Penultimate chapter! Some porn, also, astoundingly – plot!


They end up back in the Captain's quarters, mainly because Kirk has a double bed and Spock does not. Spock places Kirk upon it with infinite gentleness, kneeling down beside the bed to kiss him, tentative as a butterfly, stroking him like a beautiful, intricate piece of glass. Kirk frowns and sighs with pleasure at the same time – it has been so long since anyone touched him like they cared that it feels wonderful but at the same time a little terrifying. He looks at Spock to see him looking back at him with such depth of feeling as to ease his fear and make him shiver all at once. It is too easy to become used to only receiving abuse and Kirk curses himself for weakness in having become unused to pure, tender emotions.

"Spock –" he says, quietly – "I'm not gonna break. You don't have to be that gentle with me."

Spock struggles to find words, instead starting to slowly remove Kirk's clothes, kissing each inch of revealed skin as if his lips could wash away the bruises and hurt, gently tracing the damaged flesh with healing fingers that would if they could, make all new again. Spock too is concerned, afraid of hurting him, afraid that any intimate touch could awaken bad memories and afraid now also of making it worse by being too gentle, too conscientious. He also feels slightly confused at how suddenly all of the anger and rage that led him through the last few hours has just disappeared. He can feel none of the previous hatred for the people who put these marks on his T'hy'la, none of that rage, the urge towards violence. He wonders if this is because those urges have been assuaged, but still it feels somehow strange.


"Spock to bridge."

"Bridge here."

"Mr. Sulu, I appear to have been unrecalled from Priapus Twelve with the rest of the landing party. Permission to beam up."

"My apologies Commander – I believed Mr Scott to have recalled everyone."

"He was – not available when I contacted the transporter room."

"I'll send someone round Sir, Stand by to beam up."

"Thank you Mr Sulu."


"Jim, trust me"

"I do"

"I would never hurt you".

Kirk frowns, this not being entirely true of their usual sexual relations and liking it that way. But he does not argue it when Spock is beside him trailing kisses across his face and neck and around the ears where it really makes him wriggle, both of them now undressed and the Vulcan's hands making his skin tingle everywhere they touch.

"Any way you want it Spock –"he moans, arching in towards him, gasping when his erection rubs against Spock's – "Just never stop touching me –"

"Affirmative Captain" Spock growls softly into his ear. Kirk whimpers softly –

"Did I ever tell you to call me Jim? You can call me Captain any time". He feels the curious sensation of Spock smiling against his skin, rolling him onto his back to continue tracing kisses down his chest, crawling down his body, fingers sliding gracefully around his thighs and dipping his head to lick a stripe up Kirk's cock. Kirk cannot restrain himself from whining and arching his hips, bucking upwards as Spock takes him completely in his mouth.


Ten minutes later Spock beams into the transporter room, thanks Ensign Willis and abruptly leaves. Less than two minutes later Scotty comes back in, looking puzzled and eating a sandwich –

"Who was that just leaving?" he frowns.

"Mr Spock sir, I was just sent over to beam him back up."

"Mr Spock?"

"Yes sir."

"That's preposterous laddie!"

"Why Sir?"

"Why – Mr Spock is already on board!"


Kirk's fists ball in the sheets, his orgasm crashing over him in a wave of pure white pleasure that goes deeper than physical, leaving him shaking and quivering in wonderful relief. It feels like something in him has been healed and when Spock rolls over onto his side next to him Kirk curls happily into his arms.

I love you he thinks, too breathless to speak.

And I you Spock's thoughts fly back to him. Kirk smiles to hear it, as he always does but he also frowns. Spock's thoughts sound different from usual. When he probes a bit his searching confirms that Spock's entire mind feels different. Like something is missing, but he cannot work out what he is.

"Spock?" he says aloud – "You okay?"

"Remarkably so Jim" he replies truthfully.


"I feel – most content – and quite –" without purpose Kirk thinks, but hides it from Spock, because it should not be a bad thing, but it feels like it is.

" – peaceful" Spock finishes.

Kirk thinks back to how troubled he had felt before they beamed back on board –

"No more not knowing who you are? All the big scary animal feels – all gone?"

"Completely –" Spock smiles faintly, and it troubles Kirk even more, realising that Spock is being too apathetic to even be concerned at the sudden change. Strange too, that he should be aware of a different pattern to Spock's thoughts when Spock himself is not.

"Completely?" Kirk echoes, disbelieving.

"Almost as though I had left that entire part of me behind on Priapus twelve" Spock murmurs.

As if on cue comes the hissing sound of the door opening and closing. Kirk starts and sits bolt upright in bed –

"I am sorry to disappoint you Commander" comes a cool voice from the doorway as the newcomer strides in, smirking derisively at the Spock in the bed and eyeing Kirk like a predator would its prey. Kirk stares in astonishment from one Spock to another, his face contorted with confusion until he final manages to speak and all he can get out is –

"What the fuck?!"


I know this one was short – but I don't think I can forsee a better break between here and the end of this story. We're nearly there now….!