When it all was right…

"Hey, Levi…" Petra said as she leaned up next to her lover, who was still asleep. She played with his hair. It was so smooth… so soft. She kissed him on the cheek.
"Leeeeevi…" she whispered again. He opened his onyx eyes.
"Hi." He smiled and turned over to face her and gently kissed her warm lips. It was a warm, summer morning. Birds were singing, and he couldn't help but find a certain uneasiness that he simply shook off. No room for forboading feelings the day of a mission to wall Maria. He pulled her in for a kiss and pulled her ontop of him.
"No, it's too early." Petra moaned. In a split second, he turned her over and was on top of her.
"Well if you're tired, then I'll just have to do all the work." Levi said as he moved his lips from her lips to her neck.
"Heichou! Heichou! There's an emergency!" Eren was heard knocking at the door.
"What?" He said, letting out a groan
"Petra-san isn't in her room!"
"She went to go brush the horses since you've been doing such a shitty job of it." Levi said as Petra quickly got up, and put on her dirty uniform from the day before. Levi made a face
"Do you want me to go meet her out there, then?" Eren asked, still outside the door. Luckily, Petra was the fastest at putting her gear on, so by that time she was all hooked up and had snuck out the window on the way to the barn.
"I would hope so." He said

When it all went wrong…

"PETRA, STRAIGHTEN YOUR BALANCE! PETRA!" She heard the voice, but the female titan was chasing her. Too fast. too fast to outrun, too fast to slip by, and definitely too fast to fix her gear in time. Then it happened. She felt a giant foot pin her against a nearby tree. Everything but her head was felt as if it had shattered instantly. She fell to the ground, limp and bloody As she stared up at the trees, the last thing she saw before it all went black was Eren transforming.

Levi swung between tree after tree with his 3D maneuver gear. He needed to find the others. He had heard nothing from them and seen none of them. He started to see the dead bodies of his comrades. One by one. Every one of them were dead. Then, that's when he saw her. he instantly dropped to the ground.

"Petra?" he said. No response. He cared about his comrades' lives, but hers was the one to stop him In his tracks. He put two fingers on her neck to feel for a pulse. Nothing. She was still warm, though. This couldn't be happening. No, this couldn't happen... This wouldn't happen! He wouldn't let it! In a surge of desperation, he gently laid her broken body onto the ground and unbuttoned her shirt, and cut off her bra so he could try cpr to get her heart going again. He tried and tried. Pushing on her chest and forcing air into her over and over again. Finally, after ten minutes, the longest ampunt of time he could spare without attracting titans, he stopped, and went up to the trees with her body first so she would be safe. He brought the others up too, but he was cradling Petra in his arms. Levi knew there wasn't time now to say goodbye now, so one by one he brought them to the carriage carrying the few bodies that they had recovered. Levi carefully placed them on the cart and slowly let go of her hand. As he let go, however, her eyes suddenly shot open, and she gasped for air.

"Hei…chou." she said weakly as she tried to get up, but couldn't because of the pain.

"you just stay here and I'll go find the brat." He said with a poker face. No one was allowed to know about Levi and Petra.

They finally arrived back in wall Rose. Most of the squad was either dead or wounded. Erwin had told them he would take responsibility for this. It wasn't right that he would be blamed, but surely he and Eren had some sort of plan to escape the trial that would come for them to take away and execute Eren. Petra's father approached Levi, ecstatic to see his daughter insisting that Levi marry her. Levi grimly lead him to the stretcher that Hanji and Reiner were carrying Petra in with. She smiled weakly at her father.
"Heichou… saved me…" she said between gasps of air.
"Oh Petra, I'm so sorry I let you join the scouting legion! You should be back home with your mother and I, and-."
"Heichou…" She said as she weakly turned her head toward Levi. She tried to reach out her arm to hold his hand, but couldn't lift it more than a foot without without letting out a blood-curdling cry of pain and dropping it. Hearing that one scream shut up all of the citizens going on about how their tax dollars were "just going into fattening up the titans.". Levi turned to Petra's father.
"I promise, I will never leave her side again." He said. Once they got back to the base, Petra and the others were brought down to the infirmary. Levi kept his promise and never left her side. The only reason that she was still alive was because of the shape of the titan's foot. Her high arches had just missed Petra's internal organs, and cracked as they were, her ribs had held up against the force. Levi felt responsible. He never forgave himself for that. Hanji was, of course, the doctor who had the task of setting each and every bone back to its normal position. Levi had some knowledge in the medical field, And since he was such a perfectionist, he was stitching up the wounds on her head and parts that Hanji had finished while Hanji operated. That gorgeous sleeping face of hers. Seeing it and the body he knew so well under the bright lights from the many torches and candles lit would have been beautiful if she weren't cut open.
"Ok, done with the ribcage. Heichou, could you stitch that up while I start on the pelvis?" Hanji asked
"Sure." Levi replied. He picked up the new needle and held it over a candle for a second to sterilize it. He pulled the black thread through the needle. First he stitched her neck very carefully to avoid arteries. Next came her collar bone, the space between her breasts, and finally he came to where Hanji had stopped cutting for the ribcage and finished stitching as precisely as he could.
"Oh... That's wierd." Hanji sighed
"What?" Levi asked with a sense of urgency.
"There's a slight swelling of the uterus. It's easy to miss, but it's just a little more than it would be pre-menstrually. She must have an infection of some sort."
"Oh no." Levi blurted out.
"You don't mean..." Hanji was shocked
"..." Levi, who was just as shocked as Hanji, didn't say anything
"please tell me you're joking!" Hanji asked
"..." Levi felt a little light-headed now, but he was able to shake it off.
"You and-..." Hanji asked, still in disbelief that someone like Levi could feel anything positive, let alone sleep with anyone.
"Perfect." She groaned
"We didn't mean to, she didn't even tell me! it just... Must have happened..." Levi said quietly, finally shaking off the dizziness.
"This is exactly why commander Erwin put you two on different shifts! ... Then again, how this little one survived that impact alone is nothing short of a miracle. Let alone the training and fighting." She said after an awkward silence.
"strong little brat." Levi smirked and looked away.
"I'm sorry about this... But you have a decision to make since Petra can't make it herself." Hanji said grimly.
"It's not my decision to make." Levi said.
"Listen, it's true that the human population is very low right now compared to what it once was, but-"
"Petra wants it. I won't let you get rid of it without her consent!" Levi said.
"You do realize that she could very well die in childbirth because of the circumstances?!" Hanji struggled to avoid shouting. Men can mean well, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Levi couldn't explain why he was acting like this. Something about her...
"... We have to tell the commander. And inform her family since they'll take the baby if she dies." Hanji said grimly. Levi was about to protest more, but had to keep his composure.
"... How long will this take to heal?" He finally asked. By now, Hanji was back to resetting Petra's bones.
"Luckily, not all of her bones are broken. Just her ribcage, legs, and pelvis. It will take a few months for her to recover, but it will take her even longer to get back up to speed. I can only imagine that that kid will take quite a toll on her too." Hanji said.
"Oh my god..." Levi sighed, cradling his head in his hands. Hanji gently put a hand on his shoulder.
" hey, you're going to be out of commission for a while too with that concussion." She smiled.
"That's true..." Said Levi, staring at Petra's stitched up body. After he left, Hanji put her in bandages and brought Reiner and Bertholdt in to bring her to her room.
"The only survivor on the center squad?" Reiner asked
"Aside from Eren and Levi, yes." Hanji said.
"Wasn't she hit the worst?" Bertholdt asked
"There's a pretty good reason she's holding on." Hanji smirked " Don't tell anyone else, but we're pretty sure that she's protecting precious cargo, if you catch my drift."
Bertholdt instantly felt sick. Reiner looked at him with the same expression in his eyes. The same exact thought.
'What have we done?'
Levi was by Petra's side when she woke up. Since she was too weak to embrace, and since everyone was there, he couldn't kiss her. The most he could do was smile and say.
"You did great."
She smiled back. For a second, it seemed as though the two were the only ones there. He looked into her glittering eyes and she looked into his. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her.
"Hanji! What about-... Is my... My..."
"You're going to be fine and so will your baby. You've got a tough little bun cookin' in there." She smiled, gently patting Petra's flat stomach.
"... I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I just... I didn't want you to worry."
"It's okay."
"So, how are the others?" Petra smiled, but it quickly disappeared seeing everyone else's faces
"Am I..."
"The only survivor in your squad aside from Levi and Eren." Said Erwin, walking into the room.
"Commander, please don't-"
"Calm down, Petra. You're not getting kicked out or transferred anywhere. It would be too dangerous for your baby, and the population is just too low to allow that. For your sake too. You need to be kept in a place where there are trusted comrades to protect you. Besides, we have a wedding to plan, don't we?" Erwin said with a grin, hiding all that had gone on with the titans and how the female titan had gotten away.
"A we-..." Petra was stunned when she heard it.
"By my estimations, we have about three months until you start to show. If we have the wedding in one month, you can write your parents that you're pregnant and they'll be thrilled since you'd be a married woman." Hanji smiled.
"... Well I had planned out a better proposal for after the mission. that sounded more like a battle plan than anything..." Levi said, taking the small box out of his pocket.
"Hei-... Levi!" Petra said out of shock
"What's wrong?" He asked
"I... No, it's nothing. I will marry you. " she moved her hand over to him so he could put the ring on her finger.
"Alright, everyone. I think Petra's had enough excitement for one day. Let's let her rest." Erwin smiled. He , Hanji, and the others left quietly, wishing her and the baby well. Levi kissed her hand, let out a smile and left as well leaving Petra. By herself. What was she to them now? No longer a soldier, that was for sure. There was no way around it; in their eyes, she was nothing but a human incubator. She figured that they'd think that way, when she skipped a period that month. It wasn't fair, but it was how things were going to be from now on. Even Levi seemed to think that her pregnancy... Their baby... Was simply part of humanity's retaliation, and his marriage proposal was empty... A way to avoid a scandal. Petra looked at her left hand and the glittering diamond ring on it. Why did she say yes? She was so angry at him for not defending her and just following orders. Orders that didn't involve her well being at all! Only that of her unborn child. She already loved her baby so much, but who was going to be its mother? Who was going to love and nurture it. She somewhat shivered at the thought of Levi caring for a baby alone. That night, Petra cried herself to sleep.