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Summary:  Kagome is a girl, twelve years of age, who is musically talented.  Her mother's best friend's son is Sesshoumaru, fourteen, and also musically talented.  What do the fates want to do to them?  Sess/Kag

Rating:  PG-13 for language and things to come?  (very unsure)

Genre:  Romance/Drama

Author: Dark Star of An Inuyasha High School Fic  ^_~

Title:  Loving Rivalry (subject to change)

Loving Rivalry

Chapter One

"Kagome!" Ms. Higurashi called, looking herself over in her full-length mirror.

"Yes?" her daughter answered, walking into her mother's room while brushing out her silky black hair.

"It's time to go!" her mother rushed, brushing past Kagome as she quickly descended the stairs.

"Okay," said her daughter calmly, throwing the brush onto the bed as exited the room.

Today was the day of the music contest, a day long awaited by Ms. Higurashi Hanako, a day silently dreaded by Kagome.  Yes, she had practiced hard, but her voice still was rusty, she thought, and she had not yet met the accompanist.  Her mother had told her that her best friend's son played the piano splendidly and that she would have nothing to worry about.  Still, she fretted over everything.  She was self-assured that she would do horribly.  Her voice, to her, was ugly and hideous.  In fact, she didn't want to take voice lessons, but her mother insisted.  'It will make you a refined young lady!' she had said.  Sighing, Kagome quickly descended the steps after her mother, trying to straighten out her sleeveless black dress.  I look like I'm going to a funeral.  Humorously, she looked down at her outfit.  She was basically clad in all black except for her pale arms, one of which adorned a watch and silver chain bracelet.  A silver chain necklace rested on her collar, a single light blue sapphire hanging from the center, sparkling like her blue-gray eyes.  Slipping on her strapping black heels, she followed her mother out the door and into the car.

Soon, they were off, Kagome's mother chattering absently about how great she looked and how pleased she'll be to finally meet Sesshoumaru.  So that's his name, huh?  Kagome pondered about the boy she had only heard simple pieces of information about.  Truthfully, she had known about him for three or four years.  It was only this year, when the Hamada family had moved to Tokyo again, that she would actually meet this fabled son of Hamada Miyako, her mother's best friend.  Kagome was amazed that the two women could remain best friends even when living for so long so far.

"I really think you'll like him, Kagome," Hanako said, eyes twinkling.  "I've heard from a couple people that he's beautiful."

Kagome started a bit at her mother's comment.  "Beautiful?" she questioned, her eyebrows furrowing together in confusion, "Isn't beautiful used to describe a girl?"

"It's only what I heard, dear," her mother replied, glancing at her from the driver's seat.

Then, Ms. Higurashi smiled.  "I'm sure you'll like him fine," she said warmly, pausing slightly, "Although I have heard that he's quite…calm."

"So?  What's wrong with being calm?" Kagome asked, curious as to what this boy was like.

"You'll see," said Hanako uncertainly, turning into a parking lot.

Kagome breathed out a sigh of relief, some of her nervousness having gone away during the brief car ride.  Perhaps she WOULD do well?  Kagome stepped out of the car, swinging the door shut behind her.

"Hanako!" she heard someone call.

Kagome swiveled in the direction of the voice, as did her mother, and her vision was greeted by a tall woman striding gracefully towards them.  Wow…  The woman was absolutely gorgeous.  Black hair fell to her shoulders, cascading just below them and brilliant green eyes laughed with a never-ending mirth.  Her lips were upturned in a friendly smile as she approached Hanako and Kagome.  Hearing her mother gasp, she turned towards her, a questioning look on her face.  The two women hugged and laughed cheerfully, chattering amiably about anything and everything.  She must be Hamada Miyako.  Kagome's mother stopped talking as she glanced over at Kagome.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, walking over to her daughter, "Miyako!  This is my daughter Kagome."

"Wow," said Miyako, walking over to her, "She really has grown the last I saw her!"

Kagome refrained from rolling her eyes.  Adults.

"And what of your son?" Hanako asked curiously, her eyes sparkling, "Sesshoumaru, was it?"

"Yes," Miyako answered, smiling widely, "He'll be along shortly."  She glanced up behind Kagome.  "In fact, here he is now."

Kagome knew better than to turn around so eagerly, but she did.  Her jaw almost dropped to the ground.  Mom was right.  He is gorgeous.  A tall figure was striding gracefully towards them.  He looks a lot like his mom.  Kagome thought, recalling both their tall build and graceful stride.  This boy, however, had long, flowing, silvery-white hair instead of black.  Though it was quite unnatural, it really did suit him.  Nothing would go better with his bright golden eyes, dulled slightly with a look of boredom.  The boy seemed in a class all his own, like he was above humans.  Kagome shook her head softly, shaking away the prejudiced thoughts.  It's true, though, probably.  The way he carries himself says it all.

"Hanako and Kagome, this is Sesshoumaru," Miyako said warmly, gesturing towards her son, who now stood beside Kagome.  "Sesshoumaru, this is Hanako and Kagome."

Both the females bowed to him, and he bowed in return.  "Nice to meet you," he said curtly, his long silver hair falling over his shoulder.

Yup, Kagome thought sarcastically, he's a snob.  With that in mind, she remained silent as they all strolled toward the building, where the judging and performance would take place.  I just hope he's a good pianist, like everyone says…

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