Last moments

Rip x Schrodinger

On the battlefield she had seen the endless destruction of corpses to shrapnel. Felt the blood of her victims close up or afar. The smell of smoke with gunpowder filled her nostrils clutching at her so tightly she thought it may never get off nor did she want it to. Everything not under her forced hand for it was her free will to continue in Millennium. Why she had a cat boy naked against her own form was something that could not be explained.

Something in her felt a stirring whenever he was close coloring her happy. Often when he felt lonely he would make his way down the halls to her room. Rip often got under the covers to find the young boy curled in a ball. Tonight was no different wondering she roused him with a gentle shake.

"Schrodinger, Schrodinger, Why do you sleep in my bed?"

He did not want to look up he hated to see her knowing her fate. Her next mission was going to be her last. Three weeks left until then silently contemplating the death of one who he liked. After that he would leave the coil to provide Alucard with more power. Poisoning the vampire from time itself was not a fate he wanted. It was set to be for him though and he hated it. Many times he blinked himself back in time to not deal with such things.

"Schrodinger, What's wrong."

Looking up from the canvas Rip was next to him under the sheets.

"What is love, Rip."

She was surprised at such a question she just held him as an answer popped in to her head.

"Love is showing your weaknesses to someone without getting hurt."

"can we do that here?"

Turning the young boy before pulling to her own body allowing him against her own frame. Her arms crossed over his as the buttons of his uniform began to work out of their holes before pulling away from his frame. Rolling over she had her jacket completely unbuttoned before laying one fuzzy ear against the bottom hm of her bustier. Wrapping his arms around her waist the feeling of flesh against flesh made him warm enough to just soak in the radiance. Purring lazily against her heartbeat with just enough lust in the air for Rip to question herself.

Both were officers in a nazi terrorist group she was a werewolf with a magic musket. He was a cat boy who just had to wish to be alive. Life was a bloody violent reality every day. One single moment against a life filled with hard edges. If it was painted it would be a heartwarming embrace atop of a pile of broken skulls and bloody limbs.

Her mission to the Adler was not for a while having him as a bed warmed did not seem like a bad idea to her. Not many men wanted to sleep with her whether by choice of another or by putting other thing above their sexual hunger. Just being comforted was good enough for now maybe after taking the ship she would push her attraction to him in to some more physical exchanges.