Prussia's POV

Chapter 1


I walked up to the door. My hand on the knob… I thought about turning around, but I didn't do it. I couldn't. I'd always protected my little brother and nothing could change… I opened the door. I forced a smile at America, France, England… and Russia…. All sitting there deciding the fate of Europe… West… me…

"Hey guys!" I pretend to be my usual cheerful self.

"East Germany" England stood, "What are you doing here? You don't belong here."

"No I just…" I sighed, sitting down, "I have a deal to propose."

"We've had enough of you and your brother. No deals." America snapped.

"Just listen to me America!" I snapped back. "I can't let you hurt West like that! I can't!" I looked at England, France and America… then back to Russia. That man terrified me, but I had to do this. West needed me. "I… you're tearing apart Europe… I know Russia is getting a lot of it I… I can't…" I bit my lip until I tasted blood. "Take. Me." I sighed. "If I let Russia take me, instead of both of us… and I go willingly with him… will you agree?" I looked to Russia.

A terrifyingly cute smile curled on his lips… and he nodded. "Da." He said simply.

I was mentally trembling, but only mentally. "And you'll leave West alone? You won't hurt him?"

"Da I won't hurt him." Russia's smile grew and I had to use all my self control not to let out a shudder, though I'm sure he could tell how scared I was from my eyes…

England looked at America and France, and they both nodded.

"All right Prussia." America stood too. "It seems we all agree. Tomorrow we were going to announce who will go with whom… but it will change. You will go with Russia after the treaties are read." he nodded.

I stood, bowing to all of them, glancing at Russia. "Danke Schon America…dank schon." I walked out of the room before they could see the tears in my eyes… I went home to find West worrying.

"Hey!" I flopped on the couch next to him. "Wanna watch a movie or something? It's been a while since you and I just hung out."

"I can't East. Tomorrow they decide our fate…. I can't even think of doing something fun."

"Aw come on West…" I was aching inside. "You need to relax. Everything'll be ok."

"If Russia takes us it won't be ok!"

"West." I sighed. "It'll be ok. I'm sure it will. Russia may be a monster, but America, England, and France aren't. I'm sure they won't let him hurt us." I forced a smile, crying inside.

"Are you sure?" He turned to look at me.

I smiled. "Yeah I'm sure." I smiled again, nodding.

A faint smile crossed his lips too. "Ok. So, what movie?"

"I don't know…" I laughed. "We have to do something fun though." I stood, taking his hand and pulling him up. "I want to hang out with my little brother!"

He smiled fully then, which rarely happened. "All right bruder. We'll do something fun." He smiled.

We stayed up almost all night watching a movie, laughing, finishing the bird house he'd been working on, and just talking, and we both laughed. He never laughed. But he laughed that night… when we were both happy together…

"Now for the countries Russia will take…" The reader began.

I looked over at West. He was holding his breath I could tell… I smiled at him reassuringly. He looked at me… looked at me like he wondered. He didn't have to wonder long.

"And East Germany."

West stood up… shocked. Russia walked right over to me and yanked me up by my arm. "He's mine now West Germany. You can go away."

Tears filled my eyes and I tried to force them back.

West turned to me, tears starting to spill over his cheeks. "Prussia…?"

I shook my head. "No…" Tears fell now… "No my name is the Deutsche Demokratische Republik…" I had to use all my control now to keep from sobbing. "I love you…West…." I looked away from him, I couldn't watch him cry…

"Bruder… nein… nein…" He was sobbing now I could hear him….

"West please don't cry… please…" I fought the tears…

"Why did you do this?"

I looked up at him. So he'd figured out that I'd done it… "I…" I couldn't tell him.

"I agreed to take him instead of both of you when he volunteered to come yesterday." Russia answered for me with his sweet, sickening smile.

"Y…you did this to protect me?" Germany reached for my hand, but Russia pulled me away. I only nodded. "Ich libe dich… bruder…"

I couldn't answer. If I opened my mouth a knew only a sob would come out… I just nodded as Russia dragged me away…

"PRUSSIA!" West screamed my name, my real name… as he fell to his knees. I looked away… I couldn't see Germany like that… I couldn't. "Ich libe dich bruder…" I whispered to him, though I knew he couldn't hear me… once Russia took me to my new room and left me there… then I cried. I cried and cried and cried and cried.