The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: #1

Pen Name: Chocaholic123

Pairing/Character(s): Edward / Bella

Rating: R

Word Count: 498

Photo prompts can be found here: thetwilight25 dot com/round-eight/prompts

A/N: These flashfics are written from photo prompts from the Twilight 25 round 8. To see the pictures please visit www dot thetwilight25 dot com. This is prompt 1. Please note that, according to the rules, each chapter must be unrelated: this is a collection of flashfics, not a story.

I plan to write daily, with an aim to post around 5 per week. Don't quote me on that though!

Choc x

"Someone will find us soon." Edward turns the car over one more time, but there's no fire-up of the engine, only a clicking sound that cuts through my teeth. "It's not a busy road, but there have been a few cars around."

I pull my sweater tightly around my body. The heater cut out twenty minutes ago and the air has turned cold, white vapor floating from our mouths with every breath. Gentle snowflakes fall past the windows, their cotton-wool perfection floating softly to the ground.

"Still no signal." I throw my cell on the backseat in disgust. It had seemed like such a good idea; accepting a lift from my best friend's brother, sharing the cost of gas so we could watch her in the skating competition. We'd played old CDs on the stereo, discussing our tastes in music, and mocking each other's favorite songs. We'd discovered a shared loved of old movies and the smell of new books. We'd reminisced about the trips we took as kids, never-ending journeys on small roads through smaller towns, crossing railroad tracks and stopping at drugstores for sodas.

It seemed only natural to recreate the past.

I start to shiver, my teeth chattering. When I lick my dry lips I can feel the cracks.

"Remember when Alice fell into the trashcan?" He taps his fingers against the wheel. "All we could see were her legs flailing around."

I smile big, recalling how angry she'd been when he pulled her out. "As I remember it, you threw her in there." She'd hit him so hard, you could see a hand-shaped bruise on his bicep for weeks afterward.

"She deserved it. She flung my Ninja Turtles down the storm drain."

His attempts at distraction work for a while, but the frigid air still creeps through. It freezes me to my bones. I wonder if I'll ever feel warm again. He pulls an old, crocheted blanket from the backseat, and shakes it out. It smells musty and damp like a wet dog.

"Come here." He beckons me over. I scoot across the bench seat, curling my legs beneath me. He tucks the blanket around us, angling our bodies until he's spooning my back. I close my eyes, trying not to smell the stale wool, smiling as his fingers curl around mine.

I'm not sure why I feel so sleepy. I can feel his warm breath against my neck, the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he breathes. "I miss those days, when we used to chase you and your friends around Summerton Lake. Alice used to get so mad when you ran faster than anyone else."

His lips move against my throat, and my shivers have nothing to do with the cold. "We were such kids. I should have let you catch me."

His teeth scrape my flesh and I try not to moan. He curls his hand around my hip, fingers digging into my jeans.

"Next time I will."