The Knights of the Founders
By: J.C. Vascardi


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Chapter Nine:

Sortings, Tests, and Changes

Part Two


After getting out of the meeting at Hogwarts, several of the students chosen to be TAs headed down to Hogsmeade to get a butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks and discuss it. Thus it was that Harry found himself sitting at a corner table along with Noah, Hermione, Padma, Katie, Cho, Neville, and Ernie. Hermione had also introduced herself to Ethan Delrossi and invited him along, figuring it would be a good idea to get to know him since they'd be working together, but he politely declined since he still had both written and practical tests he had to take for his transfer. He'd taken the written tests for History of Magic, Charms, and Transfiguration before the meeting in the Great Hall, but still had to do the practical tests for those subjects, not to mention the tests for seven other subjects.

"Can you believe what just happened?" Ernie asked.

Shaking his head, Noah said, "No. McGonagall was definitely cryptic about why she wanted us to come to Hogwarts and I'll admit I even thought of a few reasons why, but, asking us to teach classes? Yeah, that never crossed my mind."

"Did anyone else notice how all the professors were talking as if we didn't have a choice in the matter?" Padma asked.

"Yeah, I noticed," Neville said. "Maybe they figured that none of us are going to say no to paying jobs."

Cho nodded and said, "True, most people our age don't get jobs. They might be able to do a few odd jobs over the summers to get a little extra money, but a steady job during the school year? That doesn't normally happen considering that we're not allowed to leave the school grounds if it's not a scheduled Hogsmeade weekend."

"Yes, that's true," Noah agreed. "Of course, some of us don't really need the money." He looked pointedly at Harry as he said this. "Right, Harry?"

"What's Noah talking about, Harry?" Hermione asked.

"I suppose I forgot to mention it when you were at my party," Harry mused. "And you weren't at the wedding or I probably would have told you then."

Hermione looked confused as she asked, "Wedding? What wedding?"

Now it was Harry's turn to look confused as he asked, "Charlie's?"

"Ron's brother Charlie?" Hermione asked. "He got married?"

"Yeah on the 28th of July," Harry answered. "You didn't know about it?"

Hermione shook her head and said, "No, I didn't. Ron and I have exchanged a few letters, but he never mentioned that Charlie was getting married."

"Well, you remember that guy Charlie was with at my party?" Harry asked and Hermione nodded. "Well, that was Alexi, his new husband. As for Ron not saying anything, I got the impression from the twins that Ron isn't a fan of Charlie being with Alexi."

"I had a feeling they were a couple when I saw them together," Cho said, "but they never actually said as much. So, why do the twins think Ron was a problem with them?"

"Because he doesn't think two men should get married," Noah answered.

"Well, he's certainly behind the times then isn't he?" Padma asked. "I mean same-sex marriage has only been legal in the wizarding world since before the time of the founders."

'Didn't know it had been that long,' Harry thought. He'd known it was legal, but Cedric had never mentioned that it had been for over a thousand years when they'd discussed it. Shaking his head, Harry said, "Anyway, what Noah meant was that I wouldn't technically need a paying job, since I've inherited more money than I know what to do with."

Neville nodded. "Yes, the Potters are one of the oldest old money families around."

"Yes, they are," Harry said. "And so are the Blacks."

"The Blacks?" Ernie asked.

"Yes, the Blacks," Harry said. "Hermione and Noah already know this, but Sirius Black was my godfather. Long story short, he wasn't my parents' secret keeper; he was framed for the murders, and was sent to Azkaban an innocent man who was never convicted because he was never given a trial. Unfortunately, we weren't able to prove that before he died." Harry paused here for a moment, before he added, "Anyway, he named me as his primary heir, so with the exception of one vault that he left to Professor Lupin, he left me the vast majority of the Black holdings."

Several pairs of eyes widened at this. The only ones who didn't were Noah's and Hermione's, Noah because he already knew this and Hermione because being a muggleborn she wasn't really aware of just how rich the Potters and Blacks actually were. The others, however, had all grown up in the wizarding world and thus knew who the rich families were. It was Ernie who finally broke the silence. "Merlin's beard, Harry, you must be one of the richest wizards in Britain."

"According to the goblin I talked to at Gringotts'," Harry said, "I'm the richest. Of course, I'd give it all up in a heartbeat if I could have my parents back." In his head, he added, 'Or Cedric.'

"Just how much are we talking about here Harry?" Hermione asked in a curious tone.

"Over a billion galleons," Harry answered. "This translates to over seven billion in muggle British pounds." Seeing the shocked look on Hermione's face, he added, "Yes, I said billion with a b and over seven. I'm not ashamed to admit that I fainted when the goblin told me, because I had totally not expected to be told I was worth that much. So yeah, I don't really need a paying job, but it might be fun to teach again. Merlin knows I had fun teaching you lot last year."

"And you were quite good at it, too," Noah said with a grin, as the others all nodded in agreement. "Not so sure about my own teaching abilities though."

When several of the others expressed similar concerns, Harry said, "Oh come on guys, girls, I'm sure you'll be fine. Last year when Hermione suggested that I teach the DA, I was sure that I couldn't do it, but I managed to do it and you all seem to think I did a good job. So, if I could teach 5th, 6th, and 7th years when I was only a 5th year, then I'm sure all of us, as 6th and 7th years, can handle the 1st and 2nd years."

Hermione nodded and said, "Harry's right. We'll be teaching the basics or the foundations if you will. It's all material that we know and are comfortable with or else we never would have managed to score Outstandings in the subjects we've been tapped for."

Ernie nodded, "Yes, I suppose you're right. I do wonder though how our fellow students are going to react to this."

"Oh Merlin," Harry said, as he turned to look Hermione in the eyes. "Ron is going to be a nightmare." Hermione just nodded her head in complete agreement.


As expected, when Ron found out about Harry and Hermione being offered teaching positions at Hogwarts he was nearly apoplectic with anger and jealously. Almost immediately he was telling them that they needed to turn down the positions because not only did he think it was ridiculous to have students teaching anyone, but he also thought that it was supremely unfair that Harry and Hermione would be getting salaries for doing so. That was the main sticking point for Ron, of course, the fact that his friends would be earning money and he wouldn't be.

Hermione's argument that they'd be learning important leadership skills and even possible job skills should they decide to go into teaching after Hogwarts, fell on deaf ears as far as Ron was concerned. He then also pointed out that was another reason why Harry should refuse the position, because he didn't need teaching skills, since he was going to be an Auror after Hogwarts, just as Ron himself planned to become one. Needless to say, Ron had another reason to be mad when he found out that Harry had changed his mind about becoming an Auror, to the point that he completely ignored Harry's reasons for changing his mind. Hermione, however, was supportive and understood his reasons as being sound.

Molly and Arthur were both happy for Harry and Hermione and congratulated them on scoring highly enough on their OWLs for the professors to consider them for such positions in the first place. It was rather obvious, however, from the sideways looks that Molly gave her son that she was wishing that Ron had been a better student so that he could have gotten a teaching assistant job, as the extra money would certainly have helped the family. While Molly and Arthur refused to allow Bill or Charlie to help them with bills, since neither of them lived at the Burrow anymore and thus figured that their money should go towards their own households, they would have accepted money from any of their children who still lived with them.

Before the falling out, Percy had put forth a portion of his pay each week towards the household bills and thus things had gotten a bit easier for the Weasleys for a time. They then went back to being strapped for gold once Percy moved away, however. Of course, before they moved to their flat above their shop, Fred and George had attempted to share some of their success with their family, but Molly refused to accept it, as she'd seen it as encouraging them in their deviancy. She could have accepted money earned from a teaching position, but money earned from selling joke wands and other prank items? No, she was much too proud and straight-laced for that.

Amos and Amelia also congratulated Harry, and Noah obviously, on their very much unexpected new positions and expressed their confidence that they were both up to the task. Noah wasn't quite as sure as his parents, but Harry believed that he could do it and for that reason alone, Noah decided to quash his own doubts and do the best that he could. If that meant that he spent a bit more time than usual in the second floor study room re-reading his second year potions text, then so be it. Of course, he wasn't the only one doing some studying as Harry was also to be found rereading his own first year transfiguration book, hoping to refresh his memory as much as possible. And it went without saying that Hermione was probably doing the same thing, although Harry and Noah were sure that she was taking it to an extreme that neither of them would ever consider. Honestly, given the way she studied, she'd probably be able to teach the seventh years, despite the fact that she hadn't started her sixth year yet.


Since they were being paid for their attendance, it should come as no surprise that all fourteen of the students selected as Hogwarts' first batch of teaching assistants showed up at Hogwarts on the twenty-seventh day of August for the teaching seminar. Once again finding themselves seated in the Great Hall, which now being so close to the beginning of the school year looked much more like they were used to seeing it with the four house tables and head table present. For this meeting however, most of them were not sitting at their house tables and instead were seated with all of the seventh years at the Hufflepuff table, while the sixth years were seated at the Ravenclaw table. Thus it was that the Slytherin and Gryffindor tables, as far away from each other as possible, were currently empty.

"Thank you all for coming," Dumbledore said. "Now, first off, when last we met I realize that we may have made it seem like you had no choice but to accept your appointments to the staff so, if any of you would like to turn down the offer, please do so now so that we may get your replacement here to train."

When nobody spoke for about two minutes, Dumbledore asked, "Shall I take your silence to mean that none of you wish to turn down your appointments? Please nod if that is indeed what I should assume."

Fourteen heads all nodded as one and Dumbledore smiled. "Very well, then."

Before Dumbledore could say anything more, however, seventh-year Slytherin Adrian Pucey, the new Head Boy for the upcoming school year, raised his hand, prompting the headmaster to ask, "Yes, Mr. Pucey?"

"Professor, I have a question. It was something that I didn't think of until after the initial meeting or I would have asked it then." At Dumbledore's nod that he should continue, Adrian said, "Well, sir, it was said that the TAs would have the authority to give and take points and assign detentions, but only from those in the years they teach."

"Yes, that is true, Mr. Pucey," McGonagall confirmed.

"My question though is what about the TAs who are also prefects?" Adrian asked. "Before now they could take points from any year level, although they couldn't award points, and the head students could assign detentions with Mr. Filch."

"Good questions, Mr. Pucey," Dumbledore said. "Those of you who also hold the rank of prefect will be allowed more latitude in your point taking abilities. So, you will be able to take points from every year level and not just the ones you teach. However, you will only be able to award points to your actual students. As for detentions, the Head Boy and Head Girl retain their rights to assign detentions with Mr. Filch; however, they now will have the option of assigning them with a student's Head of House as well. Also, as per the standing rules of prefect point deduction, none of you are allowed to take points from each other."

Adrian nodded his understanding, as did several others, before McGonagall said, "Now, there's a few more changes that we're instituting this year that I think will be of interest to all of you. First off, in years past, there's been a blanket curfew of 9 at night for all students. We've decided, however, that's too late for younger students and too early for the older ones. Thus, the new curfew for first and second year students will now be 8. Third through fifth years' curfew remains unchanged at 9, while all of you and your classmates in years six and seven will now enjoy a curfew of 10."

There were, of course, several smiles and nods of approval at this, especially since they all remembered that as TAs, they'd be getting an extra half-hour added to their curfews. Newly appointed Head Girl, Katie Bell, asked for clarification on this point, just to be sure, and indeed, the TAs, prefects and head students would indeed be allowed to stay out one half-hour longer than their classmates.

"Another change that we're implementing is a scheduled lights out policy," Sprout said. "The curfew is as it's always been - the time by which students must be in their house common room. However, starting this year, we will have a prescribed hour by which time students are expected to be in bed. The Heads of House and prefects will be conducting bed checks at this hour to insure that all students are in their beds when they should be. This time will be 9 for first and second year students and 10 for third through fifth year students."

"However, for sixth and seventh year students," Flitwick continued, "it's been decided that you are hopefully all mature enough that you can use your own good judgment as to when you should retire to your beds for the night and thus there will be no set lights out time for you. However, there will be a three strike rule if you're caught out of your dormitories after curfew. The first offence will result in a warning and five points being taken from your house, while a second offense will result in a ten point loss and detention. A third offense, meanwhile, will mean that a lights out time of 11 will be imposed on all of the students of the same year level, complete with a bed check. Thus being caught out of your dormitory after curfew three times is likely to make you very unpopular among your year mates and will thus hopefully serve as a good deterrent."

'I imagine some of the younger years won't like that,' Harry thought. 'Of course, they do need their sleep.' He couldn't help but think back to his own past school years when he'd often stayed up late into the night for one reason or another and then had a hard time concentrating or staying awake in his classes the next day.

Dumbledore smiled, "And now for what is perhaps going to be the most controversial change, although it's not so much a change as it is an addition. Severus?"

Professor Snape nodded, before he went over and entered the antechamber of the Great Hall. He came back a moment later levitating a large box that had the logo of a Japanese company written on it behind him. Walking back over to join his fellow Heads of House and the Headmaster, Severus gently set the box down on the head table in front of Dumbledore, before resuming his seat. Opening the box, Dumbledore reached into it and pulled out what at first glance looked like a book. Only it was much too thin to be a book and it clearly didn't have pages. In fact, as Harry craned his head a bit to get a better look at it, he saw what looked like a screen and realized that it almost looked like a small Muggle television set, only flat.

Ethan Delrossi smiled as he saw it, as he clearly recognized it for what it was, a fact which Dumbledore must have picked up on, as he asked, "Do you recognize this item, Mr. Delrossi?"

Ethan nodded and said, "Yes, professor, sir. My brother and I were students at Mahoutokoro last year and all of the professors and teachers there are issued one of those." Dumbledore nodded, before Ethan added, "It's called a personal data assistant or PDA for short."

"Correct," Dumbledore said. "Now, the reason that I said this would probably be controversial is because this device is based upon muggle technology." Unsurprisingly, several of the purebloods scoffed at that, although there were those among the non-purebloods, such as Hermione, who looked intrigued. "However, I would point out that the ingenious Japanese witches and wizards who created this device used magic to extend its functionality far beyond anything the muggles are currently capable of doing with similar devices that don't have the benefit of magic."

"Perhaps the largest of these changes," McGonagall continued, "is the device's power source. Those of you, who are either muggleborn, grew up in the muggle world, or taken Muggle Studies will know of the existence of batteries. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, they are a container, often cylindrical, which can hold an electrical current inside of them. These containers can be inserted into devices such as these to power the device, which couldn't run otherwise. However, these batteries as they're called have limited capacity in terms of just how much power they can hold and thus a device powered by them is only functional so long as the battery powering it still has power stored in it. Once that power is depleted, the battery needs to be replaced for the device to regain functionality. That isn't a concern with these devices, however, as through the use of magic they have infinite battery power, which is something the muggles can currently only dream about."

"I would caution all of you, however," Flitwick said, "that these PDAs actually run on a large central battery, or magical core if you will, located here at Hogwarts and thus there is an operational limit. They will retain full functionality anywhere in the castle, the grounds, and as far as Hogsmeade, but if you take them beyond there, they will cease to function and a number of protective charms would activate to prevent muggles from being able to access any of the added functionality or from seeing them for what they truly look like. You see this particular design that Professor Dumbledore is holding was designed by a magical Japanese company and looks quite a bit more advanced than anything the muggles currently have."

Dumbledore nodded and said, "Yes, from what I've been told by the manufacturer, if a muggle saw this device, it would look much more akin to an Apple MessagePad 110, which was introduced in March of 1994 and discontinued in April of the following year. However, as I've said, with magic these devices are quite nicer than anything the muggles have. Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout will now hand them out to each of you and then we will explain their functions to you."

McGonagall and Sprout stood from their seats, rounded the head table and each grabbed seven of the devices, with McGonagall walking over to distribute them to the seventh years, while Sprout handed them out to the sixth years. A few of the pureblood students seemed very reluctant to even touch the things, but, they were in a minority, as the rest of the students seemed very interested in this strange, new addition to Hogwarts. Once each of the students had one, McGonagall and Sprout returned to their seats.

"First and foremost," Dumbledore began, "these devices will keep track of your timetables for you. Thus, they will tell you when you have each class and they can even be set to act like an alarm clock. Thus they will wake you up before breakfast to ensure that you have time to eat and get to your first class on time. This function can also be used to remind you that you have a class. For example, if you get so caught up in studying during one of your free periods that you lose track of time, these devices will trigger an alarm to get your attention and remind you that it's time to pack up and get a move on to your next class so that you aren't late."

"Another feature which will help in getting to classes on time," McGonagall said, "is that all of them have a built-in map of the entire castle, with a 'You are Here' indicator. What that means is that when the device is asked to show a map of the school, it will start in your present location and you will be marked on your map, showing your precise location. You can then ask it to give you directions to any location in the castle. Now, this isn't as much of a concern for all of you, since most of you have been here for five to six years now and likely know where everything is, but it will definitely help the first and second years in making sure they don't get lost. Thus, 'I got lost' will cease to be a valid excuse for tardiness."

Neville raised his hand at this. Prompting Dumbledore to smile and ask, "Yes, Mr. Longbottom?"

"What if a student loses this PDA or they forget it in their dorm?" Neville asked.

Snape muttered something under his breath at this question, but none of the students heard exactly what he said, although they were capable of guessing that he was saying something unkind about Neville and his memory. It was a well-known fact among students of all houses by now that Neville's memory was, at least at one time, bad enough that he often got locked out of his own common room because he forgot the password. Not to mention the fact that his grandmother had given him a Remembrall in first year.

"These devices, once activated, are imprinted to your magical signatures," Dumbledore explained. "So, nobody other than you will be able to use the one that's issued to you. As a result, they also cannot be stolen and they will automatically reappear in the pocket of your school robes if you get more than twenty feet away from them. Thus, it is quite impossible for you to lose it or forget it in your dorm room. They are charmed, however, to not reappear in your pocket if you are not wearing your school robes. So, for example, they won't reappear near you while you're showering, as you would presumably not be wearing your school robes while doing that nor will they appear in your pockets while you are playing Quidditch, as your Quidditch robes do not count as your school robes. If you aren't wearing your school robes, however, and you want it, you can easily call for it with a simple Summoning Charm, however, and because the power for the charm is built into the device itself, even the first years will be able to use it, even though the Summoning Charm is usually not a spell they would have learned yet."

Neville nodded, before Sprout said, "Now in addition to keeping track of your timetables and the mapping feature, they also have the ability to record audio. Thus you will be able to make recordings of your professors' lectures, which you will then be able to playback anytime that you need to. There is also a magical filter installed which will filter out any and all background noise and thus only your professor's voice will be heard on the recording, as it will filter out noises such as other students whispering amongst themselves, pages in books being turned, or birds chirping outside the open window."

"Speaking of books," Flitwick said, "a digital version of all the textbooks required for your year level have been pre-loaded onto your PDA and thus you will not have to carry the books around with you to classes. You will, however, still need physical copies of the books in order to do the homework that's assigned to you over breaks or if you will be outside of the operational area of the PDA when doing an assignment. There have also been a number of basic reference books pre-loaded, although for more advanced or specialized subjects, you will still need to visit the library and use the actual books there. Also, books in the Restricted Section cannot be accessed by or loaded onto your PDA and thus can only be used in the library itself."

Several students nodded their heads in understanding, and even a couple of the purebloods seemed to be starting to accept that maybe, just maybe, these devices would actually be useful. It was then that Snape said, "There is also a messaging function built in, which will allow you to send messages to your fellow students or to your professors. Your professors may also contact you in this manner. It should be noted, however, that the messaging function is automatically disabled during periods when you have a class, so you cannot spend the entire period messaging your friends instead of paying attention. This feature can be unlocked by the professor during class periods, but I can say with certainly that I personally will never be doing that in my classes."

"Another feature that will be locked during class periods," McGonagall said, "is the ability to play games on your PDA. They all have Wizard's Chess and Exploding Snap pre-installed and thus you can play either game with anyone in the castle, even if you aren't in the same room with the person or persons that you're playing with. Like the messaging feature, this can be unlocked by professors during your class periods, but like Professor Snape, I rather doubt that I will ever be unlocking it during my own classes, as it would seem to be a waste of time to allow you to play games in my class when we have a limited number of meetings each week."

"There are a number of other applications installed," Dumbledore said. "The manufacturer called them apps for short. They include apps for checking the weather, Quidditch scores for any recognized professional team in the world, and can also tell you the point totals for all four houses."

"More important than weather or Quidditch scores," McGonagall added, "there is also a translation app installed which can translate many commonly used magical languages into English or assist you in translating English into another language. The languages installed include, but are not limited, to French, Spanish, Arabic, Latin, Ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, and even Gobbledegook and Mermish."

"There is also a complete database of every potions ingredient in existence," Snape added. "This database includes everything you could possibly need to know about them, including how to properly prepare them for use in a potion, as well as the shelf life for each ingredient and how long a potion containing them will retain its effectiveness after its brewed."

"There's also a similar database for magical plants," Sprout said, "which will give you tips on how to handle all of them. This includes how to handle the more dangerous plants without sustaining injury and how to apply emergency first aid if an injury is sustained."

"In addition to all of these features," Flitwick said, "there are also a number of subject-specific apps that will be explained in more detail by your professors as they become relevant in the classroom."

Dumbledore then said, "Additionally, there are a number of special apps installed on the PDAs that we've given to the fourteen of you which are not present on the devices which will be handed out to the other students. These additional apps are specifically geared towards assisting you with your jobs as teaching assistants and include lesson planners, grading scales, and other materials which will make it easier for you to perform your teaching duties."

After a moment of silence, Dumbledore and the other Heads of House stood up and said, "Now, your Heads of House and I will be coming around and begin helping each of you to activate your PDAs and familiarize you a bit more on their use."


To be continued.

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