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Summary:     Kagome and Sesshoumaru meet as talented musical competitors. Their relationship develops into a like-like relationship. One day, tragedy befalls Kagome, making her forget most of Sesshoumaru. Their relationship crashes back to zero...can he just forget her? S/K

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Genre:          Romance/Drama

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L o v i n g  R i v a l r y Chapter Two

November 2002

I could already tell I was going to have a hard time with this guy.  He seemed to answer every question that came his way with a don't-ever-talk-to-me-again, an I'm-better-than-you-are, or a do-you-think-I-care look.  Either that, or it would be a curt nod or blank stare that would eventually ward to off with his amazing capability to hold a murderous glare for more than fifteen seconds.  And if you didn't run off, he would bluntly ignore you.  Jeez!  It seemed like the guy had some sort of  mind-reading capability or…or…something that would pierce through you when he looked your way.  AND THIS GUY WAS MY ACCOMPANIST?!  I really couldn't believe my bad luck.  That is, until we got to the practice room…

          "Did your mom drag you into this?" I asked conversationally, removing my jacket.

          There it was, the blank stare for at least five seconds before 'his highness' decided to grace me with his oh-so-royal answer.  "No."

          Wow, he even has a nice voice.  "No?" I arched an eyebrow.

          "I came willingly after being asked once," said he, the Great One.

          Even a limited sense of humor.  Smiling amiably, I gestured toward the sleek black grand piano in the center of the room, which was fairly large considering it was only a practice room.  "Shall we give it a try?"

Not answering, he made his way (gracefully) to the piano and tapped out a few keys before sitting down at the bench.  He looked at me blankly.  He didn't bring his music, huh?  He must be pretty damn good.

          "Let's start from the beginning, then.  Okay with you?" I suggested.  Thank God our parents were outside.

As soon as his slender fingers touched the keys, I was amazed by the sheer grace and fluency of his movements and music.  He was good…better than I had ever imagined.  I wonder if he practices a lot?  It would only seem logical for one so perfect to be a natural, therefore not needing much practice at all.  But then again, I could always be wrong, and it seemed that I always was.  Hearing the arpeggio that trickled softly as my cue, I made a silent wish to the Fates that I would not mess up and seem so utterly mal-practiced to my accompanist.  I would've been absolutely horrified had I made a mistake in my singing.  Taking a deep, quiet breath, I started in with a soft, yet projecting, voice.

Closing my eyes, I sang on, paying scant attention to anything around me.  Everything except the lilt of the piano and my own voice dissipated into nothingness as my focus wavered between the serene silence of it all and the words of the song.  Before I had realized it, the song was finished as was I, and Sesshoumaru was staring at me questioningly.

          Blushing slightly, I closed my mouth before mumbling, "How'd I do?  I wasn't really paying attention."  After all, focus on only the music or nothing at all.  If you let your mind stay, you'll screw up.

          "Well enough," he answered curtly.

          "Meaning I need improvement?" I bit back scornfully.

          Sending me an effortless glare he answered, "There is always room for improvement.  Perfection does not exist."

          Wise for someone so young…  "And what, pray tell, do you think I need improvement on?"


          I hadn't thought about that…I guess that would be a problem with my eyes closed, now wouldn't it?  "Do you have any suggestions?"

          "It is a sad song, is it not?" he said monotonously, "A sad, perhaps wistful, expression would be cause for effect."

          Damn.  He says it so professionally, like I'm dumb or something.  I couldn't help but shoot a chaste, disdainful glare at him before continuing.  "The beginning again, please."


Sesshoumaru held the door open for me as we left the performance room.  Hell, the guy almost had to push me out the door, I was so frozen with anxiety.  Needless to say, his performance was flawless, what I heard of it anyways, but I wasn't so sure about mine.  Then again, I'm never sure about anything?  So what the hell.  I went to stand next to my mother against the wall as we awaited the judges to produce the results.  WHAT TAKES THEM SO LONG?!  Glancing over at the other wall, where Miyako was, Sesshoumaru stood calmly, coat draped over one arm as he, with his usual cool façade, stared at the doors to the room from whence we had come.  This guy is just too funny.

          "How'd you do?" Mother-dear asked.

          "Fine," I answered, like every other answer I had given going to contests.

          "Good!" she exclaimed, smiling.  "As long as you tried your best!"

          And got a perfect score!  Really, who does she think she's kidding?  I nodded silently.

The wooden door next to us opened suddenly, and one of the judges walked out.  A nameplate titled, "Hello!  My name's Yuki," was pinned onto her sweater.  Smiling warmly, she handed the rubric to me.

          "We all really enjoyed your performance.  You've got a beautiful voice and a wonderful accompanist!  You can go out to the front, there," she said, pointing to a desk down the hall, "to sign out and record your score.  Thank you!"

With that, she disappeared back into the room, and another person was called up.  Blinking, I turned the sheet so I could read it.  Fives were circled all down the columns, and at the bottom, the score read 50/50.  Wow…perfect…  Looking up to Sesshoumaru, I flashed him a rare smile.  I guess some things are more perfect than others in this world, Sesshoumaru.

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