Hey everyone its the 2nd chapter of The life of naruto uzumaki namikaze!

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"normal speech"


"demon speaking"

'demon thinking'

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Chapter 2 New changes

Last time, on The life Naruto uzumaki namikaze.

outside of the mindscape, naruto woke you to a bright light. as he was looking around he saw a old man looking at him with a warming smile. "hey ji-ji how long was I out?"

Present time

"how are you feeling naruto?" Hiruzin asked. "I've been better." naruto replied with a slight chuckle. as Hiruzin looked over naruto, he couldn't help but frown. its seems almost every month he gets attacked and put into this hospital."hey ji-ji, can I leave now? you know how I am with hospitals." naruto said. "Naruto, what on earth could you be needing to go do? you need to rest and heal." "im fine ji-ji, I don't have a scratch on me!" naruto whined. "ok I guess you can go...but what are you going to do?" he asked. "uhhhh..."as naruto thought about what kisara said to him, he had to come up with a quick enough lie to tell to Hiruzin so he would buy it. "im going to get some ramen from the ramen stand down in the village" naruto lied. Just as naruto thought he bought it. "well ok naruto, just be safe ok?" "you got it ji-ji!" naruto jumped off the hospital bed and ran out of the building. as he was running he heard a voice that sounded familiar. "bout time we got out of there, the old fart wouldn't shut up" kisara said. "hey, ji-ji is a good man. he is the only person to care about me in this village." naruto stated. "well now you have two people who care about you, now lets get started on your training when you get to the forest of death."

At the forest of death

"ok naruto-kun, this will be where we are going to live and train for the 1st few months of your training, after that im going to upgrade your body." "what do you mean upgrade my body?" naruto asked. "well im going to make you age to about 20 maybe 21, but don't worry with this upgrade you will also make become immortal. You still can die from being beheaded but anything else that gets cut off will grow back, you will also have unlimited stamina." after the explanation, all naruto could do is sit with his eyes wide open and mouth hanging to the floor. after a few seconds naruto got a hold of himself. "kisara-chan...has anyone every told you how awesome you are!?" "I know, I know im the best there is and ever was." she said while gloating. "ok now while we are training I will be turning you into a hanyo or a half-demon if you will. its the only way for you to become immortal. while this is happening, you will be growing at an extremely fast pace. you'll grow so fast that in 3 to 4 months your transformation should be complete." "damn that's awesome, so when are we going to begin? "as I said your 1st few months will consist of physical training only, then after that we are going to leave the village for a few years to train you in ninja arts and demon arts. now I want you to do 1000 jumping jacks, 1500 sit ups, 2000 push ups, and run around as fast you can in the forest until I say stop, you got it?" WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?"

"well normally it would kill you but, thanks to me making you a hanyo, it will only make you stronger and faster" "why do I think you are going to enjoy seeing me suffer..." naruto said. "ill try not to show it, but yes I will at times" she said with a sickly sweet voice. "now enough talk! I told you what to do, so get to it!" she commanded. "yeah yeah yeah I heard what you said you slave driver" he retorted. naruto began his physical training everyday for the next 3 months, growing in height, speed, strength, and skill.

Time skip 3 months later

"DEAR GOD IM TIRED!" naruto shouted. inside naruto's mindscape kisara was giggling at his misfortune. "congrats naruto-kun, not only did you live through the training, you also never have to do any of that again" kisara said. "this calls for celebration, RAMEN FEAST!" naruto shouted. "you can get ramen later, we need to leave the village so we can continue out training without people bothering us." "well no one has bothered us yet, hell no one has even been watching us let alone see us." naruto said. "that's what you think, some woman has been watching us for the past 2 months of our training. "WHAT YOU KNEW THE WHOLE TIME SOMEONE WAS WATCHING US!?" naruto shouted out loud, shocking the person watching him now. "yep, I was going to tell you but you were doing so well with your training that I didn't want to throw you off your game." "if she was watching me the whole time that means...oh my god, she must think im crazy talking to myself out loud!" he said out loud yet again.

in a tree near by, there was a woman with purple hair in a tan trench coat, wearing a mesh body armor that went down to her thighs. she was also wearing a brown skirt with shin guards. as she was watching naruto, she was smirking to herself. "so foxy-kun knows im here huh, I guess its time to introduce myself I guess, but 1st..." the woman reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a kunai. she smirked and threw the kunai at naruto. "NARUTO WATCH OUT!" kisara yelled. out of the corner of his eye, he saw the kunai racing toward him. he shifted to the left and caught it with his right hand. when he caught it he launched it back to where it came from, while the kunai hit the tree, he heard a feminine yelp and the following words, "HOLY SHIT THAT WAS CLOSE!".

Hearing the voice, naruto called the person out, "I can hear you so you can come out of the tree now." he heard shuffling of leafs and heard foot steps coming towards him. he saw a woman wearing very questionable clothing. "so your the who has been watching me for the past few months?" naruto asked. "yep, I got to say I've never seen someone train like you before." the woman said. "why are you out here training like this anyway?" she continued. "that's a secret...my name is naruto what's yours?" he asked. "well my name is the super sexy and single Anko Mitarashi!"

End Chapter!

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