

Three who came from the sea

When Tidus broke the dazzling surface of the blue-green water, he was instantly aware that he was not alone. Jecht's loud guffaw rang in one ear, and a surprised gasp from Auron resounded in the other. Tidus glanced at them in turn before directing his gaze toward the beach in front of them. His eyes widened as he looked at Besaid, no longer a village, but by all signs a thriving town. A hand on his shoulder, Jecht's hand, brought him back from the memories of the tiny village of huts and tents to the reality before them.

"I don't know how we got here, but I'd bet half my blitzball trophies that that's Besaid we're looking at." said Jecht.

"And some time has passed, or I am much mistaken." stated Auron gruffly, striding through the shallow water with purposeful steps. "Come on." he ordered, glancing over his shoulder at the father and son blitzball players.

"Right." agreed Tidus, following him with a slightly dazed expression on his face. "What if another thousand years have passed ...? Then she's gone." he thought, his heart hammering in his chest. "But if Yuna's dead ... then why didn't we run into her on the Farplane?" For an instant he felt a rush of hope and confident expectation. He felt certain that he would see Yuna again.

As they approached the sandy shore, a trio of teenagers from the village, one with a regulation blitzball in hand, came dashing down the path that connected the small port with the village, though it had long been paved and otherwise improved. They stopped in their tracks when they saw Auron, Jecht, and Tidus at the shoreline.

"Hi, guys!" called Tidus. Returning to Spira was strange and disconcerting enough without everyone staring at them. The kids almost looked at them as though they knew them.

"You three ... Are you? I mean, you look like ... You guys aren't dead, ya?" questioned a trim strawberry blond girl of mixed Al-Bhed and Yevonite heritage, squinting her bright, silvery blue eyes at them.

Jecht and Tidus looked at one another and laughed.

"I don't know. What do you think, Auron? You've had the most practice. Are we dead or aren't we?" asked Jecht.

Auron made a sound something like 'hmpf' before answering, "I don't feel dead any more. I think we are all alive here."

"Are you really him? The Auron, legendary guardian to Braska and Yuna?" asked one of the other two teenagers, a very slight girl with light brown hair and crystalline blue eyes. She was the one carrying the blitzball, not to mention wearing the uniform of the Besaid Aurochs.


"Then that would probably make you Sir Jecht and Sir Tidus." said the young man whose skin was sepia in hue and whose eyes were dark, though tinged with subtle hints of red, giving the strange impression of two burning coals.

"Yeah." said Tidus quietly.

"This is too weird." said the girl with the ball, shaking her head.

"Maybe we should explain." suggested the boy, taking a deep breath. "My name is Tiron." he said. Pointing to the Al Bhed - Yevonite girl, he said, "This is Aurie." "And she's Tida. Star player of the Besaid Aurochs."

"Tell us who your parents are." requested Auron in a low voice.

Aurie grinned and said, "Sir Wakka and Lady Rikku."

"Lady Lulu and Sir Maroda, formerly the elder guardian of Lord Isaaru." replied Tiron.

Tida shuffled her feet and answered, "High Summoner Yuna is my mother."

"What about your dad? Who's he?" questioned Tidus hastily.

"I don't know his name, but on his death bed, Sir Kimahri Ronso told me that he was a guardian to my mother. I went alone, all the way to Mount Gagazet, to learn of his identity, but Kimahri left this life before he could reveal his name to me." answered Tida.

Jecht rubbed his neck awkwardly and Auron turned his back toward them and gazed toward the sea. Tidus could only stand there in silence, recalling the lake in Macalania Forest where Yuna and he had ... Was it possible? Was this girl, Tida, the result of their only night together?

"I always thought that perhaps it was the renowned Sir Tidus, who was only a dream of the Fayth, but ... Is that not idle fancy?"

"I ... Well, you see, I ... Um, maybe I ..." said Tidus, stumbling over the words. "It is possible." he admitted, scrutinizing her face carefully.

"Since you are here now ... perhaps the other guardians will be more forthcoming." commented Tida, looking at him with an intense, but questioning expression.

"Speaking of the others. Where are they?" asked Auron as he turned, giving Tidus an unpleasant look, that said something like "Just you wait ..."

"Lady Yuna has taken those guardians who remain - Wakka, Rikku, and my mother - to Bevelle. Sir Gatta of the Crusaders sent a messenger with urgent news just three days ago." Tiron informed them, obviously unfazed by the idea that Tidus was possibly his friend's missing parent.

"What news?" questioned Auron.

Tiron shrugged and said, "I don't know. I never ask."

"What he means is, that we were not told." interjected Aurie, rolling her eyes.

"I can't believe they left just two weeks before blitz season starts." sighed Tida, balancing the ball on her head.

"What's there to see when you think about it?" questioned Aurie with a shrug. "The Aurochs have been undefeated for almost eighteen years now. It won't be a big deal until our team hits twenty."

Tidus, momentarily forgetting the more serious matters, asked, "You both play?"

"Left forward and left defense." nodded Tida with a wide grin.

"You got my old position?" asked the blond blitzer proudly.

"Yeah, it unexpectedly opened up two seasons ago, so I switched over from the right." said Tida, glancing at Aurie and hanging her head in a very Yuna-like way.

Tidus looked at Wakka's daughter questioningly.

"My older brother ... Chappu ... was the left forward for two seasons. He started young, you know? Then Tida came up with this special combination move ..." Aurie explained.

"Poison Nap. The new combo techs were all the rage ..."

"And this Guado copied it off her and used it on Chappu."

"It was near the end of the game ... His HP was seriously depleted."

"Don't tell me. He died, right?" asked Tidus, wincing.

"No, actually, we got him out of the pool in time, Tiron, Tida, and me, but he was ... crippled. He hasn't played blitzball since." explained Aurie.

"Wakka had such plans for Cousin Chappu. My fancy tech ruined them..." Tida started to say.

"Oh, stop it!" groaned Tiron. "If anyone is to blame it's that Guado. He knew Chappu was on his last leg. He didn't have to do it to him!"

"He doesn't blame you. Neither does dad." Aurie reassured her.

"That was the only game we lost in ten years too ..." sighed Tida.

"Don't even start about my being kicked off the team either." Tiron told her sharply.

"I wasn't."

"Yeah, well, thanks then. I love the Zanarkand Abes, and someday we're going to take the cup." he said with a less than confident smile, doing his best to try and cheer Tida up.

Auron cleared his throat to get the attention of the trio, who had momentarily forgotten the visitors, but Tidus broke in before Auron could say one word.

"There's a team in Zanarkand again?" he questioned.

"The city was rebuilt about fourteen years ago. I guess you've been out of the loop, ya?" said Aurie.

"I suppose you could say that." Tidus agreed.

"This can wait." said Auron, cutting in impatiently. "You say that Yuna and her guardians are gone, correct? Is there anyone who can tell us why and where?" he asked them.

"Um, Maroda might know." suggested Tida.

"Or Uncle Pacce." suggested Tiron.

"Take us to them." said Auron firmly.

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