Hi everyone. It's been a while for me ne? Hmmm...what to say...haha...I really enjoyed writing this looong oneshot. Mainly because it is another sort of an experiment for me. But I guess I have to say that this is heavy (i love heavy stories...hahaha). I paused for many times while writing this because I was thinking things. It turned out to be a long one shot because it's just isn't possible to make things believable in a rush; making me decide to divide it into chapters. .Hhehehehe...so here it is...

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Sealed Lips

Beautiful Red

Unlike his brother, Takahashi Misaki was deemed useless. He wasn't smart. He wasn't tall. He was weak. And he always relied to his only family, Takahashi Takahiro. Given the situation, the young man, twenty at that time, grew up looking up to his brother.

Takahiro was like the sun to Misaki. And because Misaki was simple minded, he resigned himself to be of help to his brother, whatever it would be. Even to owning a crime Misaki even didn't do.

"Usagi...remember my little brother?" Takahiro asked as he was removing his lab coat. "He's coming to live with me and Uruha starting next week."

Usami Akihiko, a writer who was friends with two scientists Takahashi Takahiro and Sugita Uruha, who were housemates due to their partnership in their research, placed the book he was reading down and eyed the man.

"I see...well you said he offered to help in the household chores and stuff...sounds trivial to me."

"Oiiii!" a whiny voice came booming from the author's main door into the living room. "Don't talk like that to dear Misaki-kun! I've seen him once and he's a doll!"

"Uruha...don't run inside the house, you just slipped the other day..." Usami grumbled, ruffling the man's long black hair before kissing him on the forehead. Yes, Usami Akihiko was having an affair with the beautiful man Sugita Uruha. And Takahashi Takahiro knew about it.

"Hai, hai, you two love birds...I'll leave you two for some quality time," Takahiro announced with a grin. "Thanks for the book Usagi, I was looking all over fot it. I'm going first. And you Uruha, go home early, we need to discuss the results of the experiment at home."

"Yes, I know..." Sugita replied, cuddling comfortably on his lover's lap. "I'll be home by eleven."

"You've seen Takahiro's brother?" Usami asked as he played with Uruha's silky hair with his fingers.

Sugita looked up and smiled. "Yes...but I am kind of worried you know?"

"Worried...?" the silverhaired man repeated, the darkness of the night creeping into the living room.

"Well, look," Sugita started, frowning. "Takahiro together with me is being escouted by a very popular company...but Misaki-kun isn't an achiever. I bet he's jealous at some point."

For a long while, Usami just stayed silent as he pondered things. "It's human nature to feel jealous, siblings, lovers, everyone..." the man gently replied.

"He told me he was jealous of his brother before and even to me jokingly...poor boy...lacking of self-confidence."

Usami couldn't care less about Takahashi Misaki. The only important persons in his life were Uruha, his lover and Takahiro, his bestfriend.

Misaki took out the keys that was sent to him from his pocket, and a chain-less locket fell out of it. The locket opening on its own, revealing a happy picture. Misaki picked it up hurriedly and smiled from the bottom of his heart.

"Finally...I'm here..."

The ticking clock said 9:53 in the evening. Everything was silent as if the whole world became suddenly devoid of the living. Misaki hurriedly removed his shoes and pressed on the lights. And suddenly he dropped his huge bag on the floor with a thud.

The whole place was perfect. But the tense air inside was warning the teen that something wasn't right. It was like a calm before the storm in his brother and friend's 3LDK apartment.

"Nii-chan?" Misaki called or whispered. The truth was Misaki didn't even know if there was something that came out of his mouth. He was just very worried. Worried for his brother, and for their room mate, Sugita Uruha.

Slowly and without sound, the teen who came to Tokyo from Shikoku to stay with his brother for good was welcomed with a misfortune.

"What's going..." Misaki walked into the dim hallway and sighed a sigh of relief when he saw from the open door his brother standing, his back facing him.

"Nii-chan! Are you okay? The house wha-"

The moment the brunette entered the room was the time Misaki saw red. Blood. Blood pooling under his brother who was still standing there like a rock.

Heart throbbing, Misaki swallowed hard. The roommate and close friend Sugita he once saw was there lying on his back. Beautiful like a mannequin, his long shiny hair soaking with his own blood.

Misaki could even get a conclusion without head spinning formulas. Sugita Uruha was dead.

Reaching out his hand to his brother, thinking his brother was injured himself, Misaki once more called. But Takahiro slowly turned to him. His face, his white lab gown, his hands, were in red. It made the man's face paper white.

"Mi-Misaki...I...I..." Takahiro stammered, his eyes unfocused. His right hand, still holding the envelope opener streaked with blood. "I didn't mean to..."

The more Misaki stared at his brother, the more he was getting scared. Because he could feel what was coming next. It was creeping, crawling into his skin, suffocating him. And the only word that came out of his mouth was 'why'.

"The research that we've been doing for two years..."the older man murmured as if he was talking to the wall behind Misaki. "It's successful...Misaki it's successful. A cure for HIV..."

Nailed on the spot, blown by the huge news, Misaki grabbed the hem of shirt tightly. It would be a discovery the whole world would be thankful of. But still, he wasn't happy. He felt he wanted to puke. The stench of fresh blood filling his nose.

"But Misaki...we sort of got a misunderstanding...he...he wanted to keep the patent...but I already talked to a huge foreign company to sell it..."

Misaki couldn't help it. He couldn't breath. He couldn't utter a single word.

"They'd buy it for a very huge sum of money, compared to our local ones, Misaki if that happens...WE WOULD NEVER HAVE TO WORK A DAY IN OUR LIVES..."

"What are you saying...?" Misaki whispered.

Hysterically, Takahiro dashed towards his younger brother, holding the teen on both shoulders. "Believe me...I didn't mean to do this! God, my life is over. All the hardwork...all my dreams...all gone..."

"Nii-chan..." Misaki mouthed, heart aching so bad. The glowing rays of his brother would be extinguised right before him.

"I don't want to go to jail...I'm sorry Uruha...I'm sorry..."

Hugging his younger brother, Takahiro cried like a child.

And then the two froze.

"Takahiro? Uruha...? a barritone voice, cool and firm came into their hearing. "I brought food since Uruha sent me a message you guys haven't eaten yet..."

The distant sound of table wares clanging, both brothers froze. Usami knew never to interrupt the research partners in their work room so he just started setting the expensive sushi he bought.

Feeling there was a sudden cold water poured over them, both brothers started trembling.

"Usagi..." Takahiro choked. "God...I killed his lover...what do I do...?"

Helpless, Misaki just stood there, staring at the pale, yet beautiful face of the man on the floor. He knew Sugita Uruha and Usami Akihiko, alias Usagi by his brother because of the emails Takahiro had sent him. It was like knowing them already by just reading and looking. But that time, Misaki was just numb. He of all people wanted his brother to succeed. He wanted to protect him.

Usami glanced at the dim hallway with furrowed brows. Having second thoughts at first, Usami left the kitchen and started for the work room of the two. His keys dangling from his dark denim jeans producing a sweet chime that sounded like a dead's tune for the brothers.

"Oi, did the two of you already died from hunger?" Usami muttered while walking.

"Misaki..." Takahiro gritted, sounding like a strangled animal in a trap. Scared, helpless, hopeless.

As if everything turned gray, Misaki felt light headed. His own clothes stained with blood. His own face has gone paper white.

"It's okay...okay...it's okay...Nii-chan didn't mean it..." Misaki chanted.

"I killed Sugita-san," Misaki whispered to his brother's ear before grabbing the sharp object from his brother's grasp and pushed the man away.

"Unlike me, Nii-chan could do something useful. He could save thousands of lives...Unlike me..."

And like a maniac, the young man started slashing in the air while crying himself.

"Misaki?!" Takahiro yelled. "What are you-"

Misaki slashed and slashed until he made a long cut on his brother's bicep. He slashed and slashed until Takahiro became out of balance and fell on top of the late Sugita Uruha. He slashed and slashed as if it could cut back the time and undo everything.


Hearing the pained scream, Usami's easy steps became huge and fast.

"Takahiro?!" Usami called. And panting, the tall man stood frozen by the door frame. He was met by reddish, emerald eyes staring at him widely. Blood on his clothes and hands. And a conflicted expression. "What on Earth..."

Misaki swallowed a sob and his shaking fingers finally loosened, letting the cutter stained with new blood fall on the floor.

Usami's eyes at his wounded bestfriend first and slowly, to his motionless love on the floor.

"U-uruha?" Usami mouthed. His breath almost leaving him as he slowly approached his lover. "Uruha?" he called as if it would bring the sweet and intelligent man back to life.

He caught a glimpse of the long cut on his bestfriend's arm before holding Uruha into his arms. He was so distraught and confused that Usami couldn't even shed a tear.

"You're Misaki?" The brother? "How can you do this...? To my Uruha...and to your brother?!" Usami spat.

Throwing a short glance at his confused brother, a glance that meant thousands of thoughts, Misaki bowed his head at Usami.

"I didn't mean it..." Misaki whispered as soft as a breath.

Usami's head was throbbing with all mixed emotions. And there was one thing he could only derive with as he glared with his most hateful eyes at the boy. This innocent looking brunette before him was a murderer.

It made Usami's senses jumble and explode. Carefully, gently, respectfully, the man lay his dead lover on the floor and went to the shaking boy. Where did that strenght come from? That speed? That force?

The only thing Usami knew was he had punched the small figure so hard the body stumbled to the floor. He felt his fist tingle with pain. And heaving he watched the boy's face contort in pain, the teen's small lips quivering with blood.

Dialling a number into his phone, Usami Akihiko turned to Takahashi Takahiro who was caught up with everything.

"Takahiro..." Usami whispered, the tears that weren't there started flowing. "Consider. Your. Fucking. Brother. Dead."

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