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'Higher Being Thoughts'

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[Scene Shift]

Chapter 8: Slugs, Toads, Snakes, and Ponies

As Naruto leaves with Jiraiya, let's take a small look back at a certain group of six and their roasting of a certain polychromatic pegasus.

Rainbow Dash was cornered in Twilight's library/home with the other members of the Mane Six giving her slightly heated looks while hers was that of somepony with their "hoof in the cookie jar".

"Well?" asked Applejack.

"Well what?" asked Dash with a nervous chuckle.

"What do y'all got to say for yourself? Ya… Ya kissed him!"

"Before any of us!" added Rarity.

"What do you want from me; an apology? I like him, and so do the rest of you! I… I just acted because I was scared," Dash said in hopes of explaining her actions.

"What were you scared of?" Twilight asked, trying to remain calm even though she was also jealous.

"I was scared he'd do something stupid and nearly get himself killed like he did when he faced that snake guy all by himself… I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that…I don't want to lose him."

"N-Neither do we," Fluttershy said quietly, though the others heard her. "We were just hoping that we could be first is all."

Pinkie pouted cutely and crossed her forelimbs. "Well, we all wanted it, but Dash just beat us to it… Still isn't all that fair though."

"I'm sorry, girls," Dash said sincerely. "I just acted, but I don't regret my actions." She blushed as she finished, "The kiss was amazing…"

"Really now?" asked Rarity with a gleam in her eye. "Care to share the details there, darling?"

The cyan pegasus placed a hoof on her chin in thought as she answered, "It felt…warm, soft, and I felt so…I can't think of another word but 'safe'. It was like the kiss reassured me that he'd be fine and that he'd watch my back."

The other mares looked up thoughtfully, imagining themselves in her position before blushes spread all around.

Twilight coughed to regain her composure and said, "A-Anyway, what I think we're saying is that we're just…jealous of you is all. And we let that jealousy get ahead of us. Sorry…"

The other mares apologized as well, and Dash accepted them without issue. Unknown to them, Luna was watching them with a small smile before she was engulfed in a plume of smoke.

[Present Time (with Naruto and Jiraiya)]

The blonde had his blue eyes narrowed in annoyance as he followed Jiraiya throughout the small town they were currently in. For a revered Sannin, the man was lacking in impressing him. So far, the Toad Sage was just casually asking people in town if they had seen this Tsunade woman and was showing them a picture of her.

Naruto couldn't help but notice that she looked incredibly young for her supposed age, considering she was Jiraiya's teammate and he had to be pushing around 50. The Toad Sage had explained to him that Tsunade was actually a vain woman and used a constant genjutsu on her body to hide her true age.

The Uzumaki couldn't help but palm his face at that. The Sannin were all powerful; he'd be one of the first to acknowledge that. However, they all apparently had issues! Tsunade was afraid of her true age catching wind of those around her, Orochimaru was desperate for power and immortality, and Jiraiya… Actually, the man hadn't really shown any serious issues other than wasting his time.

He shrugged as he kept following the Sage. Maybe he'd prove himself to actually be respectable.

[Half an Hour Later]

The blonde's eye twitched constantly at the sight of Jiraiya leaving with a girl wrapped around his arm and a lecherous grin on his face. 'Of course he's a perverted old man… How could he not be a perv when his teammates have issues of their own?'

"You humans are so confusing with your near endless quirks and interests. Even you are confusing with your attraction to your own summons."

'It isn't my fault that I see them as beautiful and good friends,' defended the blonde. 'Although, it's obvious Dash wants to be more…and Luna said the others were pretty jealous of her kissing me. Damn, why is my life so complicated?'

"Don't know; don't care. All I need you to do is just stay alive; for both your sake and mine. I don't feel like dying any time soon."

'Yea yea, I know already… But I also know that, sooner or later, I'm going to need your help, Fox.'

The Bijuu snorted. "Of course you do… Well, I suppose I should help, considering how the seal connects our lives together until it is removed or broken. But…I want something in return."

'And what exactly did you want?'

"I want to, how you say, highlight my presence around you."

'Explanation please?' Naruto asked in confusion.

"Simple; at some point you'll have to show your connection to those equines that you summon… Maybe even transform into them much like they transform into humans; or semi-humans in their case. I want some of my features to be seen and acknowledged. I may not have much due to being sealed into you, but I still have my pride as a Bijuu and I will not relinquish it."

Mentally nodding, the Uzumaki replied, 'Alright, I can accept that. We'll talk to Celestia and Luna about it some time, okay?'

"Fair enough; so long as you get it done. Until then, I will not help you anymore than I already do in boosting your natural recovery rate."


With that done, the blonde sighed and made his way to a hotel to book a room seeing as his "guardian" was preoccupied. When he had the room paid for and settled in, he performed the Kuchiyose and summoned forth Twilight in her natural form.

"Hello Naruto," she greeted politely.

He gave a small smile in return and nodded. "Hey Twilight. I was wondering if we could continue my mana lessons."

"Oh! Of course we can! But, it'd probably be best if we went to my home since I have all the necessary books and such there."

Nodding again, the Uzumaki watched his friend disappear before he felt a tug on his person and disappeared.

Had he waited just one more minute, he'd have heard a knock on his door from two men in black cloaks covered in red clouds.

[Ponyville Library]

"Okay, just make yourself comfortable while I look for the books," Twilight said with a smile as she left him in the lounge area of her home.

He watched her go and relaxed on a small couch with a smile on his face. He felt…accepted here in Ponyville; like he was…home. Not "home" as in his actual home, but home; a place where he could live peacefully and free of hatred or persecution.

"Hey, who are you?" asked a young voice and the Uzumaki turned to the sight of a child-sized purple lizard with green fin-like scales on their head to their tail.

"Uh… Hi. My name's Naruto; Uzumaki Naruto."

"Oh! You're the human Twilight was talking about with her friends! I never thought I'd meet you so soon. I'm Spike, Twilight's assistant."

"Nice to meet you. Hey, I have to ask; are you a lizard or something else?"

"I'm a lizard, but then again dragons are technically lizards," answered Spike with a thoughtful look.

"Dragon? Don't they have their own summoning contract?"

"They did, before they lost the right to be called Summon Creatures due to a lack of summoners. I was found as an egg and hatched by Twilight. Now, I live here with her."

"You don't say… That must have been a lucky break for you, huh?"

He and Spike chuckled at that before the young dragon looked to Naruto seriously. "Hey, I know that the girls like you; as in like you like you." The blonde blushed slightly as he continued, "I never told anyone this – except Twilight and Pinkie – but I have a crush on Rarity. I still do, but I know she likes you."

Feeling guilty, the blonde began, "Look, I never really meant to-"

"Just promise me that you'll treat her right, please. Someone as amazing as her deserves to be treated like a rare gem; with care."

He saw the pleading in the young dragon's eyes and he sighed. "I promise to treat her the best I can should she truly seek something with me. You have my word, Spike; and I'm sorry that your crush is one-sided. I know it must be tough to handle."

"So long as she's happy, then I'm sure I'll be fine," reassured Spike before he shook his claw with Naruto's hand and went to the book section of the home to organize the stock.

The Uzumaki leaned back in his seat with a sigh. He couldn't believe his life got so crazy ever since he found that old shrine. But, he smiled at the thought of never changing his choice and not regretting what happened. He found friends, acceptance, and possibly something more from some of the mares. It was slightly strange, seeing as he was human and they weren't; but Luna's words of summoner/summon relationships being a common thing reassured him.

He frowned slightly at the length of time it was taking Twilight. He was starting to get bored, so he did the one thing he normally does when bored…

He experimented with his jutsu.

His arms crossed over his chest as past images of the Mane Six in their human transformations filled his thoughts. Surely if they became humans he could become a pony…right?

Shrugging, he slowly went through the handseals for the Henge (Transformation) and prepared to call on the chakra needed. As soon as he did, the Kyuubi merged its chakra into the jutsu, taking the blonde by surprise and engulfing him in a slightly red tinted smoke.

Twilight finally walked back in with six books levitating next to her via her magic, but she froze with her mouth agape at the sight of what she assumed was Naruto.

Gone was the human, and instead an alicorn stood in her lounge area. He had a bright orange coat and horn, a spiked blonde mane with slight red highlights, and cerulean eyes. However, there were a few things that stood out. First was the fact that his ears and tail were that of a fox; not a stallion. Both were orange in color with the tail having a white tip and the inner fur of the ears being black. His normally thin whiskers were slightly more pronounced, making them look just a bit jagged. Lastly, his wings looked to be more predacious than the average pegasus or alicorn.

"N-Naruto?" stuttered out the unicorn with a blush staining her cheeks. She couldn't deny that his transformed state was very attractive to her.

The transformed Uzumaki lifted his wings and looked over his form before he grinned at Twilight, letting her see that he had small fangs like a canine would. "It worked!" he exclaimed happily. "What do you think, Twilight? How do I look?"

'Like the most stunning stallion I've ever laid eyes on,' she thought dazedly before she mentally shook off that thought. "You look incredible!" She then spent the next couple of minutes having him stay still so that she could get a better look at him, marking down his different features in a notepad that floated next to her. Her eyes then fell on his flank and she blinked in confusion. "Uh, Naruto…?"

"Yea?" he asked.

"What does this Cutie Mark on your flank mean?"

He scrunched his face in confusion before he took a look at the mark. It started off as a spiral, like the Uzumaki were famous for, but it had two four-point curves next to it; one above it and one below it. "Oh!" he exclaimed in realization. "That's the seal that holds back the Kyuubi. I suppose it had to show up somewhere on my body; no matter who or what I look like."

"It looks pretty complex…"

"Yea… It's made of two Shishō Fuiin (Four Symbol Seals) that act together as a Hakke Fuiin (Eight Trigrams Seal). It's the highest form of Uzumaki fuinjutsu."

"Amazing…" she whispered in awe before she shook her head. "Anyway, we're getting off topic. Let's resume your mana training. Transform back so that we can begin," she said before mentally adding, 'At least I was the first to see him as an alicorn. Score one for Twilight!'

[An Hour Later]

In a plume of smoke, Naruto reappeared in the hotel room where an annoyed Jiraiya was waiting for him on one of the beds. "And where in the nine hells have you been brat?"

"I was getting some real work done, seeing as you let some random woman distract you from a mission of all things," retorted the Uzumaki in annoyance. "You know, I actually thought you'd prove to live up to the name 'Sannin', but you showed me that you're just a perverted old man who gets by on reputation alone."

"Watch your mouth, kid. My teammates and I earned that title and we will be respected for it."

"I'll respect you when you actually act like the revered shinobi you're supposed to be. You still haven't even taught me how to start the Fourth's jutsu."

Scowling, the Sage pulled out a scroll and unsealed a bag filled with water balloons that were full of water. Grabbing one and tossing it to the Jinchuriki, he explained, "The first step to the Rasengan (Spiral Chakra Sphere) is rotation. I want you to pop that balloon using your chakra to make the water rotate and burst out of it."

Naruto's eyes narrowed on the balloon in his palm and he nodded slightly. "Alright then…"

Jiraiya sighed and fell back on his bed. "We'll continue our travels tomorrow. But, there's something you should know about; something you missed when you were 'out'."

"What exactly did I miss?" asked the Uzumaki, putting the balloons aside to focus on the man's words.

"Two men came to our room in search of you. They wore black cloaks with red clouds on them; a call-sign for a mercenary group known as Akatsuki. They may be mercenaries, but they're made up entirely of S-Rank Nuke-Nin. The ones who came were Hoshigaki Kisame, the Monster of the Hidden Mist, and Uchiha Itachi-"

"The Slayer of the Uchiha," Naruto finished with narrowed eyes. "Of course I have people after my head. It's not like my life could be simple at least once. No! I have to have an organized group of criminals after my head!"

The sarcasm in his tone was palpable.

Jiraiya sighed again and continued, "Well, you're lucky you were gone when you were. As for your Uchiha teammate…he wasn't."

"What happened to him?"

"He tried to kill Itachi, but the man easily overpowered, restrained, and practically mind fucked his younger brother."

"Younger bro-? Oh right! Sasuke's older brother is Itachi, almost forgot about that…"

Nodding, Jiraiya finished, "After I ran them off, one of the Genin sensei named Gai came and informed me that Kakashi was also hit by the technique used on Sasuke. This means that getting Tsunade to come back is a bigger deal than before. Only she can restore their traumatized minds."

The blonde heaved out a heavy sigh at that. "Damn it… I can't believe Kakashi-sensei got hit by it too…"

"Well, he did… So as I said, we'll continue tomorrow by heading to Tanzaku Gai. It's a big gambling town, so Tsunade should be there."

"Don't tell me she's a big time gambler too!" complained the Uzumaki.

"That's not the worst of it. She's known as 'The Legendary Sucker' in practically every casino hall."

Deadpanning, the blonde said, "That title could so be taken out of context…"

The Sage smirked at that before he closed his eyes and relaxed. "No sense in talking about it anymore. We'll try to find her there."

"And if we don't…?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it."

[Tanzaku Town (Midday the Next Day)]

Naruto growled in slight frustration as he tried to make the small white ball between his hands pop with his chakra. He had gotten through the first step with relative ease during the walk to Tanzaku with Jiraiya, so the Sannin had him work on Step 2: power.

The ball in his hands was smaller, but much thicker than a simple water balloon. So far, the Uzumaki only put in enough force to have a small hole pop in the ball.

"Damn it… This is starting to get to me," he growled before a soft hand was placed on his shoulder. His blue eyes met reassuring green ones as A.J. walked next to him in her human transformation.

"Just relax, Naruto. Y'all will get it down pat no sweat."

He smiled at that and nodded in thanks before he took a calming breath and tried again. He had summoned A.J. because he was bored just walking with Jiraiya in silence. At least with A.J., he had someone to talk to. He was expecting surprise when he summoned Applejack in front of Jiraiya, but the old Sage just informed him that he already knew about his contract with the ponies through the Sandaime's crystal ball.

This of course annoyed Naruto since he wondered if any of his "private" moments were truly private or not.

Applejack watched the ball in his hands deform in many areas before it looked just short of popping. Her eyes narrowed as she said, "Just a bit more, Naruto! Ya almost got it!"

Gritting his teeth, Naruto called on more chakra, forcing it into the ball before it exploded like a firecracker in his hands. The force of the ball pushed them both back while Jiraiya just laughed at where they landed. Naruto was stuck in some bushes near a small store while A.J. crashed into an old wagon.

She was the first to recover and hurried over to him, making sure to step on the Toad Sage's toes as she passed him. When she reached him, she pulled Naruto out from the bushes before she got to work taking the stray twigs and leaves out of his hair. "Ya alright there, Naruto-kun?" she asked in concern.

He couldn't help but smile at her concern as he nodded. "Yea, I'm okay. Thanks for worrying and for the support, A.J.-chan."

She blushed slightly and averted her gaze while trying to cover her blushing face with her hat. "I-It was nothin'."

"Oi, if you two lovebirds are done with the googley eyes, we need to start looking for Tsunade," Jiraiya called out as he walked further into town, making the two blondes blush. Naruto quickly made his way after Jiraiya with A.J.'s hand in his, deepening their blushes, but neither one of them removed their hands from the grip. In fact, A.J. gently squeezed his, making him turn to see her wink at him. He chuckled at that and the two relaxed their pace to a calm walk, still keeping their hands laced together.

'Wow, her/his hand is so soft,' they both thought. As they entered a random bar/restaurant, A.J. decided to be a little bold and leaned her head on Naruto's shoulder as they walked, making their blushes return. However, her Stetson hat got in the way, so she placed it on his head so that she could rest hers on his shoulder.

"Tsunade!" exclaimed Jiraiya, making the two of them turn to see their travel companion heading over to a table where a blonde woman and a brunette woman holding a clothed pig sat. "We finally found you!"

"What the hell are you doing here?!" she exclaimed in shock, surprised that he showed up here of all placed. Her honey eyes turned to the two blondes stepping up to the table and she raised a slender brow at them. The brunette woman on the other hand smiled politely and waved at the two, which was returned with small waves of their own.

"We need you to come with us back to Konoha, Tsunade. You've been nominated as the Godaime Hokage."

"Hmph," she snorted before she took a swig of her sake. "I refuse. Being Hokage is nothing but a fool's dream job. Only those who have a death wish want that job."

"That's pretty harsh coming from the granddaughter of the Shodaime," Jiraiya retorted with a small frown. "Not to mention it sounds like you're spitting on the names of-"

"Jiraiya, if you truly value your life, you'll shut up right now," warned a glaring Tsunade. "You will not bring up their names in my presence."

"And why not when you're spitting on their deaths and dreams?" fired back the Sage. "I know you left because you couldn't take their deaths, but it's been over ten years already, Tsunade."

"Wait a minute!" Naruto exclaimed, bringing everyone's attention to him. He glared at the Slug Sannin and growled out, "You mean to tell me…that the granddaughter of Uzumaki Mito left my mother alone in Konoha just because of bad memories?! You dropped the Uzu Creed because of bad memories?!"

"Who the hell are you, brat, to talk to me like that?!" asked Tsunade with a scowl.

"My name…is Uzumaki Naruto, the son of Uzumaki Kushina who was given the Kyuubi from your grandmother and my idol, Uzumaki Mito. I am their legacy and the two of us are cousins by blood." His glare deepened as he looked at her, rage burning in his eyes. "You disgrace your clan with your cowardice, and you dishonor Mito's sacrifice by leaving the only Uzumaki in Konoha by herself to deal with the hatred of the Kyuubi. You don't deserve to have our blood in your veins."

Before the woman could retort, and before Applejack could try to calm him down, Naruto broke out of his friend's grip and stormed out of the building with the patrons giving him a wide berth due to the rage and anger rolling off of him in waves.

The Senju couldn't stop herself from trembling in her own anger at his words. They stung deeper than any wound she had felt before and what made her truly angry was that she couldn't deny any of the claims. Being raised in her home with her grandparents and parents, she was taught the Uzu Creed and she made a vow when she was old enough to stick to it. She knew about Kushina becoming the second Jinchuriki, but she didn't care when the pain of the loss of both her lover and brother were weighing down heavily on her heart.

But, she broke the creed. She left Kushina alone, and apparently Naruto grew up alone as well with no family to raise him or guide him. When he informed her that he was a Jinchuriki, she knew deep down that his life was that of pain, sadness, and extreme loneliness. She couldn't even fathom how he somehow survived without going insane or suicidal.

"I hope y'all are happy," Applejack said with a frown at Tsunade. "All his life he's wanted nothin' more than a family or people to depend on. Did ya know that his first teacher was your grandmama's journal and notes?" Tsunade's eyes widened at that. "He learned for the first time from his dead ancestor and took to the creed as much as the past Uzumaki; at least, according Princess Celestia."

"Celestia?" asked the Senju in shock. "She's still alive?"

"Of course she is!" yelled back the transformed mare while slamming her hands on the table. "She and Luna are still alive and are running things as our Co-Head Summons! The princesses both believe, without a lick of doubt, that Naruto is the hope of both our race and his lost clan! And look at you; an Uzumaki, if only partially, and y'all are here throwing your life away!"

Following her friend's lead, she left the building in anger in hopes of finding him. Meanwhile at the table, Shizune and Jiraiya were looking at Tsunade whose eyes were fixed on the exit. The words of both Naruto and Applejack were ringing loudly in her head and she unconsciously imagined her little brother, Nawaki, and her late lover, Dan, frowning at her in disappointment while her deceased grandparents had their backs to her, as if shamed to even face her.

Without a word, she stood up and walked out of the bar in search of them. She looked all over town without any luck before she decided to check around the outskirts. It was nearing dusk when she finally found them; though one of them was no longer in a human transformation.

She saw the two of them seated on a fallen and dead tree trunk watching the setting sun slowly fade into the evening. It wasn't until she got a bit closer that she heard them talking.

"Ya know, ya still got family Naruto-kun. The princesses, my friends and I, plus all of the other ponies of Equestria could be your family," stated Applejack in the same tone as the element she represented.

"I know… It's just… I always wondered what it would be like to meet an actual blood relative; even if it was a distant cousin at best. When I saw Tsunade and how far she had fallen from the time she was highlighted as the best kunoichi ever, I couldn't help but feel let down. It was like waiting excitedly for something to happen only to find out that it wasn't even close to what you expected or hoped it would be."

The mare frowned sadly at his words before she placed a comforting hoof on his shoulder. "I'm sorry that ya were let down like that, Naruto-kun…"

Tsunade couldn't hold back the lone tear that fell from her face. The only real family she had left, along with his late mother, and she let them both down. The Uzumaki were all about familial camaraderie and she cut herself off from it all because she was scared to lose anyone else. She wiped away any more tears that threatened to fall before she walked up to them, making herself noticed.

When the two turned to see her coming, the mare frowned at her while Naruto kept his face neutral. When she stopped in front of them, Tsunade swallowed what pride she had and bowed to them both, her forehead nearly touching the earth she knelt on. "I'm so sorry…" she whispered in a sincere tone. "Everything you said…all of it…was true. I left Kushina alone in Konoha, I failed to be there for my fellow clansmen and I cannot take that back. I can't think of anything else to say other than that I am truly sorry…"

Applejack turned to Naruto who was looking to his fellow clan member's bowed form. With a heavy sigh, he said, "Get up Tsunade… The granddaughter of Mito-sama shouldn't lower herself like that."

The Senju stood up and looked to the younger blonde with regretful eyes. She saw A.J. whisper something to Naruto and he nodded before he bit both of his thumbs and performed a dual summoning. From the smoke came the two princesses of the Pony Summons.

"Celestia-hime… Luna-hime," greeted the elder blonde and they both nodded with straight faces that gave away nothing about their thoughts. She looked down from their gazes and stated, "I'm sorry that I-"

"You realize how serious this is, right Tsunade?" asked Luna in a calm tone. "The creed is not to be taken lightly."

"You know the laws," Celestia added. "Are you prepared to follow the punishment they specified?"

The Senju nodded while Naruto looked confused. "There was a punishment?"

"Yes, and I'm not surprised you don't know of it. Mito was a true and honest Uzumaki, so she probably didn't feel the need to mention it," answered the Sun Princess.

"The punishment is as follows: Should any Uzumaki who has taken the creed break said creed, then their life is forfeit to the Head of the Uzumaki Clan. In this case, seeing as you've kept your Uzumaki name and Tsunade has been going with her grandfather's name, you are the Clan Head, Naruto," the Moon Princess informed.

"Which means that my life is yours until you say otherwise," finished Tsunade.

Naruto's and A.J.'s eyes widened at that. The mare knew nothing about the punishment either, and she assumed that if any of her friends knew, it'd be Twilight. The now realized Clan Head stood up from his seat while Luna and Celestia stood next to Tsunade with the Senju in between them. Taking a calming breath, Naruto said, "The laws may say that your life is now mine, but I always hated the idea of becoming a slave or having others as one. Your life is your own, Senju Tsunade." The Slug Sannin looked surprised at that while the princesses had hidden smiles. "However," added the younger blonde, "there still must be a punishment. So, to pay for breaking the creed, you are to take up the mantle of Godaime Hokage and support me in all of my actions; whether they are for Konoha or not."

Tsunade smirked at that and nodded. "As you say, Uzumaki-sama."

Naruto groaned and muttered, "I don't think I'll ever get used to that." This caused all of the females to laugh and he soon followed.

Tsunade couldn't keep the smile of both relief and happiness from her face. She wouldn't mess up this second chance with Naruto.

[Three Days Later]

Naruto sat on his bed in a meditative position as he thought over what was about to happen. Over the past three days, Tsunade and Shizune told him and Jiraiya about Orochimaru's offer to her. Jiraiya saw this as the perfect opportunity to avenge his late sensei while Naruto saw it as a chance to get rid of the snake.

He had also practiced the Rasengan enough to make one with both of his hands, even though Jiraiya and the Fourth could do it singlehandedly. Jiraiya was impressed with his results, so much that he gave the young Uzumaki a scroll for Master Sealing.

The Toad Sage knew that he wouldn't get any farther in his fuinjutsu studies, and he had no shred of doubt that Naruto would reach Master. He also had total confidence that he would reach the final rank in fuinjutsu; Seal Weaver. It was rumored that Weavers were so proficient in fuinjutsu that they could make a seal made from pure chakra writing.

Right now, the blonde was in the middle of having his mana flow through his body. Celestia and Luna had informed him that some of the past Uzumaki reached a stage equivalent to something other Summon Clans referred to as "Sage Mode". What they called it was "Archmage", or people who use their mana and chakra combined.

Archmages were masters of both mana and chakra, but they were only given the title when they could combine the two energies into one. They were also proficient enough in both their human and pony forms to, for lack of a better term, mix the two together. For example, if an Archmage needed their hands but also needed to fly to evade enemy attacks, they were skilled enough to call upon a Bubun Henge (Partial Transformation) instead of a full on Henge. It surprised Naruto that partial transformations were actual much harder than full scale ones; especially since the transformation needed wasn't the illusionary Henge. No, the transformation needed was Gitai (Mimicry), otherwise called an "advanced transformation".

It turns out that Naruto had accidentally performed the handseals for the Gitai no Jutsu when he first attempted the Henge no Jutsu. As a result, he learned the much more difficult transformation and he used it like the illusionary one, meaning that his transformation into an alicorn when he was with Twilight was an actual transformation.

Now, he needed to narrow it down to smaller areas so that he can call upon only parts of his alicorn transformation instead of the full version. But before he worked on that, he had to get a more fluid feel for his mana. His chakra control was doing great with Tsunade and Shizune giving his clones some new methods to try such as leaf floating, kunai balancing, and advancing the tree climbing and water walking.

He was interrupted from his meditation by Shizune and Tsunade coming into the room. "It's time, Naruto," Shizune said.

"Okay… Could you run the plan by me one more time?"

Nodding, Shizune started, "First, Tsunade-sama will head over under the guise of agreeing to Orochimaru's offer. If she doesn't succeed in stopping him, that's when you, Jiraiya-sama, and I step in and assist her."

"Alright then… Let's get it started," Naruto stated as he left with them. The Toad Sage was already waiting for them outside. They all nodded to one another before Tsunade took off. Jiraiya, knowing how cautious and perceptive his old teammate was, had decided that he and the other two would hang back a good distance to avoid being seen or sensed.

With the plan already in motion, the three left in blurs of speed.

[Tanzaku Outskirts (20min Later)]

"I'll heal your arms, but only if you promise not to attack Konoha anymore," Tsunade said with a scowl that dared Orochimaru to try anything.

The Snake Sannin chuckled and nodded. "Very well then… I won't attack Konoha, so long as you keep your end of the deal."

Tsunade kept her scowl as she began to work on Orochimaru's arms. Her plan was to subtly mix a negative dosage of chakra into her healing jutsu, acting like a poison to Orochimaru. However, Kabuto was there as well, and he was quite the proficient medic shinobi.

The result was Tsunade being found out and her chasing after the two escaping Oto-Nin with anger clearly visible in her eyes. Jiraiya and the others were close behind, but still far enough not to be detected.

By the time they reached Tsunade, they saw that she was on her knees, covered in blood that was not her own, and frozen in a state of shock. Jiraiya cursed at Tsunade still having a fear of blood from her memories of seeing her brother and lover dying from their bloody wounds.

"Ah, Jiraiya… I was wondering when you would show up," greeted Orochimaru with a smirk.

"You're gonna pay for what you did to sensei, teme!" roared the Toad Sannin as he leapt into action against his ex-teammate. Kabuto was left to handle Shizune and Naruto.

The Uzumaki started things off by throwing a shuriken that quickly multiplied into dozens via the Shuriken Kage Bunshin (Shuriken Shadow Clone) technique. Shizune was quick to follow with her Dokugiri (Poison Fog) technique.

Kabuto was easily able to deflect the shuriken, and he evaded the fog with his Doton: Dochū Eigyo (Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish) technique. However, Naruto was prepared as his body was outlined in a yellow-green glow and he incanted, "Fortissimus Terrae, notissima sunt tibi ostendere fortitudinem!"

He then clapped his hands together as the aura he had shot into the earth beneath his feet and sent forth a massive tremor that shook Shizune's balance, stirred Tsunade from her shocked state, and cracked the ground Kabuto was hidden under. The cracked earth nearly crushed the follower of Orochimaru, but he was able to escape with a well timed Kawarimi (Replacement).

"Not bad, Naruto-kun. Not bad at all," complimented Kabuto with a smirk as he fixed his glasses back into place. "But still not good enough," he finished as they both her a cry of pain and saw another Kabuto grasping Shizune's ankles with glowing palms.

'Damn it! He got her with the Chakra no Mesu(Chakra Scalpel)!' cursed the blonde before he flew through handseals and cupped his hands together. With a thrust of his cupped hands, he called out, "Fuuton: Reppūshō (Wind Release: Gale Palm)!"

The sudden wind jutsu caught Kabuto slightly off guard and forced him to brace his arms in front of his face. This left Naruto enough time to rush up to him with a seal tag in hand. As he made to place it on him, Kabuto swerved his body out of the way and stuck Naruto's right leg with his Chakra no Mesu. While it hurt enough to make him grit his teeth, Naruto released his hold on his seal tag before a golden chain shot out of his arm. The tip of the chain caught the floating tag, swerved back toward Kabuto, and stuck the seal right on his back.

Before Kabuto could do anything, Naruto held up a half ram seal, activating the Seigen Fuiin (Restriction Seal) placed on Kabuto. The Oto-Nin felt his entire body freeze in place, unable to move a muscle.

Naruto still had his teeth gritted in pain as he stood on his feet, the weight of his body causing pain to his injured leg. Fortunately, the Kyuubi was healing the damage even as he turned to face Kabuto's open back. Taking a bit to calm his heavy breathing, he slowly cupped his hands together again. However, this time a swirling mass of chakra formed in his hands in the shape of a sphere. He may dislike the Fourth for what he did, but he couldn't deny that the fox was right about this jutsu; it was powerful.

"Rasengan!" roared the blonde as he drove the swirling sphere into Kabuto's back, right above the seal he placed on him.

Explosive pain was the first thing Kabuto felt before he felt his feet digging into the earth as he was pushed forward by the pure power of the jutsu. Soon, he was lifted off of his feet and shot forward while spinning wildly in a corkscrew fashion, landing in a crumpled heap a fair distance away.

Orochimaru and Jiraiya stopped their fight for a moment to see the damage and the snake was torn between being irked at the blonde causing serious damage to his subordinate and being impressed at another show of potential he had. Still, he couldn't let the boy go unpunished for hurting his henchman so badly.

He easily fooled Jiraiya with a feint tactic that involved his Kusanagi (Grass Cutter) sword and made to strike against the Uzumaki.

Unfortunately, he was so focused on his intended target that he missed the fist heading for his face until it struck, and it struck hard. Tsunade growled as her fist struck his cheek and sent him flying until his body hit the side of one of his summoned snakes.

"This is the end for you, Orochimaru," started the Slug Sannin. "As the new Godaime of Konoha, I'm going to put my life on the line for the sake of my shinobi and my home!"

She then bit her thumb, seeing as she couldn't use the blood that was already on her since it wasn't hers, and went through handseals. Jiraiya caught on and copied his teammate while a still very damaged Kabuto appeared at his master's side in a Shunshin (Body Flicker) and ran Orochimaru's blood over one of the seals on his dead looking arms.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" the three cried at the same time, covering the plains in white smoke. When it cleared, the sight of Katsuya of the Slugs, Gamabunta of the Toads, and Manda of the Snakes was seen. Tsunade stood on Katsuya with Shizune on her knees next to her due to her ankles not being fully healed. Jiraiya stood on Bunta while Orochimaru and Kabuto stood atop Manda. The sight of the legendary three summons of Konoha was quite intimidating and awing.

Naruto frowned at this before he bit his own thumb and performed the same technique, making the three Sannin and two other shinobi look to his direction. The smoke shot upward at incredible speed, leaving a trail behind it, before two white wings burst from it and flapped hard to stop its ascent. The force of the flap revealed Celestia in all her glory with Naruto standing on her back with his arms crossed. The sun shined down on them, making the alicorn glow somewhat while Naruto's spiky hair looked to be that of a miniature sun due to the sheen it had.

"Well, isn't this a surprise," Bunta commented as he blew out some smoke from his pipe. "The Princess of the Sun is seen on the battlefield once more…"

"You look well, Gamabunta-sama," politely greeted the alicorn before she nodded to Katsuya. "And I see that you have risen up to Head Summon for your race. Congratulations, Katsuya-sama."

"Thank you, Celestia-hime," the slug replied with her own nod.

Celestia then turned to Manda and a frown was seen on her face. "Manda… I was wondering when I, my sister, or my summoner would face you. You still have to pay for having your henchmen enter our lands and nearly start a war."

The snake bared its fangs as it smirked. "Oh, believe me when I say that there will be war… You can be sure of that, Celestia."

She flared her nostrils in annoyance. "Still as arrogant and foolhardy as ever… Naruto, brace yourself… This battle is going to be rough."

"I understand, Celestia-hime," Naruto replied as he went from standing to sitting on her back.

The alicorn nodded and stayed airborne with consistently calm flaps of her wings. Gamabunta slowly pulled out his dagger while Katsuya and Manda tensed their bodies for a fight.

(Play "Boss Battle 1 – Super Smash Bros. Brawl")

Bunta was the first to act, using his powerful hind legs to propel himself at high speed toward Manda with a thrust of his weapon. The snake swerved his head out of the way before he clamped his jaws on the knife. With a jerk of his head, he removed the knife from Bunta's grip and flung it away before going in for a bite.

"Zesshi Nensan (Acid Slime)!" cried Katsuya as she sprayed a corrosive slime from her mouth at Manda while Bunta leapt out of the way. Manda rapidly shot away from the spraying acid, swerving around a large rock that was hit by it, before he wrapped his long body around the slug.

He was about to plunge his fangs into her flesh before a white and orange bullet shot by him, leaving a large gash on the side of his face. He hissed angrily at Celestia who kept her momentum and turned back for another strike. On her back, Naruto was racing through handseals in a frantic manner before he finished and roared, "Fuuton: Hanachiri Mai (Flower Scattering Dance)!"

Behind Celestia was a literal funnel of razor sharp cherry blossoms that spun and incredible speeds. Celestia herself called upon her chakra, making her horn shine bright like the sun and extend about ten feet. "Yōton: Taiyō no Yari (Light Release: Sun Spear)!" Tucking her wings in close to her body, she shot forward at full speed with the funnel of sharp petals close behind.

Manda moved his head to evade, but Celestia was still able to slice into him with a jerk of her head. The extended horn cut deep into his scales before Naruto directed his jutsu at the wound. The petals cut around it, with some of them sinking into it to make it deeper. The hiss of rage and pain made Naruto grin while Celestia gave a satisfied nod, pleased that she hit him and that he was forced to release Katsuya from his grip. Her keen eyes also noted that Tsunade was pummeling away at Orochimaru after jumping off of Katsuya and onto Manda. Shizune and Kabuto were still too injured to help, leaving the Snake Sannin at his Slug ex-teammate's mercy.

"Naruto, we need to halt Manda's movements," she stated, making her summoner nod before he slowly went through more handseals. After all, this element was still relatively new to him, and he needed to make sure he did it right. Celestia in the meantime flew circles around Manda, staying out of reach of his snapping jaws.

As Naruto neared the last of his seals, he turned to Jiraiya and Bunta, calling out, "Hey you guys!" Getting their attention, he finished, "I need something to freeze Manda with!"

Bunta smirked at that along with Jiraiya before the Sage went through a couple of handseals and Bunta inhaled deeply.

"Suiton: Teppōdama (Water Release: Water Bullet)!" the duo cried, sending forth a combined shot of water as large as one of the Hokage Faces of Konoha's famous mountain. The bullet struck Manda right as Naruto completed his handseals and inhaled as much air as possible.

With an exhale, he released his technique, "Hyōton: Kyokuchi no Shimo (Ice Release: Polar Frost)!" A fog as white as snow shot from his lips, surrounding Manda and freezing his soaked scales.

Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Kabuto saw this before they all leapt off the slowly freezing snake and landed on the ground, though the Oto-Nin did so with little grace. Manda was left thrashing in anger, trying to keep his body from becoming frozen before his slitted eyes glared murderously at the alicorn and her summoner.

"Mark my words Celestia, there will be war and your summoner will be one of the first that I will consume!" he hissed out before he left in a plume of smoke.

Orochimaru frowned at this, but he couldn't help but feel incredibly pleased with Naruto's performance. 'Yes, I think I've seen plenty… Very soon Naruto-kun, you will see that I can offer you much more than the Leaf ever will.' He turned to his subordinate, who nodded, and the two left in twin burst of smoke.

(End Music)

Jiraiya and Shizune both got off of the Head Summons and stepped up to Tsunade before the Toad Chief and Slug Boss left for their respective realms. Celestia landed close to the three and allowed Naruto to get off of her before she gave him a smile full of pride.

"You did very well, Naruto. I'm pleased to see how far you've come with your training."

He nodded in thanks. "I need to get stronger though if what I heard will come true. If war is coming between your people and the Snake Clan, then I need to be ready."

"That you will… But, I have no doubt that you'll be a major help in this fight. Keep up your training, and please come visit more often." She chuckled as she finished, "Twilight and the others miss seeing you."

She left with a chuckle as Naruto's cheeks dusted a faint red. With his own chuckle he muttered, "I'll be sure to do that."

(End Chapter)

Fortissimus Terrae, notissima sunt tibi ostendere fortitudinem is translated into: "Mighty Land, show the strength you are most known for!"

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