Everything was muted, the world had suddenly become grey. Everyone around me seemed to slow; their movements and speech dragged out, exaggerated past the point of understanding.

Time altered. I felt like I was wading through tar. Everything became so much more difficult. There is pain, slow at first. Spreading. All consuming like fire.

Fire. Fire. Fire.

That's all I can feel. When will it end? When will I become numb?

I see you rush toward me. My legs don't move for me. Why? I stumble. You didn't make it in time. You didn't catch me.

I feel you dragging me into your arms, cradling my body. Why won't it move? My chest feels heavy. I can't feel the fire anymore. That's good.

You're going fuzzy. I can feel this pressure surrounding me. Is it you? Are you holding me tight? My head feels too heavy. My eyes won't focus. What're you saying? I can't hear you. Please, don't let me go.

I'm trying to hold on. Gasping breaths. Choking breaths. Halting breaths. It's so difficult. I'm trying. Don't let me go. Please. It's dark. I can't. I'm scared. Please. Don't let me go.