Chapter 26: Memories of Somebody Part 1


The name automatically slipped from her tongue. Nicara had seen this man before in her dreams, but how was that possible? Was this just another nightmare she hadn't woken up from yet? She tried giving herself a slight pitch, and it hurt, so this must be the real deal. "Who are you?" she demanded while trying to stay calm. She could tell he wasn't a typical person; she could sense a strong reiatsu flowing off his body.

He stared at her expressionless. "You just called my name, then you must know who I am." He simply answered.

She shook her head. "I've seen you in my nightmares before, but I don't know who or what you exactly are. "

Now it was his turn to shake his head. "Those weren't nightmares, they're memories."

"Memories?" Nicara questioned, confused. That wasn't possible, she had never met this man before. And the rest of her nightmares took place in an entirely different world.

Ulquiorra could see the questions and curiosity running through Nicara's brain; now was his chance. "Yes. And if you come with me, I can restore all your memories, Nicara."

She raised a brow. "Why should I trust you? How do you even know me, and why would you want to restore my memories?"

"If you come with me all your questions will be answered. If I really wanted to kill you, you'd be dead already." He extended his pale hand out for her to reach. "You will come with me, either by force or own free will."

Nicara stared at his hand, unsure of what to do. He just said she'd have to come with him by force, or own free will, so was there even a point in saying no? Did she even have a fighting chance? "If you restore my memories, will the nightmares stop?"


The nightmares would stop if she went with him; she had her decision.

"Then go ahead and take me wherever you need," she said, taking a hold of his cold pale hands. Most people would think she's crazy trusting a random guy, but deep inside she felt like she really did know him at some point, and trusted him. After she took his hand, he opened up a black portal out of nowhere just like Grimmjow did coming home from soul society. Did that mean he was an arrancara as well, and if he was, did he perhaps know Grimmjow?

Shit...Grimmjow...he's going to be wondering where she went after he wakes up later on. She couldn't just leave like this, especially after the moment they shared last night. If he finds out she's gone, he'd probably think she regretted having sex with him or something.

He began to walk towards the granata, but Nicara halted to a stop and ripped her hand away from his.

"Wait, Ulquiorra. I can't just leave now, I have some friends that will be worried about me."

"Does one of these friends include Grimmjow?"

Nicara nodded. "You know him?"

"Yes, he's nothing but a piece of trash."

Trash? Why would he consider Grimmjow a piece of trash? He is much more than that; a strong, handsome, hot-headed, man to say the least. "Grimmjow is not trash.." she firmly stated. "...but yes, I need to let Grimmjow know first."

"You don't have such permission. We will leave now before the shinigami finds out we're here."

Nicara quickly whipped out her phone in a attempt to call Grimmjow, but it was quickly slapped out of her hands and it skidded across the room. She tried to punch Ulquiorra, but he caught her hand in a firm grip. "You are making a foolish mistake trying to fight me, woman."

She struggled to let loose. "What do you want from me? I already agreed to come with you, but I can't just disappear. Just let me go!" Because of the close contact with Ulquiorra, Nicara was able to flip him over by countering her weight. Normally, Ulquiorra would've landed, but he didn't expect Nicara to throw him over her shoulder like that.

With Ulquiorra down, she began to charge a cero, but he spotted this and quickly diminished it by closing his hand over her index finger.

"B-But how?" She stuttered, "Why didn't it even explode?"

Ulquiorra, who was tired of explaining things to a simple human mind, decided enough was enough. He simply knocked her out by hitting a pressure point on the back of her neck. Carrying Nicara's body over his shoulder, Ulquiorra opened a garganta and stepped into the darkness, quickly closing it behind him.

Last night was unbelievable for Grimmjow. At first he was disappointed because Nicara said she wasn't ready, but then after their bath together she changed her mind so he finally got to fuck her. She was a bit tight, but that was normal since it was their first time together. He loved the way she arched her back for him after every kiss and touch. Her body knew what it wanted more than her mind. And the moans, groans and screams were all music to his ears. The sex was beyond compare to all the previous woman. Even now as he lay in bed he could still feel her hands running down his body and her fingers digging into his back. The only thing that could have made it better, or perhaps different, was if he were to make love to her in his real body. The only concern is whether or not her body would be able to handle it, she was only human after all.

Opening his eyes, he hoped to see his woman resting beside him, instead he finds himself alone in bed. Where the fuck was she? She must be in the washroom, he thought. However, the room was quiet, except for the sound of blue birds chirping from outside the window. Lazily, he stretched out his arms before sitting up in bed. He looked quickly scanned the room to see her clothes were gone as well and a note on the nightstand. It read:

Woke up at 6:00 and went for a morning walk. I didn't want to wake you, you looked like you were enjoying your sleep. :) Don't worry, I'll be back within an hour.


According to the note she would be back by 7 am, but wasn't it already past that time? Grimmjow quickly fished out his phone from the mess of clothes to check the time, and it was already nine in the morning. She was suppose to be back two hours ago. Where the fuck did she go? There was no text from her or a second note. Something wasn't right, he could feel it.

Not wasting another second, he got dressed and headed out to look for Nicara. Just as he stepped foot out of the hotel, his phone started ringing. He quickly whipped it out of his back pocket, only to find it wasn't a call from Nicara, but a call from the Inoue woman.

"What?" he barked impatiently into the phone, clearly not in the mood for talking.

"Grimmjow-kun, do you know where Nicara is?"

He stiffened from the question. "Why do you want to know?"

"Her mother just came by looking for her. Apparently she told her that she was having a sleepover at my house. Both me and her mother have tried phoning her, but she hasn't answered."

"Fuck," he muttered, she really was missing. "Look woman, I don't' know here she is right now, but I was with her last night. When I woke up she was gone."

"I hope nothing happened to her... don't worry, I'll help look for her, I'll ask Kurosaki-kun to help too."

"Fine, " he grumbled, not liking the fact he had to accept help from the woman, and especially Kurosaki. Normally he wouldn't accept help, especially if it was from them, but he wanted to find Nicara as soon as possible.

"Don't worry Grimmjow-kun, if I find her I'll call you right away," was the woman's reply before he hung up the phone.

Grimmjow wandered though downtown attempting to find Nicara, but he couldn't get a trace of her reiatsu at all. He texted and called her, but like the Inoue woman said, she wasn't replying. What if something happened to her? Last time she went out alone she almost got raped by Shou, but she was stronger and smarter this time, there was no way they could have lured her so easily.

Grimmjow rounded the corner to spot an old restaurant with an old man sweeping the front entrance. When the man looked up and made eye contact with Grimmjow, his eyes widen in shock.

"Holy cow, that's two in one day, I must be getting old." he mumbled the last part to himself.

"What are you babbling about old man?"

"You and that young lady from this morning look exactly like a couple that use to come here often. She looked a bit different, but you sir haven't changed one bit."

Grimmjow's ears perked up. "This girl you saw this morning, was she about 5'2, slim, dark hair and eyes?"

"That's the one!"

"Where did she go?!" he demanded.

"Ummm," he scratched his head in thought, "I think I saw her turn into one of the alley's down there" he said pointing down the street.

Grimmjow nodded his head delighted by the news, though his expressions didn't quite show. He quickly muttered a "Thanks" in gratitude before sprinting off. He wasn't one to thank people, but thanks to the old geezer he was one step closer to finding Nicara.

"You're welcome, Grimmjow." the old man muttered as he watched Grimmjow zoom away towards the alley.

Grimmjow found an alley with a side door left slightly ajar. Stepping in, the place looked like a small apartment that hadn't been used for years. The furniture looked outdated and dusty, but still usable. He wandered into the bedroom where a fairly new looking video camera lay in the middle of the bed. There was a sticky note attached to it which said 'Grimmjow, watch and see!

So Nicara was here earlier, what did she want him to see? He quickly turned it on and played the video.

The video had no sound, but it clearly captured a scene from this morning. Nicara had went into this very bedroom, then out of nowhere, Ulquiorra showed up. They exchanged a few words, then he extended his hand and gestured for her to take it. The worst part was, she actually took it willingly. The video went black after that.

Uquiorra was alive. Uquiorra was still alive and took his woman. What the fuck did he want with her? How did he even know her? Not only that, but why would Nicara be so stupid and take his hand? He really wanted to know what was going on in that head of hers. She didn't even attempt to fight him, though she would obviously lose, but she still could've tried.

Another thought occurred to Grimmjow. If Ulquiorra lead Nicara away, then someone else recorded this video and placed it here for him to watch. Did that mean another arrancar survived and was working with Ulquiorra? That can't be, everyone else was suppose to be dead; things just weren't adding up.

Suddenly he heard foot steps from outside then door squeak open, just as the person stepped inside he jumped out of his gigai and flashed step to place his blade against the strangers throat.

"Calm down Grimmjow, it's only me, Kurosaki. Me and the others are trying to help look for Nicara."

Grimmjow sheathed his blade back into the case. "Well you should've fuckin' said something."

Ichigo was about to respond, but a couple more shinigami showed up along with Orihime.

"Wow, what kind of secret hideout apartment is this?" Rangiku exclaimed, while checking out the rooms.

"Did you find out where Nicara went?" Orihime asked Grimmjow.

"Tch, Yeah, I did."

The news excited Orihime. "Really that's great! Where is she?"

Grimmjow took the video camera out and played it out for everyone to see. They were all quiet during the short one minute video, except for Orihime who gasped when Ulquiorra appeared in the footage. They looked pretty shocked, and just kept standing there, doing nothing.

"What are we going to tell Nicara's mom?" Orihime muttered sadly after a couple minutes of silence.

Grimmjow, on the other hand, didn't give a fuck about Nicara's mom. "I'm going after them," he growled.

"Wait Grimmjow, stop."

"Wait? Didn't you see? The bastard took Nicara."

"We know, but it's probably a trap. Why would they take Nicara and just tell us where she is?"

Grimmjow's entire body froze. "They're probably using her as bait." he realized, "Just like we did."

"Precisely, so we can't just charge in there, that's what they want. We've got to have a plan."

Grimmjow growled and let out a frustrated sigh. Was this how Kurosaki and the others felt when they kidnapped that Inoue woman? Fuck. It really sucked now that the table's have turned.

"Don't worry Grimmjow, we'll get her back soon, Besides, I think she's doing alright, Uquiorra didn't seem like he wanted to hurt her."

That was true. Nicara willingly followed Uquiorra. What was she thinking? He hated this. He hated feeling so concerned for one damn person. Is this what it felt like to love someone? Fuck, he has gone soft. What has Nicara done to him?

The shinigami's contacted soul society through the giant TV communicator. Luckily the head commander gave them permission to go, however only five of them were allowed. Grimmjow, Kurosaki, Toshiro, Rangiku, and Gin. Gin seemed like an odd choice, but perhaps it was because he had insights on Hueco Mundo and probably knew the place better than Grimmjow. Also maybe cause he was a traitor so it wouldn't be a big deal if he didn't make it back. Honestly, Grimmjow didn't really care who was going. As long as he got Nicara back, because that's all that really matters.

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