The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: #14
Pen Name: SparklyMeg
Pairing/Character(s): Bella/Edward
Rating: M
Word Count:
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Tap-tap-tap as she peruses the record selection. She stops at one, studies it for a second, before wrinkling her nose like the record smells bad. She moves on, and I continue to watch her. She doesn't seem very excited by the choice.

She shrugs to herself before turning around to the book shelf, tilting her head as she studies the titles. She runs her fingers along the book spines, her lips pursed.

She comes in her a couple of times a week. Looking, not buying. She keeps her head down and doesn't speak, even though I've tried several times to make eye contact with her.

She picks up the same book, leafs though the pages for a few minutes, before she throws it haphazardly back on the shelf and rushes out of the store.
She always jumps up on her beat up old bike and races away, gone before I can blink.

I could almost set my watch by it. She comes in at noon on the dot and leaves at five after. The boss always looks at me with shifty eyes and a cocked eyebrow. I can tell what he's thinking.

Keep an eye on her. Shoplifter.

And yeah, her clothes are grubby and her hair looks like it hasn't seen shampoo maybe ever, but I'm not sure. That's such a stereotype. Can't judge a book by its cover and all that.

Today, she lingers a little longer. She's about half way through the same book now. I'm more than a little shocked when she closes the book and turns toward the counter.

She sets the book in front of me and digs in the pocket of her old worn hoodie. I just stare at her.

She pulls out a handful of change and notes and scatters it on the counter. "Do I have enough?"

I count out the amount, and nod. She gives me a small smile. There's maybe two dollars left in change on the counter. My heart sinks for this girl.

"Um... I'm about to take my lunch break. Wanna join me?"

The way she devours two burgers, half of my fries and a two McFlurries tells me she hasn't eaten in a while. It tells me something is not okay with this shabby but beautiful brown eyed girl. I've learned that her name is Bella and she's only eighteen. I try to coax more information from her but she's not forthcoming.

"So, you live round here?"

She just shrugs and looks anywhere but at me.

"You go to school?" Her eyes go wide and she shakes her head. Finally, she speaks.

"My parents kicked me out two months ago."

My heart breaks. I offer her my hand.

"Come home with me."

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