Yep, Kareso17 and I were bored again. So you get another one of our instructional thing-a-ma-bobbers. Please enjoy and let us know if there is any more gut busting ideas you want us to write!

Words that a Batman Fan must know

Adorifying- the term when referring to a young Robin. They are so darn cute, but they can drop kick your butt whenever they feel like it.

Alfredencency- the severity that the Bat Family is dependent on there butler for all necessary living conditions

Aster/Asterous- the opposite of disaster. When things are going well.

Balker- a term which refers to those who are forever trying to figure out the secret identity of Batman. A batman stalker

Batception- the weird ability all of the bat family has with blending in and out of the shadows, and appearing out of nowhere in random places

Batmancer- the advanced throat cancer that protects batman's secret identity

Batmanhood- when you have mastered the 20 easy steps to become Batman (see fanfiction story)

Bralker- in simple terms, paparazzi. Bruce Wayne stalkers. (those people are scary…O_O)

Catniperific- referring to the skill that Catwoman has with seducing Batman

Crimelordidity- the stupidity of crime lords when they think that batman won't discover their illegal drug smuggling business. I mean, really, world's greatest detective here!

Chalant- opposite of nonchalant. When something is done or said with extreme excitement or tons of emotion. Opposite of cool and calm and collected.

DaddyBats- when someone messed with one of his little birds, the reaction that Batman goes into to protect them from harm. It is terribly frightening to watch

Demian- demon child named Damian. Nuff said.

Dickhead- a fan of Richard Grayson

Funnylove- the term used to describe the love that Harley Quinn and Joker have for each other. It is not real love, and it is not puppy love, ergo it is funny love.

Gordonophilia- an unusual attraction to, or fixation with commissioner or Barbara Gordon. This is also called an issue, and may result in a restraining order being called.

Jokerdiction- an addiction to Joker venom. (note: only Joker can truly have this, as he has been exposed to so much of the deadly toxin and is somewhat alive still. Which is really weird if you think about it…it doesn't make any sense! Conspiracy theory! Conspiracy theory!)

Poison ivy arms- a poisonous pub (this is actually a pub called the ivy arms. This is just a poisonous one) :)

Redhoodom- fandom for the anti-hero Red Hood

Robinism- the addiction to wearing the costume of the Robin, though it makes no sense. Enough have gotten severely injured/killed that it would make sense to have the little children terrified of wearing it… hmm, guess not then.

Scared-crow-syndrome- when you have a full blown panic attack due to inhalation of fear gas

Supazing- the razing of Superman when both Robin and Batman are angry about him, whether it be about the ignoring of Superboy, or when Batman is just feeling like hating him (which is all the time).

Traught- opposite of distraught. To get a grip on your emotions and deal with all the horrible things going on around you.

Turbed- opposite of disturbed. When something is pleasing to the eye, or has a pleasant scent, taste, etc.

Waynobia- the fear of all of the bloodline of the Wayne family. What is with that family and scaring people half to death with just a look? *Cough cough bruce and damian cough cough*

Whelm/Whelming- when one is simply unperturbed by the goings on around him, when they are not impressed or unimpressed by something. They were expecting what's coming.

Wordification- the skill of Dick Grayson when he butchers the English language