The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: # 23

Pen Name: GemmaH

Pairing/Character(s): Bella, Edward

Rating: M

Word Count: 499

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"I can't believe you did this again," I gasp, as I wriggle to try and pull myself up the downspout that I'm convinced is far too flimsy to hold me. "Give me a boost here, would you?" Edward immediately smacks his hands onto my backside in a move I'm convinced is more for his benefit than mine. "Hey! I said give me a boost, not cop a goddamn feel." I never usually wear dresses. It's ironic I'd chosen today to break that habit.

"Sorry." I can hear the hint of amusement in his apology, and I'm guessing there's a smirk on his face. I'm considering dropping back to the ground and letting him sort his own mess out, when he pushes up on my ass and I manage to get extra few inches I need to scramble onto the tiles of the first floor roof.

I can see an open window just above the ridge, and begin a slow and careful ascent of the grey tiles. Although it's tempting to try and dislodge one and send it skittering down onto Mr. I Forget My Keys All the Time's head, I decide I like Carlisle and Esme Cullen too much to deliberately damage their property. Even if their son does have infuriating memory issues.

Finally, I reach the sill and pull myself up. As my eyes draw level with the glass, I freeze. There on the bed is Edward's brother Emmett, bare white backside on full display to me and a pair of legs wrapped around his waist. I duck back down and scoot away from the window.

"What are you doing?" Edward calls out from the ground. I turn and flap my hands to try and get him to shut up, pointing frantically to the window. I can tell he has no idea what I'm trying to convey, when a loud groan drifts from the window. I watch as his eyes open wide and a look of realization passes over his face, before he cracks up laughing. Nice.

"Come on back down," he whisper-yells, although to be honest, from the sounds I'm hearing behind me now, I doubt anything could disturb those two. I eye the ground dubiously. I've never had an issue with climbing up places, but descents make me nervous. He urges me forward and I shift slightly. I move one foot, but when I go to move the other, I slip a little. My heart thumps in my chest and I quickly shuffle back to where I was. He tries to encourage me down again, but I shake my head fervently. There's no way I'm going back down the way I came. I'll wait.

Edward's rolling his eyes at me, but I can hear the…activity behind me has reached a crescendo.

"That was great," the girl says breathlessly. I pray she's in a hurry to be somewhere else, but my hopes are dashed when Emmett speaks up.

"Give me five minutes, baby and we'll go again."