Hello! I am for the first time ever, writing angst. All you awesome people that can write it, will probably laugh at this. Because (even though I've not started writing yet) I am sure it will suck.

For The Characters Death

It was never about Kyo being the cat. He was just in my way, in the way of the thing I wanted most. Her.

They call me Prince Yuki, but they don't know what lies beneath. Because, really, Kyo's not the monster.

I am.

That stupid cat had it coming. The first time I noticed him and Tohru together, I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to watch his blood drip onto the floor. I wanted to kill him. But I knew I had to wait, no use rushing into things and getting caught. And besides, the longer the wait the sweeter the taste. So I waited and planned my revenge...

He never suspected a thing that night. I sent a note to Kyo earlier that day it said. Meet me in the woods at 9.30pm. I'll be waiting by the Tohru xxx. And of course he came. Walked right into my trap. The fool. He appeared right on time and was very suprised when I was there instead of Tohru."What you doing here?!" That idiot shouted at me. I just smirked. He noticed the knife in my hands."W-what the hell!" He said backing away. I walked towards him and he tried to run but...well he's never been able to out-run me. I pushed him against the tree and held the knife to his throat. I could see the terror in his eyes."What the hell are you doing! Why are you doing this?!" He asked me shaking with fear. I had to admit, I was enjoying myself."Because of her." I said."Do you think I'm a fool? Do you think I didn't notice?" I pressed the knife closer to his throat."I always loved her! You were always. In. The. Way!" I drew back the knife and plunged it into his forearm. He gasped in pain and tried to run but I had me pinned against the tree."You don't deserve her!" I said."She's mine!" I drew back the knife again and thrust it into his stomach. To the cats credit, he didn't cry."S-she'll n-never l-l-love you!" Kyo said struggling to speak."S-she'll a-always l-l-love m-me!" I smirked." But you forget, you'll not be around to love her back." I said."And I'll be there to comfort her when you don't come home." And then I started stabbing them again and again and again.

I only stopped because I got tired.

After I cleaned up the mess I made, I buried him in the woods making sure to not leave any clues. Then I went back home and had a shower washing off the events that had just occured. But it didn't matter that Kyo was dead.

Because now she was mine.

That was fun! I think I did pretty good! Yay! :)