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'Higher Being Thoughts'

(Translations and Notes)

[Scene Shift]

Chapter 1: At Long Last…

Inside a hidden shack outside of the village Konoha, a blonde teen dressed in an orange jumpsuit sat in silence and tranquility. He felt at home here in this tiny shack, away from the village and the scornful and simple-minded villagers. In truth, the blonde pitied the villagers for their naïveté in concerns to shinobi affairs and village "secrets".

He scoffed at the last thought. Secrets… It was no secret that he was despised by the adult villagers and that they were doing everything they could to make the younger generation hate him as well. Years ago, the Sandaime Hokage – a wise, but at the same time foolish man – placed a law in regards to the blonde's…condition. The law stated that mentioning his condition was punishable by death.

Of course, like all laws, the people found ways around it. They didn't speak of his condition, but that didn't stop them from hinting at it or lying about the blonde to keep the hatred for him strong. And the children of these hateful adults listened to their parents without question…like sheep trusting their shepherd without a second thought.

He sighed tiredly at his life so far. At this point, the people who treated him like a person was only a handful at best; the Sandaime, the father-daughter chef duo, two or three Jonin, and possibly a couple of Genin. At most, the total was around ten. At least, it was around four or five.

Hardly anything in a village totaling in the thousands, if not hundred thousands…

The teen shook his head to prevent his mind from going down that depressing road once again. He'd walked down it far too many times to even care anymore and had finally decided to ignore those who scorn him. He also made a point to visit this shack every day; his home away from home. No one knew of it, or at least he believed no one else did.

In truth, the shack was actually a shrine for a lost clan; his clan. The clan was once a village that was allied with Konoha before it was destroyed by a joint assault from two of the five main villages.

How did he know this? He read it in a journal; but not just any journal. No, this journal was written and owned by a member of the clan that was alive long after the passing of the Shodaime Hokage. The journal he had in his hand once belonged to Uzumaki Mito, his ancestor and wife of the late Shodaime.

For nearly two years, he had spent an hour or so a day reading and rereading the journal so that he could see what life in Konoha was like for the famous Uzumaki. He was currently on his fourth reread of the journal to date.

"It's been so long since Hashirama-kun passed. I've lost track of how long years ago and spend most of my days in our home watching the village grow and mature from the sapling that my husband planted into the budding tree it has become today.

Yet, I can't help but feel with each passing day that I am becoming more and more unwelcome here. The villagers who once looked to me with respect and kindness now look at me with veiled fear and distrust.

It escaped me for the first few years as to why this change had occurred. But I know the truth now. The Kyuubi I keep at bay is what they fear. Since the passing of Hashirama-kun, I have felt the negativity in the village grow with each passing week. They fear that I will let the fox free now that the 'only' person who could control it is gone.

I cannot help but pity them for letting fear cloud their better instincts and judgment. I was capable of sealing the fox within me without any kind of drawback, but they don't care. Hashirama-kun was capable of controlling all of the Bijuu with his infamous Mokuton, and the villagers are afraid that their 'last defense' against the fox being freed is gone.

I am counting down the days until I believe their fear will turn more hostile."

The blonde sighed as he finished reading the passage. He carefully closed the aged journal and placed it neatly back in the shelf he found it on in the shrine. With a resigned expression, he made his way out of the shrine and back to the village. His team had their first C-Rank Mission today and he had to be ready.

Putting up his mask of naïveté and innocence, he made his way back to the village while mentally promising to return to the shrine as soon as he came back.

[Two Weeks Later]

The blonde walked into the shrine with a somber expression on his face. The mission had gone from bad to worse from the very beginning starting with the ambush against their client and the reveal of him lying to them. The rest of the mission just went downhill from there, but the biggest blow to his psyche was the girl he met seeing herself as nothing more than a tool; a weapon for a man who didn't show he cared for her until she was gone from the world.

It hurt seeing the girl just throw away her life like that without any remorse only to have her sacrifice be in vain due to the man she saved getting himself killed as he tried to avenge her. The blonde had buried them on a hill overlooking the port village with regret as he kept thinking how things could've been different.

He could've helped them seek asylum in the village. He could've tried harder to convince the girl that her life was more than being a tool. He could've done a lot of things, but he didn't. He had failed two people who could've turned a new leaf and started a fresh life.

His mind kept running over what he could've done while his body moved on autopilot and grabbed Mito's journal from the shelf. When he opened the book, his mind finally stopped thinking over the mission in favor of rereading Mito's thoughts.

"Kushina visited me again today. Such a sweet and spirited girl… She reminds me of how I used to be at her age. It pains my heart every time I think of how she may lose that free spiritedness when the fox is transferred from my body to hers. My time is nearing an end while hers is barely beginning.

A large part of me is very tempted to just let the fox reside in me as I pass on, but I know Hashirama-kun sacrificed so much for the fox to remain in Konoha. It seems petty and far too prideful in favor of the village to let this continue, but I can't help but want to honor my husband's sacrifice. He was a good man and he always had the intentions of the people over his own. A good man; a good husband…

I have asked my friends to watch over Kushina and help her retain some aspect of love. It is something that I have noticed over the years I held the fox; love counters its hate and so long as the container has love, the hatred will stay locked away.

Celestia and Luna were more than happy to take upon my request, but they need Kushina to summon the contract in order for them to aid her.

I still can't help but slap myself at the fact that I have forgotten where the contract resides. The one thing I believed I could do to help Kushina, and I don't even have the necessities to do so. Kami-sama, have mercy on this foolish woman for her mistake and watch over Kushina-chan…

Heaven knows that she will need it for the life she will soon live."

The blonde closed the journal with a sad sigh. When he first read that passage, he tried to look up information regarding Kushina, Celestia, or Luna. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in finding anything about them. After weeks of searching, he finally figured that they were some kind of secret that only certain people were privy to know.

Even now, he still wonders who those three were. He knows that Kushina couldn't be alive since the Kyuubi now resides in his body, but that didn't mean that Celestia or Luna were dead yet.

He looked out the shrine window and frowned at the darkening sky. It was late and he couldn't sleep here since the Hokage could have a need to contact him. So, he placed the book back and made his way back to his apartment, where an empty room full of loneliness awaited him.

[Two Days Later]

The blonde was seen leaning against a wall with the journal he was rereading on its last passage.

"My time has almost reached its end. I can feel the fox trying desperately to escape my weakening body. The transfer is set to happen this evening and I know that Kushina-chan is still afraid.

I had explained to her exactly what was going to happen the week before and she took it precisely as I predicted she would; fearful and panicked. Why wouldn't she be? A cataclysmic creature is being placed into her and she is the only thing holding it back from escaping and causing mass mayhem. Of course she'd be afraid.

I worry for her… The other Uzumaki have left the village, leaving just me and Kushina-chan within its walls. She'll be alone with no family to call upon and a burden fit for a village full of Jonin within her. Such a life I would not wish upon even my greatest enemy.

I tried finding that blasted scroll again, but I was once again unsuccessful. Even my friends – the ones I see as family – will be unable to assist her. My heart is breaking as I keep thinking of how her life will be in the village as the Kyuubi Jinchuriki and last remaining Uzumaki.

My time is nearly spent… I have but one last thing to write to whoever has found this. Remember that your family is everything. A village will always betray you eventually, but family stays loyal no matter what.

If you, my dear reader, are of my clan, then this lesson is our Clan's Creed; family over pride, family over glory, family over all.

Never forget…"

The blonde had a hollow smile on his face as he closed the journal. If his Clan's Creed was all about family loyalty, then where was his family? Why were he and this Kushina woman alone in the village without any of the family there to help them?

He sighed sadly as he made to return the book, but tripped on a loose floorboard. He fell towards the bookshelf and reached out to one of the many shelves to steady himself, but his hand grasped a scroll instead and he braced for the impact with the floor.

However, he met resistance…as if he was grasping a door or wall. He looked to his arm and saw it pulling on the scroll from the shelf. His head tilted in curiosity before he heard a loud and echoing click from behind the shelf.

Before his eyes, the shelf and the wall it leaned against spun around and revealed a hidden tunnel way that was lit by old torches. He slowly stood back to his feet and headed inside, noticing that the torches had seals on them that were most likely keeping them lit.

During his many visits to this shrine, he didn't just read the journal. No, he also read and studied the many scrolls that went over lessons on fuinjutsu and was instantly amazed at how useful and diverse the art was. After two years of visiting the shrine, he believed that he was at an adept level, but he needed an experienced fuinjutsu user to examine his skill level.

As he made his way down the tunnel, he noticed that the air had gone from ancient and tranquil to inviting and warm. His curiosity was growing at the feeling as he finally entered a small rounded room with a single pedestal in the center that had a scroll and piece of paper on it. He approached the pedestal and read the paper that rested on the scroll.

"To the reader:

This scroll is a prized possession of the people that hail from the islands with swirling tides. If you are of this swirling clan, then open the scroll and claim what is yours by right. If you are not, then turn back or risk being lost to this world forever."

"Islands with swirling tides…" murmured the blonde before the answer came to him. "The Uzumaki…"

Setting the paper aside, he grabbed the scroll and observed the design. The scroll itself was a dull yellow with the edges splashed with vibrant red in a wave-like design. He sat on the ground and opened the scroll, looking to the many Uzumaki who signed it; the most recent being Uzumaki Mito.

"This must be that scroll she tried to find," he muttered to no one as he bit his thumb and began to sign the scroll.

After reading about Mito having a Summoning Scroll, the teen had asked the Sandaime about them. The aged Kage was happy to tell the boy the mechanics behind Summoning Contracts, Scrolls, and Animals. He told of how the scroll works, how each contract had a different sequence of seals, and how each summoning animal clan had different rules or guidelines for their summoners to follow.

Using the knowledge he was given, the blonde signed his name in his own blood before he placed a bloody handprint of his right palm underneath it.

Just as he finished, he felt a pull on his form before he disappeared in a plume of smoke.

[Summon Realm (moments before)]

In the throne room of a castle that rested on clouds, two creatures with having a calm discussion about the worrying news concerning their summoning race as of late.

The first had the appearance of a large white horse. However, it also had a pair of white wings and a horn on its head. The mane and tail of the horse was also strange; they were blue, green, purple, and pink and had a flowing motion even as it stood in place. On its flank was a mark in the design of the sun while it wore noble jewelry around its neck and on its head. Its bright purple eyes contained much wisdom, kindness, and authority.

The second creature was the same as the first but had many differences. For starters, the color of its coat, wings, and horn were a very dark, almost midnight, blue. The mane and tail had the colors of a clear night sky, complete with sparkles to represent the stars, and was translucent enough to see through it at some points. The mark on its flank was in the design of a white crescent moon and the jewelry it wore was near black in color with the one around the neck bearing the mark on its flank. Liken the first, its dark blue eyes showed wisdom and authority, but the kindness seemed to be more regretful than anything.

These two were Celestia and Luna, the Head Summons of the Uzumaki Clan's Summoning Contract. They were known as alicorns; horses with the wings of pegasi and the horns of unicorns.

"We are running out of time, my sister," Luna stated in a sorrowful tone. "After Mito's passing, we have lost all contact with the outside world. Soon our contract will vanish."

Celestia nodded with a slight frown. "Indeed… This is a most troubling time. If an Uzumaki doesn't find our contract soon, we will no longer be considered summoning creatures and will be forced to leave our realm and live amongst the humans in their realm; much like the dragons were forced to years ago."

Luna gazed out the window of their castle with a sense of fading hope. "What should we tell our people?"

The white alicorn sighed and was about to speak before the two felt a tug on their minds and turned their heads to the scroll on the wall next to them so quick that they could've suffered whiplash. On the scroll, underneath Mito's name, they saw a name start to slowly appear.

"Uzumaki…" Luna began.

"…Naruto," Celestia finished in slight shock as the name was then accompanied by a handprint. As soon as it was there, Celestia turned to her sister and they both nodded before they focused their power on the scroll.

"Onmyōton: Gyaku Kuchiyose (Yin-Yang Release: Reverse Summon)!" they cried out together as the newest name on the scroll lit up and a plume of smoke appeared in the center of the room.

When it cleared, the two alicorns gazed at the human they had brought to their realm. He stood at a height of 5'8", had hair as gold as sunlight, had stranger whisker-like markings on his cheeks, and blue eyes as bright as sapphire. He wore blue shinobi sandals, an orange jumpsuit with some blue and white thrown in, and a blue headband with the symbol of Konoha on it.

He was coughing and waving his arm around to clear the smoke before he focused on his surroundings. The room he was in seemed fit for royalty and he couldn't help but silently marvel at the decorations that brought out the nobility of the room.

A clearing of the throat was heard and he turned to see the two alicorns gazing at him; one in shock and the other with a kind smile. The smiling white one stepped forward until she was right in front of him and bent her head down to look him in the eyes. He was confused as to what she was doing, but he didn't turn his gaze from hers.

After some time, she pulled back and nodded with her smile growing ever so slightly. "Welcome to our realm, young Uzumaki. You cannot fathom how long our people have awaited a summoner to arrive here. I am Celestia, one of the Head Summons and the raiser of the sun in this realm. Behind me is my sister Luna, the other Head Summon and raiser of the moon."

The blonde leaned to his side slightly so that he could get a better look at Luna and offered a small wave. She returned the gesture with a small nod and a faint smile. As his blue eyes returned to Celestia's purple ones, he questioned, "So, how did I get here? Did the scroll bring me?"

"In a sense," answered the white alicorn as she motioned for him to follow her with her wing. The three of them were walking down a hallway of the castle as she continued, "The scroll acted as a medium for my sister and I to use our powers to bring you here. We reverse summoned you so that we could see you for ourselves."

"Summoners can be summoned too?" asked the Uzumaki in slight surprise.

"That is correct," Luna answered. "It usually only occurs when a Summon Clan has some important news for their summoner. In this sense, we did it to test your worth for ourselves."

The blonde nodded as he glanced at the decorated halls. The Sandaime had told him that, while also having rules and guidelines, Summon Clans test their potential summoners to see if they have what it takes. "So, what is my test?"

Celestia led the two of them to a chariot of sorts that had a team of pegasi leading it. "For your test to occur, we must go down to the lower city. Once there, I will call the six who will test you."

Naruto nodded and carefully stepped inside the chariot with them, but he had to hold on to one of their legs since it wasn't built to carry humans. The ride itself was actually enjoyable to him. The feeling of the wind in his face and the peacefulness of the realm itself was indescribable to one who knew nothing but scorn and rejection his entire life.

Once the chariot landed, the three stepped off and Celestia had her horn glow a bright white before a shot of energy flew into the air and exploded much like a flare.

"They will be here shortly," she assured as they waited patiently. Sure enough, not much time later, the blonde caught sight of six ponies calmly heading their way.

The first was a unicorn with a light purple coat and horn. Her mane and tail were colored dark blue with a streak rose and violet. She had purple eyes and a mark on her flank that was in the design of a rose colored six-point star surrounded by white sparkles.

The next was a simple pony with an orange coat and a blonde mane and tail. Both the mane and tail were held like a human's ponytail and her green eyes brought some distinction to her. She wore what Naruto could only assume was a cowgirl hat and her flank had a mark in the design of three apples on it.

The third was a pegasus with a bright blue coat and wings. She had red-violet eyes while her hair and mane were colored like a rainbow and were slightly spiked, making her appear to be a tomboy to Naruto. Her flank's mark was in the design of a cloud with a rainbow coming out of it like a bolt of lightning.

The fourth was another pegasus with a pale yellow coat and smooth light pink hair. She had cyan blue eyes and her mark was designed as three blue butterflies with pale purple wings. She had this timid aura about her that reminded Naruto of that Hyuuga girl that was in his graduating class.

The fifth was a unicorn with a white coat and horn. Her purple-blue mane and tail were styled into two long curls, giving Naruto the feeling that she enjoyed style. Her azure blue eyes were enhanced by the sky blue eye shadow and her mark looked like three bright blue diamonds.

The last mare was a pony that already had Naruto giving an unnoticeable smile. She had a light pink coat that had a mark in the design of three balloons – one yellow and two blue – on her flank. Her hair and mane were a darker, almost red, pink and were both "poofed" in a way that made her already happy and cheerful aura more pronounced. She had bright blue eyes like his and a near constant smile of joy on her face.

When they reached the two alicorns and human teen, Celestia turned to the blonde and declared, "Naruto, these will be your testers." She then gestured to each and said, "They are Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie."

Luna then gestured to the Uzumaki and introduced, "Girls, this is Uzumaki Naruto. You are to see if he has what it takes to be our summoner."

Twilight stepped up and asked, "How do we test him?"

Celestia smiled and answered, "See if he has the qualities of the Elements of Harmony."

While Naruto looked confused, the six mares nodded and Rainbow Dash stepped forward. "Okay, I'll go first. My element is Loyalty, so let's see if you got what it takes." When he nodded, she asked, "If you had to choose between your home and someone you cherish, what would you choose?"

His answer was immediate. "I'd choose my loved one. Mito-sama said that family is everything, and while I have no family of my own, I have those who I will protect with my life."

Dash looked to the two alicorns and they nodded, showing that he was being truthful. The pegasus nodded to him and said, "You pass my test, Blondie."

Applejack was next and she tipped her hat to him in greeting. "Alright partner, my element is Honesty. I want you to tell me something truthful that comes from your heart or soul."

The blonde looked slightly reluctant to do so, but he nodded. "I…I hold the Kyuubi no Kitsune within me, just as Mito-sama and Kushina-san did in the past."

The orange coated mare looked to her leaders, who both nodded sadly, and offered the blonde her hoof. When he slowly grabbed it, she pulled him in for a gentle hug, surprising him greatly. "You have Honesty, even amongst strangers. But you should also know that you have our support, Naruto. We don't see you as the fox and we never will; remember that."

When they separated, the Uzumaki nodded to her in thanks while Rarity stepped forward. She spent a good five minutes circling him and humming in thought while most of the other mares rolled their eyes at what she was bound to say. When she finally stopped circling him, she frowned slightly. "Well darling, I believe that a change of wardrobe is long overdue. Whether you pass or not, visit my store when we're finished and I'll see what I can whip up for you."

"Uh… Okay?" he said a little unsurely, making her nod with a smile.

"Very good. Now dear, my element is Generosity. Have you ever given or done something for someone with no expectancy of compensation?"

The blonde closed his eyes and searched his memories before his first meeting with Haku came to mind. While his face grew depressed due to knowing she was dead, he answered, "Yes… I helped a girl look for herbs to help heal the one she cherished most. I never expected anything in return and just wanted to help her."

After receiving confirmation, Rarity smiled and placed a hoof on his shoulder. When he looked into her eyes, she nodded to him. "You are a generous man, Naruto; I can easily see that. You know what it's like to have nothing and strive to prevent others from experiencing that. You pass my test."

The Uzumaki nodded in thanks as Fluttershy nervously stepped. He offered her a reassuring smile, which seemed to help her confidence as she spoke, "My element, Naruto, is Kindness. How do you treat those you meet?"

"To be honest, most people I meet are not exactly 'kind' to me. I tend to ignore those people now and treat those who see me as a person with respect."

The yellow pegasus nodded sadly. "It is hard to be kind in a place that has none. But, as long as you have those who care, you will never lose that kindness." She then gathered up some courage and hugged him like Applejack did, surprising both him and the others. "I can tell that you are a pure and kind person, Naruto. You have regrets about things you could've changed, but you were kind enough to give those people you think you failed a respectable send off." His eyes widened at what she was getting at as she let him go. "Those two…Zabuza and Haku…they were your enemy but you tried to help them turn over a new leaf. Kindness to your enemy is the greatest of all, Naruto. You pass my test."

The blonde nodded as he wiped away a stray tear. Pinkie Pie was next as she bounced up to him with a smile. "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie! It's nice to meet you!"

He couldn't help but smile at her and greeted back, "I'm Naruto. Nice to meet you too, Pinkie."

She nodded and sat down in front of him. "Okey Dokey Lokey, my element is Laughter! Got any times where, instead of acting negatively, you smiled and laughed it off?"

He closed his eyes in thought over her question. One thing came to mind, but he was unsure if it would count. "Well, before I started to just ignore the people who treated me unfairly, I used to prank them to get back at them. I had fun with my pranks and made sure that no one was hurt by them." He then looked to Pinkie with an anxious gaze. "Does that count?"

The pink mare nodded. "Yep! You could've made those pranks harmful, but you didn't and got a good laugh out of something that most people would be negative about. You pass my test!" He nodded in thanks before she got in his face and asked, "By the way, mind sharing your pranks with me? I always love a good prank!"

The others grew worried while Naruto actually grinned. "Sure, I don't mind."

The happy pony cheered before she went back to the others and Twilight stepped up. "Okay, my test is actually very simple. My element is Magic, so I want you to release as much energy as you can. Okay?"

The blonde nodded with a faint smirk before he made a ram seal and flared his chakra. To the others, it was like a tidal wave of energy flowed from him and washed over them. A literal dome of chakra surrounded him before it slowly grew larger in diameter and covered them all. In the center was Naruto releasing the energy with no sign of stress or exhaustion on his face.

'Incredible…' was the collective thought of the mares while Twilight had Naruto stop releasing his chakra.

When the energy died down, the unicorn nodded to the Uzumaki. "I have to say, your energy output is unreal. I don't think I've ever witnessed someone with that level of energy in them. You pass my test, Naruto."

The Uzumaki nodded with a faint smile before he turned to Celestia and Luna. "Well, you certainly have the requirements needed to be our summoner," commented the white alicorn.

Luna nodded. "To think that after nearly forty years we finally have someone worthy enough to be our summoner. You honor us, young Uzumaki."

Naruto felt a little awkward at hearing that. He didn't really feel like he did anything all that special, but it still felt nice to have people thanking him; even if said people were Summon Creatures.

"Well, I have no qualms with you being our summoner, Naruto. However, you should know that the six of us here with you are the only ones capable of being summoned at this time," Celestia explained.

"Why's that?" asked the Uzumaki.

"Over the years we were without a summoner, many of the ponies who were volunteer summons resigned themselves from the list. The number grew higher and higher over time until it was just the eight of us left. As such, your summoning options are somewhat limited and-"

"It doesn't matter to me," interrupted the blonde, making the others look to him. "Whatever help and support you can offer me is better than having none at all. Even if it was just one of you that I could summon, I'd still be grateful. So, don't worry about numbers because I'm sure you all are more than enough."

The mares were taken aback by his sincerity and couldn't keep the smiles from forming on their faces. "You have our gratitude, Naruto," replied the white alicorn with a small bow that was followed by the others. When they straightened themselves, she continued, "Now, I believe you have some clothes to replace."

Rarity was quick to step up and grab Naruto's sleeve with her teeth before she practically dragged him to her store. The others followed the two with amused faces.

[Rarity's Shop]

"Now, just hold still darling and I'll whip you up a dashing outfit. Any preferences?" asked Rarity as Naruto stood in the middle of her shop.

"Something that's both sturdy and allows me to blend in to most crowds," he answered with a shrug.

"Color preference?" she asked as she stood next to the fabrics.

"Dark browns with some white thrown in. Also, could you place the Uzu Swirl somewhere on it?"

She smiled and nodded as she measured his arm length, torso, waist, leg length, and neckline. After that, she grabbed some dark brown fabric and set to work. "I have an idea of the outfit and your measurements already, dear. Come back in an hour or so and it'll be finished."

Naruto nodded and left the shop only to run into Applejack. "Howdy there, partner! Think you can help me with something?"

"Sure. What did you need?"

The orange mare led him to her apple farm and pointed to the apple-filled trees. "I reckon you could be a mighty big help in getting those down. I usually just kick the tree and shake them loose, but my leg has been sore for some time. Think you could help?"

The blonde didn't answer and just made some clones that each went to a separate tree. The many blondes used their chakra to walk up the tree and pull the apples off of the branches. Applejack waited below with various baskets for them to toss the apples into. It took some time to collect them all, but they got it done within a half hour.

"Thank you kindly, Naruto. Don't think I could'a done it without ya."

The blonde wiped some sweat from his brow and replied, "No problem, Applejack. Glad I could help."

"Hey Blondie!" called out Dash as she descended from the sky next to them. "Rarity said that she's almost done and that you could head back to her shop."

"I thought she said it'd take an hour?"

Applejack rolled her eyes. "She must really not like your jumpsuit and worked double time to get your outfit ready."

The blonde looked to his attire and sweatdropped at how beat up and worn out it looked. "Yea… I think you're right," he said as he made his way back over to Rarity's.

As soon as he stepped inside, he was pulled into a changing room where a neatly placed set of clothing was waiting for him. "Hurry up now, darling! I need to see how you look in that masterpiece I made for you."

Naruto chuckled at her antics and stripped himself out of his jumpsuit before he grabbed the clothes and began putting them on. Unknown to him, the white unicorn had called over the others to see how he would look.

When he stepped out, Rarity had a look of pride on her face as the others complimented the outfit. The Uzumaki was dressed in black boots and some gray-brown pants with a kunai pouch strapped to his right leg. Holding up the pants was a black belt with the Uzu Swirl designed as a belt buckle. On his torso, he wore a white long sleeved shirt underneath a greenish-brown collared vest. Over it all, he wore a dark brown hooded coat that reached the back of his knees and had the hood down behind his back. To finish it off, he wore white gloves on his hands that had the Uzu Swirl on them in black (1).

Naruto heard them murmuring amongst themselves and asked, "So, how do I look?"

Celestia smiled to him and nodded. "You look very sophisticated and professional, Naruto. You've really outdone yourself, Rarity."

"Thank you, my lady," replied the stylish unicorn. "Now Naruto, those clothes have some mesh armor sewed into the fabric to increase their durability. I'll get to work on making some extras for you, but I must say that you look quite dashing."

"Thanks Rarity," said the blonde as he rubbed his head bashfully. He then turned back to Celestia and queried, "So, what happens now?"

"Now, we send you back to where you found the scroll. Be sure to keep it safe and remember where you put it. We don't want to risk waiting another forty years before a summoner calls upon us again." At his nod, she continued, "Now, over the years we each have gained some experience in what you shinobi refer to as Kekkei Genkai. We won't go into details now, but you will see for yourself soon. For now, just continue your ninja career and don't hesitate to summon us; whether to have us assist you or to just talk."

The blonde nodded again before he bowed respectfully to them all. "You all have my gratitude. What you have done for me these past few hours is more than anyone has ever done. I promise not to tarnish the name of both my clan and your people."

The others smiled at his promise while Pinkie went up and hugged him. "Be sure to have some fun, Naruto! You better not become a stick in the mud."

He chuckled at her wording and replied, "I promise, Pinkie, so long as you and the others promise to be there for me when I need you."

She smiled and declared, "Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!"

The other mares chuckled at the pink pony's promise poem before the two alicorns sent the blonde back. Luna turned to her sister and commented, "He'll help us and his clan return to their former glory; I know it."

The white alicorn nodded and added, "Not to mention we'll be with him every step of the way. At long last our bond with the Uzumaki Clan will be reformed."


1~ Think of his outfit as that of Edward Elric's from the Conquerors of Shamballa movie

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