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Chapter 12

"Hey Foxy-kun!"

"A-Anko-chan? what are you doing here?" Anko made a sad pouty face. "Arent you glad that you can see me?" Naruto smiled and kissed her. "Yes but why are you here?" He asked. Kushina walked up to Naruto to see who was at the door. "Naruto-kun? who are you- Oh hey Anko, why are you here?" Sasuke and Sakura heard Kushina say Anko's name and fear came over them. 'ITS THAT BLOOD LOVING CRAZY WOMAN FROM THE CHUNIN EXAMS!'

Anko handed Naruto a letter which he began reading.

'Dear Naruto, Right now I am in a meeting with the Mizukage and the Raikage. I have told them about you but don't worry! I didn't tell them about how im back...Anyway, they want to meet you tomorrow morning at 9:00am sharp so don't be late!'

From your father

"What does the letter say?" Anko asked. Naruto sent a small spark of Chakra into the paper and burned it. "Father wants me to attend a meeting with the Mizukage and Raikage tomorrow..." He said.

Naruto walked back to his seat as did Kushina. Anko shut the door behind her and made her over to the couch. "Everyone, im not going to be here tomorrow. I have to attend a meeting with my father. I should be back in a day or two." Kakashi sighed and nodded.

"Alright but can Kushina at least say behind? I think Gato might hire more people to attack Tanzua..." Kushina crossed her arms and huffed.

"Why cant Anko stay? She can handle this kind of mission." Over on the couch Anko perked up. "True that may be, but Hokage-sama told me to return WITH Naruto and make sure that you stay here also." Kushina pouted and sighed.

Naruto stood up and stretched, making most of the females present blush at seeing his toned body. "Will I don't know about you guys, but im heading to bed. Thanks again Tsunami for the meal." Tsunami smirked and nodded.

He made his way up the stairs and into his room. He took off his gear and was left in only his boxers. He slipped under the covers and let out a breath of relaxation. "Ahhhh now this is more like it!"

The next morning

Naruto woke up to the sounds of moaning and to the sounds of birds chirping outside. He went to roll over on his bed but found something heavy on him. Looking up, he saw Tsunami sitting on his chest rubbing herself. "Tsunami!? What the hell are you doing!?" She placed a finger over his lips and smiled.

"Please...let me enjoy're everything a girl could want." She said. Naruto let out a sharp gasp and looked down past Tsunami. "K-Kushina! L-Let got of that!" Kushina picked up her pace and smiled. "No way in hell dattebane! We didn't get to finnish you off last night so sit back and don't fight it!"

He went to say something but stopped when Kushina tightened her grip on his tool. "Alright...just hurry up, it's almost 9:00."

Tsunami leaned down and kissed him. It wasn't a pure kissed filled with lust. No, it had some love behind it and Naruto could tell.

"Man Naruto-kun...why wasn't this thing this big at the table?" Kushina asked. Wondering what Kushina was talking about, Tsunami turned her head and gasped.

"There's no way...h-how...?" She whispered to herself. Feeling that they both stopped, Naruto smirked.

"Well I guess we're done here..." He said while sitting up. Tsunami was somewhat saddened while Kushina growled. "Fine...but before you go..."

Tsunami got off of his chest just as Kushina yanked him up to stand. Sighing he asked. "Now what?"

Naruto got his answer when Kushina stood behind him and started pumping him again. "I just wanted to see how much you can cum...I trust you will clean it up Tsunami?" Tsunami smirked and placed a hand on Naruto also.

"Just as long as I can help you with this..." Naruto wasn't even hearing the words coming from their mouths as they spoke. His breath started getting uneven as he started thrusting.

"HA! I knew you were liking this dattebane!" Kushina said. Tsunami giggled and kissed Naruto on the cheek.

"I'm sorry if im being to forward...but I just cant help it!" All Naruto could do was nod and growl in pleasure. "Ladies...I-im about to-!" Both women 'eeped' when they saw Naruto explode. They watched in awe as rope after rope kept flying from him. Naruto sat on the bed and let out a pleasure filled sigh.

"I'm not going to lie...that was great!" He said. Kushina smirked and went down to clean him off, but was stopped by Tsunami. "Kushina let me. I did say I would clean this all up after all..."


"Man its 8:54! He better hurry up!" Anko yelled. Tanzua was nursing a bad hang over from his drinking last night as Kakashi was watching Sakura attempt to seduce Sasuke. 'Anko-san...why in the hell did you try to teach Sakura about seduction...' He sighed and looked over to Anko. "Don't worry about it. Naruto can just flash you guys there in a matter of seconds."

"I know but still...I don't want Naruto's dad to think that im going to be a bad wife for him!" Kakashi dropped his book...for the 2nd time in his life and gasped. "YOU WANT TO GET MAR-hmhhmphmh!" Kakashi could finish what he was saying thanks to Anko covering his mouth.

"BAKA! Don't yell it to the world...I still need to keep my bad ass look up!" She whispered harshly. She took her hand off his mouth and moved to the door. Kakashi was still in shock from what he heard from her. HER! The Anko Mitarashi wanted to become someone's WIFE! The woman known to cut some poor mans dick off just for looking at her. She was one of the four Konoha ice queens! It was like seeing Sasuke smile and hug Itachi; it was that weird!

Anko and Kakashi turned their heads to the stairs when they heard someone walking down them. "Sorry about the wait Anko! Naruto-kun here wouldn't wake up, so Tsunami and I had to 'beat' him awake!" Naruto quickly blushed and moved over to Anko who was by the front door.

Anko gave a knowing smirk as Kakashi was trying to not have a nosebleed. 'I KNEW IT! SHE HAS A THING FOR NARUTO!' He thought.

"Well I should be back in a day or so. If you need my help, just throw this on the floor." Naruto said while handing Kakashi the kunai. "I'll keep that in the way, you have 1 minute to get to that meeting."


Naruto and Anko both disappeared in a flash of red. "My son is amazing isn't he..." Kushina sighed like she was in a dream. "I'll say...I cant wait for him to hurry back!" Tsunami agreed. Kakashi shook his head and looked over to his students. "Alright you two! Get ready for a day of hard work!"

Gato's office

"Gato sir, the people you have sent for have arrived." The fat man-made a 'let them enter' motion with his hand. The door opened to show 2 tall men and a woman. The tallest man was angry as can be while the other one didn't even care about his surroundings.

"All you could hire...was one man!? ONE FUCKING MAN AGAINST THAT NAMIKAZE!?" The woman sighed and took off her mask.

" you really need to yell? we all can hear you just fine." Zabuza snapped his eyes on Haku. "Shut your fucking mouth bitch! I didn't ask for you opinion!" Haku narrowed her eyes in pure hate. 'I hope that Naruto-kun rips you to shreds! I would do it myself but im not strong enough...W-Wait! Naruto-kun!?'

Haku felt her face starting to heat up at the thought of her and Naruto being together. She quickly placed her mask back on her face as the other man stepped forward.

"Damn! Did you say Namikaze!? No wonder the pay is so high! You don't need to worry about a thing!" He said. The man was wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it and was carrying a giant scythe.

"Good! That's what I like to hear! It says here, that you can't die from normal means of death...what does that mean?" Gato asked. The man smirked and put his scythe next to his throat. with a quick pull, blood flew out of his neck and was falling on the floor.

"It means...I cant die!" Zabuza was shocked and smirked. "Forgive me for even doubting you Gato...with this man with us, Naruto Namikaze shall die!"

Minato's office

"My son should be here any second now..."


Everyone that was there in the office, jumped back a little from the sudden flash of red light.

"Whew! hey dad! I'm not late or anything right?" Minato just chuckled and nodded. "No you made it on time...and these kind people behind you have asked to see you."

Naruto turned around and raised an eyebrow at the group of people he was seeing. There was a tall, dark-skinned man who wore a simple white open shirt. Next to him was a man who looked just like him, but had shades on with several small swords on him. The man with the shades was writing in a small green book while humming a catchy tune. Next to him was a blond-haired woman with a cool clam look plastered on her face. The most noticeable trait she had, was her bust size.

'Noooo waaaay! This babe is almost as big as Tsunade!' The woman saw where his eyes went and blushed, but could barely be seen. Naruto looked over to his right and found another woman looking at him but with absolute lust behind those eyes. The woman had blond hair that went down her back and was tied into a pony tail. Said woman was looking at him with the most perverted face he had ever seen. She looked him up and down and licked her lips at him.

'What...the hell...? She looks like a sex starved Kisara!'

Naruto then brought his gaze over to a woman with ankle length auburn colored hair. She was wearing a blue battle kimono that showed off her lovely figure. She was looking at Naruto with a shocked face and a heavy blush across her face.

'I know I look good but really? This woman doesn't even know a thing about me!'

"Hey there! My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze! If you didn't know that...well now you do." The dark-skinned man walked up and placed out a hand.

"greetings! My name is A. I am the current Raikage of Kumo." Naruto shook his hand and nodded. "Its an honor to meet you Raikage-sama." A turned around and walked over to the humming man.

"This right here is Killer bee or just Bee for short. He's like you...a Jinjuriki and he is my brother." Naruto was somewhat taken back at the confession and looked back at Minato. "Don't worry Naruto, we have formed an alliance with Kumo and Kiri so we tell our secrets to each other."

Naruto nodded and looked back at A. "This here is Yugito Nii. She is also a Jinjuriki." Both walked up to Naruto and smiled.

"Yo my name is Killer Bee, im the Jinjuriki of the Ha-Cha-Bi!" Everyone that knew of Bee groaned as Minato snorted with amusement while Naruto looked at him. "Uhhhh nice rapping...skills buddy..." Bee smirked and slapped Naruto on the back.

"I think we'll get along fine, like partners in crime!" Naruto sweat dropped and nodded. "Sure..."

Yugito pushed Bee out-of-the-way and smirked. "My name is Yugito Nii, Jinjuriki of The Nibi!" She said. Naruto started laughing a little bit and looked over to A. "Hey...just me wondering, you wouldn't have been the person to name Bee and Yugito would you?" A nodded and sighed.

"I was hoping no one would catch on to their names..." Naruto smiled and looked back at the two. "Well im guessing you two know of who I hold right?" Both nodded.

"Naruto why don't you tell them about Kisara? I'm sure they both will benefit from it..." Minato said. Naruto was somewhat hesitant about it but nodded. "Alright...let me get her..."

Naruto went through a fast series of hand seals and slammed his hands on the floor. "Summoning jutsu!" Kisara came into view as she looked around. "Naruto-kun? What are you doing back from wave?"

" wanted you to talk with Yugito and Bee here...soooo could ya?" Kisara looked over to Bee and Yugito and sighed. "Let me want me to make sure that the others inside of them dont act a fool when you let them out?" She asked. Yugito, Bee and A were shocked.

"What do you mean let them out!? Are you mad!?" A shouted. Naruto chuckled and crossed his arms. "No Kisara is not mad. I'm the one who released her in the 1st place..."


"Im sorry...did i just hear you say release the Kyuubi...and she's female!?" Kisara began to growl at the remark A said. "YES IM A WOMAN! WOMEN CANT BE THE STRONGEST!? IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!?" Naruto jumped in between the two.

"Now now Kisara-chan...dont let that get to you.." He warned. Kisara sighed and nodded. Naruto looked back at his fellow Jinjuriki. "If you guys want, i can free the Nibi and Hachabi from you two. Well...they will still be a part of you, but You can choose when and where to let them out."

Bee took a thinking pose while Yugito shrugged. "I'm up for it...but uhh how will you know that Nibi wont attack everyone?" Naruto smirked and placed a hand on her cheek. "Dont sure I can handle what he throws at me..."

"Naruto, be careful. Nibi is...well like Anko...but MUCH MUCH worse than her...and she is like me when it comes to something we want. She doesn't take no for an answer..."

He nodded and closed his eyes while moving his right hand up to her temple. "Alright...I'm bringing you in with me Yugito..."

Yugito's Mindscape

Naruto and Yugito both appeared in front of a cave. Almost everything was blue and black along the walls. "Man...i got to say, your mindscape looks a little better than mine when I 1st met Kisara.." Yugito smirked and started walking. "Of course! I am a genius after all!"

They made their way down the hall and into a giant cage with purring behind it. "Yugito! Welcome back...and it seems you've even brought me a sex toy! I knew you cared about me!"

Yugito sweat dropped and looked over to Naruto, who was looking at her with a shocked look. "Man...Kisara wasnt kidding about her being like Anko..." Nibi made her way over to the cage door and laid against it. "You look so good...come inside the cage and play with me...I promise you will love it...! If you want you can join too Yugito!"

"Tempting...but we have come here for a different reason Nibi...Naruto-kun here is about to free you from the seal." Yugito said. Nibi slowly turned her flaming body in Naruto's direction. "REALLY!? MY GOD IF YOU CAN DO THAT, ILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! ILL DO ANAL FOR YOU TOO!" Naruto almost fainted from the declaration she made as Yugito only slapped her fore head.

"Umm thats not really...nessacary...but Kisara-chan said that if I do release you, you have to promise not to attack my village. Got it?" Nibi jumped up and nodded. "Sure Sure! Just let me out! Im dying of the need of release!" Naruto blushed at her 2nd meaning behind what she said. Yugito missed what she said and looked back to Naruto. "So how are you going to do this?" She asked.

"Just like this..."


Outside of the seal

"Whats taking so long? Nibi wouldnt put up a fight against being free...from what Yugito tells me, she's always asking for release from that place..." A said. Minato was reading a very similar orange book while giggling. ' truely are a genius! N-No! Junko! Dont go in there!'

Naruto and Yugito started glowing a mixture of Blue and red light as Naruto opened his eyes and pulled away. Minato quickly hid the book back in his desk while A grew Nervous. "Naruto! Whats happening to Yugito!? Why is she glowing!?"

"Dont worry. Its just the releasing prosses taking effect. Akane should be out here any second now..."

"Akane?" Everyone asked in unison. "Yeah, thats her real name. People call me Kyuubi, but my real name is Kisara." Everyone 'oohhed' in understanding.

The blue light focused on Yugito's abdomen as it started to move from her body. Everyone but Naruto, Minato, and Kisara were on the ready for a fight as the light started to form a body. After a few minutes of waiting, the light died down to show a Blue haired woman with sky blue eyes that was wearing a black and blue kimono with cats on them.



"AKANE! GET OFF MY MAN THIS INSTANT!" Akane growled and looked at Kisara. "Your man? I dont think so! A man like this only comes once in a life time! sure you dont mind sharing him!"

Naruto only sighed as Yugito was fuming. "Damn it Nibi! Cant you think of anything else besides of sex for once!?" She yelled. Akane shook her finger at her with a tsk tsk. "I would if I could, but I LOVE sex! I cant help it. Also my name is Akane, not Nibi! I hate that dumb title..." Akane made her way over to Yugito and wrapped and arm around her. "Ill tell you this though, as thanks for letting him set me free, ill even let you in on our sex whenever you want! Sounds good ne?"

"W-Wait a sec here. Who said I agreed to this? I already have a wife and 7 girlfriends! I dont need anymore than that..."

Akane smirked as did Yugito, which surprised Naruto. "Im sure you can fit us in...We are cats after all and you know how well we bend..." Yugito said.

Kisara groaned and huffed. "Akane, you corupted Yugito here didnt you!?" Akane replied with a stuck out tonuge. "She has her moments! One moment she can be as shy as a woman who has never even heard of sex, and the next she can be like a nympho! Its fun to watch!"

Before anyone could say another word, A stepped forward and looked Akane over. "I must have striking beauty. Why would you want a man like Naruto when you could have me? I am very rich, the Raikage, and could offer you anything you could want!"

"Pfft! Sorry but I like him more. Besides, you can die of old age, Naruto-kun here cant!" Naruto raised an eyebrow and looked at her. "How did you know?" Akane smirked and licked her lips. "I smell dark and VERY evil Chakra coming off of you. Only full demons or hanyos have this type of Chakra." Everyone looked to Naruto for an explination.

"Uhhh...SO! You must be the Mizukage! How are you liking your stay here at Konoha!?" He asked. The auburn haired woman saw the panic on his face and smirked. "I've liked it so far...but why dont you finish up the conversation with Akane? Im sure everyone will want to know why you have demonic Chakra." Naruto looked to Minato who shrugged.

"Son of a bitch..."

With Kakashi

"Kushina, you stay here and protect Tsunami-san. Sasuke, Sakura and I will watch over her father as he looks over the materials needed for the bridge." Kushina nodded and walked back into the house.

"Alright Tanzua, after you." The old man nodded and started walking to the bridge. Kakashi was reading his smutt while Sakura was bothering Sasuke. "Aw come on Sasuke! Why wont you go out with me?" Sasuke looked at her and Narrowed his eyes. "I dont have time to date little girls. I have a goal to acomplish and dating you will not make it happen anytime soon! Now leave me be, we are on a mission!"

Kakashi smirked under his mask from hearing what Sasuke said. 'Sasuke Uchiha...You will be a great ninja when you grow out of your asshole of an attitude..'

Everyone made it to the bridge but stopped when they heard someone laughing.

"You are a fool for coming here Kakashi! Without that Namikaze here to protect you all, im going to make sure that your deaths are slow and painful!" Everyone jumped at the voice and pulled out their own Kunai.

"AWWW! I WAS WANTING TO SEND THAT NAMIKAZE TO LORD JASHIN!" A new voice said. Zabuza groaned as Haku was somewhat ticked. "Look, remember the main job! Kill everyone and report back to Gato! Nothing more, nothing less!"

Kakashi lifted up his head band and looked through the mist. "Heh, don't try looking through the mist Kakashi! Its to thick, even for the Sharingan!" Sakura was trying to steel her nerves as Sasuke was going over everything that Naruto had taught him. 'I know I might not be able to use this jutsu...but I am NOT going to die here today!'

"Haku! Take that Uchiha while I handle Kakashi! wait for the Namikaze..."

With Kushina and Tsunami

The two women where sitting at the table drinking their own respective drinks while looking at each other. Being who she is, Kushina decided to break the silence. "S-So...what made you like my son?" Tsunami took a sip of her tea and looked at Kushina.

"W-Well...he's very kind, powerful, good looking, has a great personality...and well..." Tsunami stopped and took another sip of her tea and blushed.

"Well what?" Kushina asked.

"He uhhh...he's huge!" Kushina chuckled at Tsunami's flustered face. "HEY! Whats so funny!?" Kushina went to say something but jumped over the table and tackled Tsunami down to the floor.


The front door was launched over the two by two men who were carrying Katanas.

"Looky here! Seems like we have 2 babes to play with!" Said the 1st man.

"Lucky us! I call dibs on the red-head! Its not everyday you see someone with red hair like that..."

Tsunami started to panic. "K-Kushina...what are we going to do!?" Kushina helped her up and smirked. "YOU are going to sit back and watch ME kill these two." The two men smirked. "Oh please! Like you coul-"


The 2nd man looked over and found his partner dead on the floor, bleeding out of his neck. He looked back up to see Kushina whip her leg around and kicking in to the wall. He slammed into the wall and screamed as he saw 2 Kunai flying at him. "W-WAIT DONT!" One kunai flew into his throat as the other one flew into his...Junk...

Tsunami was wide eyed as she saw Kushina snort and look back at her. "See? You dont need to worry about a thing! Well...the place could use a good mopping. Sorry about that.." Kushina said while chuckling. Tsunami sighed and went over to the closet. She pulled out the mop and tossed it to her. "Dont you mean YOU clean this place up? I mena, you did cause the mess in the 1st place."

Kushina growled and started mopping. "Why couldnt Anko stay here..."

"Keep mopping Tomato face!"


Back with Naruto

"And thats the whole story..." Everyone was silent as they heard what Naruto told them. "Amazing...Akane, can you do that too?" Yugito asked. Akane shook her head. "Sorry kitten but only Kisara can. She's the strongest out of all of us and we already used our wishes that Kami gave us." Yugito sighed.

The auburn haired woman smiled and stepped forward. "Well with that all out-of-the-way my name is Mei. As you already know, i am the Mizukage." Naruto smiled a friendly smile. "Its a pleasure to meet you all." Minato smiled and stood up. "Good! Now how about we all have a friendly spar against each other? Knowing all the paper work we have to deal with, we don't get much practice do we?" A and Mei smirked.

"Thats a great idea Minato! Only on one condition?" Minato shrugged his shoulders. "Sure what is it?" Mei looked over to Naruto and Blushed. "Only if Naruto-kun here fights also! I want to see how powerful he really is and to make sure he isn't just over exaggerating of his skills."

"Sorry but I cant join you guys on that. I have a mission and need to get back to it. If you guys are still here, ill be more than happy to fight you guys." Mei awed as A chuckled. "Oh dont worry about that! I dont know about Mei here, but im staying here so I can test ya!" He said. Naruto nodded and turned around.

"Oh and before I go, miss with the blond hair. Whats your name?" The blond woman looked up and blushed. "M-My name is Samui..." Naruto turned around and gave her a fox like grin. "Nice name for a nice lady...well see ya later yeah?" Samui nodded as he left in a red flash. ' FUCKING COOL!' She thought.

"Well I guess the only thing left to do is wait for my son to get back. In the mean time, you all can roam the vilage as you please." Kisara looked at Akane and Yugito. "If you dont mind, im going to teach these two how to control their seal. Dont want the village knowing about a free demon and all..." A nodded in agreement. "Please do! I wish not to have more problems than we already have."

With Naruto

Naruto appeared in the front room and looked around. "What the fuck happened here!?" He turned around when he heard giggling. "That would be the end result of when someone tries to fuck me dattabane!" Naruto shook his head but went into a serious look. "Wait...if these guys came here for you...DAMN IT! Sorry Kushina, Tsunami-chan I got to go help Kakashi at the bridge!"

With Kakashi

"Why try Kakashi!? We've done this dance before! Even if you do kill me, Hidan over there will pick you off without ease!" Kakashi was gasping for air as he looked over to Sasuke. Sasuke had managed to knock Haku out with the new jutsu Naruto taught him. But when he used it, he also had Chakra fatigue. Sakura was currently looking over Sasuke while protecting Tanzua.

"I wouldnt be too sure about winning here today Zabuza! I still have a few tricks up my sleeve!" Kakashi pulled out a small scroll and rubbed his blood on it. "I hate to end your fun here but I have places to be!" Kakashi slammed the scroll on the ground. As he went to push Chakra into the scroll, he felt someone place a hand on his shoulder.

"That wont be needed Kakashi. You just sit back and rest a bit." Kakashi sighed a breath of refief. "Thats twice you've saved me. I guess I owe you a drink back at the village huh?" Naruto smirked. "Sure!"

Zabuza was about to attack the two figures he saw until he started to see the mist being pulled away from the area. "W-What the hell is this!?" The mist was being pulled into a single spot. More importantly into a small orb of rushing wind in Naruto's palm. Naruto crushed the orb in his right hand.

"You like it? I made the jutsu myself. It doesnt have a name yet but it drains all and any air in the area into the small orb you just saw. If a person cant breath, they cant fight." Naruto said. Zabuza jumped back near Hidan.

"HIDAN! Its him! The Namikaze." Hidan smirked and spun his scythe around. "Finally! Lord Jashin will love this little sacrifice!" Naruto popped his neck and knuckles. "Well seems like I have even more fun now...shall we?"

Without warning Hidan jumped at him and tried to slash him across his chest. Naruto jumped over the swing only to find Zabuza flying at him with a right kick. Naruto caught the kick and slammed him into Hidan. Both were sent back a little and stood up.

"I must say..two people working like this when they only just met? Bravo! I must ask though, who are you?" Naruto said while looking at Hidan. "My name is Hidan! Follower of lord Jashin and one of the two Zombie brothers!"

"So...You're immortal right?" Naruto asked. Hidan nodded and rushed at him again. "Too bad that I have to kill you now!" As Hidan rushed at Naruto, Zabuza started to make hand seals. "Water release: Water dragon jutsu!" Naruto shook his head. "Such a sad attack.." Naruto side-stepped Hidan and grabbed him by the back of his shirt. He flung him like a baseball into the on coming attack.


Hidan fell to the floor holding his head in pain while Zabuza was looking around for Naruto. "Hidan get up! He's gone!" He shouted. Hidan stood back up and gripped his scythe. "I'm getting really sick of him throwing us around like we are his weapons..."

Zabuza looked around for Naruto but failed to feel him behind him. "You really shouldn't have left your guard open... Fire release: flaming vortex!" Naruto was covered in flames and grabbed Zabuza. They both started to spin at high speeds. Zabuza was screaming in pain as the fire started to burn through his flesh. With addition of being spun by his left arm, the force was so strong that it pulled his arm out of place.

Naruto let him go and launched him over by Hidan. Zabuza's burning corpse was seen sliding over to Hidan. Kakashi, Sakura and Tanzua who was watching almost threw up from the sight.

"Now all that's left is you..." Naruto vanished from sight and kicked a shocked Hidan in the back of the head. Hidan stopped his flight by slamming his scythe into the ground. Hidan was rubbing the back of his head and looked up at Naruto.

"Maybe you didn't hear me before...I CANT DIE FOOL! No matter how much damage you do to me, I will never die!"

Naruto looked at him for a moment and notice what he was wearing. 'a black cloak with red clouds...Itachi...'

"Before I DO kill you, you wouldn't to know a Itachi Uchiha would you?" Naruto asked. Hidan smirked. "Yeah. So what if I do?" Naruto crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes.

"Care to tell me why your organisation is collecting all the Jinjuriki?" Hidan went wide-eyed but smiled. "I don't know either. I just joined for the pay." Naruto sighed at not gaining any knowledge on Itachi.

"Well...You have no further use for me..." Naruto ran at Hidan and performed hand seals. "Scorch release: Super Conductive heating!" He placed one hand on Hidan's head and stood still. Hidan had his eyes closed for the impact of the pain but opened them to feel nothing at all.

"Pffft! I knew you weren't so powerful!" Naruto smirked and jumped back. "Think again...while you can that is..." Hidan looked at Naruto with a raised eyebrow but fell over in massive pain.

"IT BURNS! DEAR JASHIN MAKE IT STOP! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?" Naruto walked over to him and looked him dead in the eye. "When I placed my hand over your head, I made it so that every liquid in your body starts to boil from the inside out. You'll die in a few minutes but a very slow and painful death." Naruto looked over to Hidans left hand and took his ring.

"Ill be taking that...just for a memo of your death at my hands."

Kakashi and Tanzua were in complete shock at the fight they just saw. Sakura passed out when she saw Hidan's body start to become a liquid mush. Sasuke started to wake up and looked around. "Uhhh where am I?" Kakashi looked down and sighed. "Glad to see you're awake. You were able to beat Haku but lucky for us, Naruto came and saved the day...again."

Sasuke looked up to see Naruto walking over to them with a friendly smile. "Nice job with the Jutsu Sasuke, but didn't I tell you NOT to use it?" Naruto asked. Sasuke huffed and nodded. "Yeah but I had too! That Ice bitches mirrors were almost like steel!"

Naruto chuckled and looked over to Haku. "So what are we going to do with her?" Sasuke shrugged.

"I think we should tie her up and get some information out of her..." Kakashi said. Naruto nodded but stopped. "We will do that after I handle the people behind us." Everyone looked and saw a small fat man with hundreds of men with swords behind them.

"So it seems Zabuza and Hidan couldn't beat you Namikaze...why don't you come work for me? I can give you much much more than your village can!" Naruto snorted and looked back to Kakashi. "You said you wanted to learn that jutsu of mine right?" Kakashi nodded. "Then get your Sharingan back out...I'm about to do it again."

Kakashi immediately lifted up his head band and watched Naruto.

"Lightning release: Storm call!"

At Tanzua's home

"What's taking Naruto-kun to get here long!? I want to tell him the good news!" Kushina smiled and shrugged. "I don't know. Must be a fun fight for him or something.."

"Well it wasn't that much of a fun fight but I guess he was ok..." Both women snapped their eyes over to the voice. Naruto was smiling while carrying Haku and Kakashi was carrying a sick to the stomach Sakura.

"Naruto...what happened?" Kushina asked. "Nothing really...I got to fight another immortal and Zabuza of the mist aaaaaand Gato is currently getting the shit kicked out of him down in the middle of the town..."

Kushina smiled while Tsunami ran over to Naruto and hugged him. "Thank you thank you thank you!" What happened next shocked everyone. Tsunami brought him into a deep kiss. Kakashi sighed at how luck he was with the women, Tanzua was doing a mental dance about him becoming a father in law to a Namikaze, while Sasuke was...well being Sasuke.

She pulled back and smirked. "You and I have something to talk about later..." Naruto could only nod.

Kakashi dropped Sakura on the couch then clapped his hands together. "Well I dont know about you people but im weak, hungry and Icha Icha deprived soooo...bye bye!" With that said Kakashi ran up the stairs and into his personal room."

Naruto shook his head. "Well It is getting kinda late...Tsunami-Chan, you wouldn't happen to have any ramen would you?" Tsunami blushed and almost squealed in happiness. 'He called me Tsunami-Chan!' "N-No i don't s-sorry.." Naruto sighed but smiled.

"Its ok don't worry about it!" Naruto said. Tsunami smiled and walked into the kitchen. "If you want i can make you all something to eat?" Naruto nodded and walked over to the stairs. "I'm going to talk to Kakashi about Haku here and bring them down for dinner." Kushina walked into the kitchen with Tsunami.

"Ill help her get started with the food!" Naruto nodded and walked up the stairs to Kakashi's room with Haku over his shoulder. Naruto knocked on the door and heard an agitated groan. Kakashi opened the door and looked at Naruto. "What could you possibly want...?"

"We still have to interrogate Haku here and I came to tell you that dinner is almost ready." Naruto said. Kakashi sighed and nodded. "Well lets get this over hungry." Naruto walked in as Kakashi shut the door and locked it. Naruto placed Haku on the bed and tied her wrists together.

"You know...wouldn't it be better if we tie her hands up to the bed?" Naruto slowly looked over to him and saw him giggling with a squinted eye. "You touch her in one wrong way going to make sure you will NEVER it!?" Kakashi backed up to the other side of the room and nodded furiously.

Naruto looked at Haku and noticed she was very pretty. She had solid black hair, brown eyes with blue lips. She had pale, creamy skin and had a nice bust also.

Naruto shook the thoughts out of his head and placed and finger on her head. "A little Chakra pulse should wake her up..." He pushed a small amount of Chakra into her head and moved back. Haku started to flutter her eyes open and looked around. She looked over to Naruto and blushed but hid behind a shocked act.

"N-Naruto-san? Where am I?" She asked. Naruto sat down on a small stool and sighed. "Right now you are in the home of the person you were hired to kill. Sasuke Uchiha bested you in the little fight you two had. Kakashi was fighting Zabuza but was losing until I showed up. I killed Zabuza and that Hidan character in battle. Gato is currently getting an ass kicking of a life time or most likely dead now and you are about to be interrogated. That good enough of an explanation?"

Haku only nodded and braced herself for any pain she would have to face. "ok 1st question...Why did you work for Zabuza?"

"The only reason I worked for him was he saved me when I was just a child... I thought he was a great man but after traveling with him for a few years, I realized he was just a selfish man who used people for his own personal gain in life!" Haku replied.

Naruto raised and eyebrow. "So you really didnt like working for him?" Haku narrowed her eyes. "I hated him with every fiber of my being! He was always forcing me to kill people who didnt need to die, he was always hitting me and down talking me, and he even made me kill any friend I made!" Haku shouted with tears in her eyes. "For so many years I wanted to kill escape from his grasp, but I never could! I was either to slow or to weak to get away..."

Naruto looked over to Kakashi who nodded. Naruto looked back at Haku and stood up. "I think you have earned your freedom..." Haku gasped when he cut the ropes off her wrists and turned for the door.

"We are about to have are more than welcome to join us downstairs, or you can just jump out that window and never turn back." Naruto and Kakashi walked out the door and shut it.

Haku sat in silence and stared at the door.

'Him...I will serve any and every way possible...'

End Chapter!

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