"Wait! Hold on! I don't want to hurt you!"

The red porcupine had to bite her lip in order to prevent from screaming, but Flaky knew that she had to be putting forth more effort than just biting her lip to not be screaming at all right now. This was Flippy for crying out loud!

He killed her so many times, and he had done the same with everyone else! How could she hold on and just relax anyway if Flippy, the one who could throw you in the air and kill you in more than three ways before you hit the ground, is right in front of her, and she is the only one around!

Flippy approached her, asking, "Flaky, are you alright?" Shuddering at the sound of even his kind self, she was wondering just how long it would take before he ends up actually becoming the deep, raspy voiced monster with sickening yellow eyes, razor sharp teeth, and how long it would take before the lime green bear's camoflague uniform would be stained red with her blood as the flakes of dandruff fell from her quills.

Sighing, Flippy asked, "Flaky, just how scared of me are you?" Quivering with fear, she asked, "Well, um...I..." Without knowing how to tell him how scared she was, Flaky's thoughts were racing, hundreds of ways to express her fear, approaching her quickly to be evaluated and be the way that she makes him aware of her frightful feeling towards him.

"I...You're the one person in this world I fear the most!" she screamed, and she covered her mouth as she thought those words were going to bite her with Fliqpy's rage.

Her expectations were completely shattered and she was starting to lose her ability to recognize now what she should be scared of and what she shouldn't, giving her a shock and a fright almost worth a heart attack when Flippy lowered his head, saying, "Oh...I'm sorry...I can see why you're scared."

He turned around and walked away, seeming to drop something as he left. When she saw what he dropped, Flaky's eyes widened as she picked up what he dropped and ran to see where he was now.

Sitting down at the edge of a cliff, Flippy sighed as he stared down, not even feeling fear of the possibility that he was going to fall down. Feeling a tap on his shoulder, he was genuinely surprised to see Flaky with a hand behind her back, asking, "Flippy...who were these for?"

Pulling her hand away from her back, she saw Flippy shed a tear when he saw what he was going to give the certain someone who was scared of him more than anything in the world. "Those...were for you." he said, nearly shrinking away.

"I know that it would be pointless to tell you how I feel now since I know you don't feel the same." Wiping away his tears, Flippy stood up, then walked away without that of which was in Flaky's hand.

"I...I think maybe I can give you a chance." Hearing those words, Flippy had to pinch himself or something to see if he was dreaming. To his surprise, it wasn't. "You are!?"

Nodding, Flaky was hoping it was the right choice. She knew that everything she wasn't scared of and actually came to like were those things that she gave a chance. Maybe it was a good idea to give Flippy a chance in a romantic relationship.

Embracing her halfway to avoid getting his arms hurt from her quills and to avoid flipping out from his own bleeding, Flippy said, "Thank you! I love you!"

She smiled, giving him a full hug, despite her fear. Maybe this was a fear she could get over. She looked at the flowers Flippy got for her. White roses. She knew they were traditional at weddings, but she could draw a connection between Flippy and the white roses:

Pure, but the thorns can hurt you and make you bleed if you aren't careful with the stem.

I'm just going to say now that I'm surprised at how well I wrote this. This pairing makes no sense to me, but I thought that maybe this was the best way to write it out. Well, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. And two in a row? I'm on a roll!