Chapter 1: Finding Out

Shaundi was pretty much convinced that she was going to murder the Boss. After everything the two of them had been through together. Taking out Veteran Child and leaving Johnny Gat behind on the plane. All the crap that they had survived by always being there for each other and the Boss goes against the one thing she wanted.

She kept Josh Birk with the Saints instead of handing him back to Cyrus Temple. That one transgression had now cost the beautiful leader of the Saints her life.

She was stomping around the penthouse trying to hide from Birk and locate the Boss at the same time. Thankfully the Nyteblade actor wasn't comfortable yet to openly waltz right into their HQ so she didn't have to worry about him appearing behind her. She really hated it when he would leer at her and say that she was his one and only.

The guy needed a reality check and she was all for throwing him off the roof and letting him embrace the real fresh air on his way down. The mood she was in she'd happily throw the Boss off along with him. Maybe they could bond on their arrogance and stubborn personalities as they met their impending doom together.

However after looking through the Kitchen and bar area and seeing that no one was in the apartment she stomped her way upstairs to the Boss' bedroom, not caring if the woman would be asleep or naked. She barges into the purple room and finds that it too is empty, and everything is neat and tidy. This is so unlike the Boss who never puts anything back where it belongs leaving a heap of mess in her wake wherever she goes.

Shaundi decides to snoop around to see if the Boss has any plans in particular for Birk to explain why she kept him on as her understudy. Opening the first dresser draw closest to her she finds something she never expected the Saint leader to have in her possession and she knows no one else has placed it there because the Boss doesn't let anyone into her private space.

A copy of Nyteblade season 1 has been carefully tucked away in the Boss' underwear draw. Suddenly everything clicks into place and makes perfect sense to Shaundi in that moment.

The Boss teasing her to give Birk a chance for he might grow on her, or the fact that she kept bringing him up as a possible way to get back at S.T.A.G. The way she would sometimes say that he didn't seem to be all that bad.

Shaundi feels sick to her stomach at the reality of it all and finds it rather disgusting considering its Josh Birk after all. But then she realises that this may also be the perfect solution to get Birk to leave her alone and she wants that more than anything in the world. Well besides getting Gat back but that was impossible now.

The Boss was infatuated with Josh and so Shaundi came up with a plan to get them together. If her plan didn't work she could always go back and throw them off the roof.

A/N: So after finishing Saints Row 4 I went back and played 3 and have to admit that I found Josh Birk to be quite likeable, and loved the adverts of Nyteblade on the radio. So I decided to write about a Female Boss liking him well because they're both ass holes so why not put them together? Plus I found him funny so thought why the hell not? Anyway let me know what you think and if I should continue or just go back to being a Matt Miller fan...