Habits of mystery

Luka x Cereza

Jeanne had a habit of surprising Cereza from the grand furnishings that she had kept from father Balder that soon became their house. It was filled with high quality art paired against posh modern d├ęcor bought after years of payments while under the control of the diabolical Lumen monk.

Cereza, now called Bayonetta came out of her sleep trying to catch up on the life she missed. Acting like the queen of flirts on anyone in sight she was surprised any man would try to get the brunette. Possessing more strength then an entire platoon of men anyone tying to find their way in her her hear would need some magic of their own.

Luka was a man who had enough magic in his own right. Sure of his path in modern journalism he blamed the freshly revived umbra witch with the death of his father. Finding out that she was trying to save his father only to appear a moment too late would bring most men to push the blame on her even further. This man instantly erased all guilt without so much as a please or thank you sent his way. It did bother Bayonetta when she failed to save Luka's father.

After the whole scenario where her sister had been revived was freed and the goddess destroyed left everyone with a surplus of supplies as well as time. Father had left everything of value to Jeanne as a small payment for the years lost under his power. The least she could do is help use some of the funds for the wedding.

For with their total surplus Luka applied his own magic opening the heart to the umbra witch. Months passed before their first kiss ironically out in the moonlight behind the manor. Ever since she learned of Jeanne's existence Cereza tried to grow the previous relationship. As that went, both were actually where they left off after their apologies were exchanged. Watching her try to hide her growing relationship from the blondes steady eyes brought a dusting of pink that sealed it in her own mind.

Cereza loved Luka and loved her surprising sister who would do anything to help.