Cheers rang through the arena as Kaitlyn entered the ring. A smile graced her feminine features as she shot up the horns and smiled at the crowd. She loved this; this was what she lived for. It was moments like this that nearly brought a tear to the two-toned Diva's eyes. When she'd be in the square ring and receive love (and occasional hate) from the crowd.

Her eyes scanned out the crowd as she spotted a few signs filled with mustaches and Simpson quotes. She took the time to point at a specific sign that simply read "Kaitlyn: the REAL Diva's Champ!" as she smiled at the sign holder. Kaitlyn couldn't help but think of the Championship and how her ex-best friend current held it. She missed the feeling of it in her hands and over her shoulder. The looks of respect she got around the locker room as she entered it. And, of course, all the selfies she took with it. It was ripped out of her hands by a little crazy thing.

It, along with the trust she made around the Divas locker room and the respect were all taken away. Yeah, she was rekindling her friendship with Natalya and the Funkadactlys but it just wasn't the same anymore and that was all thanks to AJ. And your ignorant mind! She thought to herself.

Kaitlyn quickly shook her head. Now wasn't the time for such self-pity and negative thoughts. She had a match to win and thinking bad thoughts wasn't gonna help her at all. Layla's music hit as Kaitlyn looked over at the entrance; time to kick some ass!

Kaitlyn walked through the corridors with a smile on her face. "She hit her with the Spear!" Kaitlyn fake announced to herself; using an "invisible microphone". "One. Two. Three. Winner with the Spear, Kaitlyn!" Kaitlyn nearly yelled, forgetting that she wasn't alone. Kaitlyn refused to look around; knowing the strange looks she was getting as she quickly started to head towards the locker rooms.

Kaitlyn meant to turn the corner when a sight sent her running back over and poking her head out. "Oh god, they're there again!" Kaitlyn huffed out as her eyes landed on the three men that currently held high standards in the WWE; The Shield.

The Shield was a group of men who entered the WWE in search for one purpose, to help and fight for justice in what they see to be a company full of injustices. To Kaitlyn they were just a couple of guys who liked to bully around whoever they could. Attractive guys, but bullies nonetheless.

They had started to pop into her life more and more after she lost the Championship to AJ. It started with Seth mentioning how unfortunate Kaitlyn losing was. Then Roman would try to wheel her into conversation; saying that she should "do something about the clear injustice happening here." And now it was leading to Dean, who of course could never travel without the other two. She could only tell what they wanted now.

Maybe they aren't there waiting for you. She thought to herself as she quickly poked her head back around. Maybe they're there for some other Diva. Maybe Natalya or something. She took a deep sigh as she looked back over; the boys now pacing around slightly as they occasionally looked around them.

Kaitlyn knew deep in her mind that they were there for her but maybe if she siked herself out she could just push past them and divert their odd questions and recommendations on getting back at AJ. Kaitlyn had honestly wanted to stop the little song and dance she was doing with her anyways. It was clear that Kaitlyn had to leave the Diva's Champ picture for a while to train up a bit more and then get back into it when she could. Preferably when there was a different opponent. Beating on AJ is a barrel of fun but even she felt like this was getting nowhere. Kaitlyn was, in retrospect, getting bored with AJ and she needed a new opponent. Someone different.

That's why she couldn't accept the Hounds of Justice recommendations, plus they were pretty intimidating guys, she couldn't see herself working with them. With Roman's growl, Seth's pure jubilance with hurting people and Dean's Joker-esque qualities Kaitlyn was sure that she just didn't fit their scene.

Kaitlyn bit her lip as she watched them started to whisper amongst themselves; she really needed to get to that locker room. She needed to shower and then get going to the hotel; she had carefully planned her schedule down so she could get back in time to watch the Simpson marathon. And, at this rate she'd miss it all. I'll just have to play around them. No biggie! She thought to herself as she took a deep breath and started to walk towards the locker room.

She opted out on making any kind of eye contact as she only kept her eyes glued to the door. Though through her peripherals she could see them start to notice her. She pushed past them, a small burst of victory exploding in her, when a hand gripped on the doorknob. Kaitlyn let out a long sigh.

"Hey, Kaitlyn." Dean's voice rang in her ear as he squeezed his body in front of the door. Kaitlyn stepped back as she rolled her eyes before looking up at him. "Nice win." He commented.

"Thanks." She said. "Can you guys move? I need to get to the locker room." She said bluntly, not wanting to dance around them at all.

"We can." Seth said next to her, his hands crossed with a smirk on his face. "But we won't."

Kaitlyn rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time. "Okay, seriously. Can you guys leave me alone? I don't want to join your weird justice group or get back at AJ or take static-y videos in the most sketchiest parts of an arena. I just want to shower and watch Simpsons!" She said exasperated as she looked between the three men.

They all held smirks on their face, well mostly all of them. Roman had his "Serious tough guy" face on but she could still see the amusement in his eyes that the other two held. The Texan diva knew she hadn't in anyway affected them at all; not even with the plea to watch her Simpsons.

"We can't leave you alone, Kaitlyn. You have so much potential…you have just what we need." Dean spoke as he shifted his United States Championship from one arm to the other.

Kaitlyn looked at him with her eyebrows scrunched together. "What you need?" She asked carefully.

Dean simply nodded. "You're powerful in the ring; you're the only person who seems to be able to take down the Divas Champion with ease. You're our ticket to spreading our…justice into all of WWE." He said.

Kaitlyn let out a snort at that." Yeah, alright." She said while shaking her head. "Listen, the Bellas are right over there I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping you out."

Dean let out a scuff. "The bimbos? Yeah, I'll ask them if I want everything to go horribly wrong. I don't trust my goals with dumbasses, Kaitlyn."

Kaitlyn's eyebrow rose at his words. Had he just complimented her using an insult? "Well Natalya's around I'm sure she ca-"

Roman let out a frustrated growl. "We don't want any other Diva, we want you!" He growled out; clearly frustrated with Kaitlyn.

Her eyes darted to his as he looked down at her with intimidating eyes. "You know, there are plenty of ladies who'd love to hear you say that." She spoke before shaking her head. "I can't join you guys."

Dean's voice caught her attention again. "You can and you will." A playful smirk played on his lips. "Plus, you've said it yourself; you already look like us. What was it now? Seth's hair, our attire and Roman's spear?"

"I said it on twitter, I wasn't being serious." She said, wanting to desperately get to her bags. She was starting to run late and she'd have to shower at the hotel instead.

Seth let out a chuckle. "You said a lot of things about us…were those serious?" He said; changing his tone as a smirk played on his lips.

Kaitlyn blushed slightly as she quickly caught up on what he was hinting it. "Wouldn't you like to know?" She said as she crossed her arms. "Listen, let me get by or I'll have to make you."

Dean shot his hands up in defense. "No need to get hostile…'re into that kind of stuff."

Kaitlyn rolled her eyes. "Sexual innuendos? Do those count as sexual harassment or should I ask Vince that?" She asked, feeling snarky.

Dean let out a chuckle. "Fine, we'll leave you alone…for now." He said as he moved to the side, instantly causing Seth and Roman to move with him. "Just think about it. Being with us means total power over the Divas, the WWE and definitely getting you the Divas Championship back with ease."

Kaitlyn simply waved her hand, dismissing them as she entered the locker room. "Great now I'll have to go to the hotel like this." She muttered as she pulled at her shirt. Thanks to the freaking Shield. She stuffed her extra clothes in her bag, opting to stay in her ring gear till she got back to the hotel.

Her mind went back to her meeting with The Shield. They wanted her? They really saw her as some valuable person to have in their time? She couldn't really believe it. It was flattering to her but…she couldn't join them! They're a team out to change the WWE to their molding. She wasn't out to change anything. All she wanted to do was wrestle. But the respect I can get working with them… Kaitlyn thought to herself as she strapped her bag over her shoulder.

If the two-toned diva was being honest with herself she'd admit that respect was something she lacked in the locker room as of late. Yes, her wins over the Champion had gained her some props but her big loses when they counted quickly kicked her respect down. Especially since the secret admirer thing. Natalya, Naomi and Cameron thought Kaitlyn didn't value them at all. When in reality, Kaitlyn felt blessed to have them.

Then there was the possibility of being big in the WWE. If there was one thing any wrestler wanted, it was to be big. She was fortunate enough to gain a shirt from all her fans and her recent success but she was still seen as any 'ole diva. She wanted to be seen as special, like someone you wouldn't dare mess with.

And the Divas Championship…yeah, she said she needed to be out of the picture but she never said she didn't miss it. Honestly, she missed carrying the belt around and having people comment about it. She missed taking photos of it with fans, family or by herself. She missed the creds she'd get with it…it'd be nice to have that all back.

"I can't be thinking about joining them!" She spoke softly to herself as she walked out of the locker room, into the parking lot and hoping in her car. Being a Shield member wouldn't be good for her. Yeah she'd be looked up to and feared but she'd be a big target and she didn't want that. Not now.

She started up her car and drove it out of the parking lot and into the highway. Though, it wouldn't be too bad to think about how it'd be… She thought to herself as she flipped on the radio and started to drive back to the hotel.

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