Road Rage

What happens when someone looses it? Do they go insane because something drives them over the edge? Something so simple as no one listening to them? Hearing them? Trusting them? Maybe it happens because everyone thinks thier insane. Maybe it's the "hero's" that try to "save" the insane one that drives them over the edge.


What if this person was a street shark? What happens when a rage so dangerous, so lethal, so secret is forced to the surface and shoved in the face of ones family?

Secrets of a past forgotten.

Secrets of a  time unwanted.

Secrets of another life..

And what if the life wasn't your own? Would you do the 'sane' thing and forget it, or…

Or would you search out the person? Even if you knew it was futile to begin with. And maybe a bit insane?

But that's the way of sanity, isn't it?  You are constantly searching for something or someone. Only to loose them in the end. Be it by love, lies, hate, regression…

What would you tell your family?

Would you?

What would they tell you?

If they were the same?

Nothing is more sacred than family and friends. To betray one is a crime not to be forgotten, by choice or other wise.

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

If only.