"SPOOOCK! Spock… STOP! STOOOOP!" Uhura cried desperately, as Spock continued beating the shit out of the man who he held responsible for his best friend's death.

"He's our only chance to save Kirk!"

At that, Spock ceased hitting him and looked up at Uhura, trying to comprehend what he had just heard. He glanced back down at Khan, who looked like he was hanging onto consciousness by a thread. That there was a chance the man beneath him could somehow bring his Captain back, made him quickly shove down the urge to pummel him to a pulp… but that didn't stop him from pulling his fist back and knocking him out cold.


The first thing Khan heard when he regained consciousness were muffled voices floating above him. He then became aware of a cold hand wrapping around his arm and pressing something sharp into it. Confused and startled, his reflexes instantly kicked in. All at once, his eyes shot open as he pulled his arm back, snapping restraints in the process… and with all the strength he could manage, he ripped himself away from the hard table which had been holding him down and looked around, frantically trying to assess the situation.

There were surprised screams and foul language, as the two men who had been attempting to draw blood from the previously unconscious… now awakened… wild superhuman, hastily got their asses out of the room.

Khan observed his surroundings. He was back in the Enterprise's brig, once again… staring out through the transparent barrier at a bunch of angry, frightened-looking humans in uniforms. They were hustling and bustling around like lost puppies searching for their mothers. Pathetic.

Should he take his time? Kill them all slowly, watching them writhe in sweet agony and pain? Or should he just go ahead and destroy them all in one fell swoop? After all he'd gone through attempting to save his people… just to have them destroyed in a matter of seconds… there was nothing else on his agenda anymore, other than to slaughter anyone who crossed his path.

Bones had only been able to draw a few drops of the homicidal maniac's blood, before the man had gone ape shit on them, and he'd had to retreat. Dammit, every second was precious to saving Kirk! He needed that blood and he needed it fast. But how was he going to get it without losing someone else in the process? Gesturing for two of the crew members, who were carrying tranquilizer guns, to get ready to shoot on command… he locked eyes with Khan and spoke.

"Listen here, you no good piece of murdering shit, either you cooperate or we will make you. Those are your only options."

He placed the same device he'd previously used when they had captured Khan, on the window. It opened up a hole for him to place his arm through.

Khan stared down the doctor with pure hatred in his heart, not moving an inch. He knew they couldn't force him to comply anymore. He was done playing around. This time, he had no doubts that he would win. Any plan which they could have possibly contrived to get him to cooperate with them would utterly fail and end in their demise. But it was kind of amusing to see them so confident in their abilities. He smirked. This was going to be too much fun.

McCoy turned and looked at Spock, who had also been in the room with the doctor, and who had also logically chosen to flee the room when Khan had woken up. Spock was strong, but he hadn't wanted to test his strength… yet again… against a deranged, adrenaline pumped, genetically altered being… when he could just leave the room and save his energy.

"Spock, do you think you can knock him out again?" Bones asked quietly, not trusting Khan not to hear him.

"I have no doubt that I can, Doctor, but I'm certain it will take up an extensive amount of time, as his strength will be magnified based on the fact that he currently has nothing left to lose."

"Well… we WILL lose Kirk, if I can't get his blood!" McCoy growled out in frustration, forgetting to keep his voice down.

Khan, who had been listening to the whole exchange, perked up when he heard this revelation. Something had happened to the Captain?

"Keep it down, Doctor," Sulu warned him, nodding to the man behind the window, whose eyebrows had risen with McCoy's outburst.

"Am I correct in assuming that your Captain has been fatally wounded?" Khan spoke up, his deep voice penetrating the ears of every crew member in the room.

Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, and the rest all looked his way, revealing the truth to him with their eyes.

Oh yes, he was definitely correct in his assumption… the pain was clearly written all over their faces. Yet strangely enough, this information did not bring him any feelings of satisfaction or pleasure whatsoever. Shouldn't it have?

In fact, he was feeling something inside of himself that he couldn't recall ever feeling before. Which threw him off completely… because this brand new feeling spreading throughout his chest was doing a thorough job of dissolving his red hot rage; and what was he supposed to do without his blind anger to keep him going? He was utterly bewildered and upset.

"Why do you assume that?" Spock asked curiously, keeping his emotions in check so as not to give anything away.

Khan promptly collected himself… pushing down those damned unsettling emotions which were rapidly expanding within… and gave Spock an answer.

"Well, why else would you need my blood, if your Captain wasn't indeed dead? I'm well aware of the healing, and in some cases, resurrecting properties of my own blood."

Sulu stepped up. "Yes, Captain Kirk is dead, and we need your blood to revive him," he told him, giving Khan a look which said, I dare you to show any sign that you are happy about the Captain's death.

For a minute, no one spoke or moved… they all just stared at one another… everyone wondering what was going to happen next. Would they need to fight? Would Khan escape? Would they have to live in a world without Jim Kirk for the rest of their lives?

Suddenly, Khan narrowed his eyes and walked over to where the hole in the window had been positioned. He pulled up his sleeve, sighed, and stuck his arm through. His expression was blank and he stared straight ahead at nothing in particular.

Doctor McCoy didn't believe for one minute that this madman was being helpful. He was definitely playing at something. But he really didn't care what Khan's motives were, at the moment… his only priority was extracting his blood and getting it back to Kirk, just in case there was a chance he could save his friend's life. Kirk was absolutely worth risking whatever Khan had in mind.

McCoy quickly glanced at the others, who wore equally untrusting looks on their faces, and without further hesitation went over to retrieve the precious fluid from the man's veins.

Khan just stood there, passive and unmoving, fully allowing the doctor to take all he needed. He still wanted to kill them, of course, but for some reason he was curious about seeing Kirk again. And he couldn't do that without keeping the crew around for a little while longer, now could he? That was the only... the ONLY reason that they were still alive.