"Remind me again why I have to wear this?" Gilbert asks, tugging at the tie around his neck. It's not that he doesn't like formal wear or anything of the sort, it's just that he doesn't think he's really required to wear this. Though he can't deny how good he looks it in.

"Don't fuss with it," Alfred says, looking equally good in his formal clothes, if Gilbert can say. Alfred reaches over and slaps Gilbert's hands away from the offending article of clothing. He tightens it back up and Gilbert sighs. "Look, you didn't have the greatest reputation in high school. Do you want people to look at you and think 'Wow no surprise he didn't change'? Or do you want people to go 'Hot damn look how fine he is, I've bet he's really changed in life'?"

Gilbert grins at that, because that is exactly what he wants people to think of him. "You're right, I get it."

"Good," Alfred says with finality, but still leans in to kiss him. "Besides, I think you look totally hot," he whispers against Gilbert's lips.

Gilbert hums and let's a hand wander down Alfred's back. "I could say the same to you," he says and narrows his eyes a bit. "I don't know how I'm going to restrain myself all night."

"I'll make it worth your while if you're a good boy," Alfred promises, reaching behind himself to grasp Gilbert's straying hand. "Which means limited touching." Alfred pats Gilbert's arm and separates them.

Gilbert whines almost inaudibly. "You can be cruel sometimes, you know that?"

"I know," Alfred says with a smile and holds the door open for him. Gilbert grumbles all the way to the car.

The gym looks better than he'd ever seen it. It's amazing how well a room looks when groups of sweaty kids aren't crowded everywhere. Still, memories come flooding back the moment they walk through the doorways.

A huge banner above the doors welcomes everyone to their five year reunion. In a decent sized town like theirs it's up for debate how many people will show up. Most have stayed in town and see each other every day or so. Still, decorations and food and drink are out like everyone's expected to show, and everything looks better than they'd of guessed.

Gilbert hadn't felt like the five year reunion was a big deal, but one look from Alfred's puppy dog eyes and his mind was changed for him. Alfred had wanted to go since, living in Germany, he hasn't seen his brother or any of his friends in over a year. After moving to Germany in May he and Gilbert had returned in January to attend Arthur and Francis's wedding, which Alfred definitely wouldn't have missed for the world. Unfortunately he wasn't able to be the Best Man but he still attended to support them.

Gilbert and Alfred stay together as they meet their old classmates. Despite having graduated two years earlier both Arthur and Francis are there, Arthur because he'd been in leadership and helped put the reunion together and Francis because he was married to the workaholic.

Matthew's there too and Alfred's practically glued to his side as he hugs his brother. Gilbert leaves Alfred to Matthew and goes to see some of his old football teammates. He's not really surprised that he falls into easy conversation with them. It's almost like being back in high school.

He feels a hand clap his shoulder and turns to see a familiar face. It makes sense that if he and Alfred came from a different country, then others might too, including Mathias.

He'd think it would be awkward between them, since the last time they saw each other they both had feelings for a certain blond. But he and Mathias too talk as if five years haven't passed, as if they both hadn't fallen for some doof in glasses, and as if they hadn't put their hearts on the line and hoped not to be crushed.

Alfred wanders over eventually and congratulates Mathias on the same thing Gilbert had: a golden band on his ring finger. He's surprised but happy and has Mathias's hand in his to observe the gold band. He asks questions about the lucky man and smiles a lot and Gilbert too smiles because Alfred's always so excitable.

Gilbert doesn't know why he thought this might not have been important enough to attend. Sure it's only been five years, but a lot has changed. People get married, they move on and get over things in life. And no one's immune from it, not even him.

The little velvet box in his pocket proves that.

Well that's the end. Short but epilogues usually are. I'm going to work on getting the PruAme scene out there, and a little surprise involving these three. Look out for it!

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