AJ's music hit as she walked out, doing her signature pose before skipping to the ring. Quite opposite from Kaitlyn;s friendliness, AJ demanded a microphone and snatched it away from the producer. She snarled at him before pushing her Diva's title up her thin waist.

"Well lookie cookie! Kaitlyn's back! Welcome back, welcome back I see you changed your hair. Now instead of looking like fake hillbilly trash you just look like regular hillbilly trash." AJ laughed at that, gaining boos from the crowd. "Oh, shut up! It was hilarious!" She shouted back at the crowd before leaning herself on the ropes nonchalantly.

"Well, Kaitlyn. I see you came back all "strong" and "reinvented" or whatever Eat Pray Love experience you had. And, you're looking for another fight. But not just any fight, ladies and gentlemen, the fight to "end it all!" She looked off for dramatic effect before laughing. "I have to agree with you on one thing, Man Arms. I too am tired of all this. I mean, come on, I'm the Diva's Champion. I should be having much more challenging opponents. That's why I'm going to accept your little offer to kick your ass one more time." She accepted, gaining a cheer from the crowd.

"AJ!" A male voice spoke, causing the spitfire to look over at the ramps. On top stood Raw GM Brad Maddox. "I'm glad you two are settling your differences this way, but if this is the "match to end it all" then why not make it one to remember?" Brad Maddox asked with a grin on his face. He stuffed his hands into his way-too-tight pants as he strolled around the top of the ramp.

"Why not make this the one that shows the world who the true better woman is?" He looked over at AJ and pointed to the butterfly belt on her arm. "Why not…make the match for that?" His grin grew wider as people cheered.

"My belt? Didn't you hear here? She said she didn't want a Championship match!" AJ shrieked in the microphone.

"Are you scared, AJ?" Brad asked. "You retained before, who says you won't retain again?"

AJ smiled at that, nodding her agreement as she petted the belt.

"Tonight's main event is a one-on-one match for the Divas Championship!" Brad Maddox announced, causing uproar of cheers to flood through the arena.

Kaitlyn checked herself in the mirror, making sure her attire looked fine on her. A rush of nervousness flooded her stomach as she fixed her hair. This wasn't just another Diva's match but this was her first match since leaving. Granted it wasn't a long vacation, only a month, but Kaitlyn had changed so much in such a short amount of time. The Texan knew in her heart she was ready to fight but her mind still liked to psych her out.

"You look nervous." A male voice spoke, frightening Kaitlyn. She turned swiftly to look at the causer. In front of her stood Roman, his arms crossed as they always were.

"You could've knocked." She said, holding her hand over her now rapidly beating heart.

"I know…but I didn't want to." He shrugged, moving closer to Kaitlyn. She felt her pale cheeks flush as her mind instantly went back to when he visited her. She couldn't believe she fell asleep on him; she couldn't even remember how exactly she landed herself in that situation anyways. Not like it wasn't nice though, oh it was great.

"I'm glad you're back." He spoke, breaking her thoughts. "You look great." He complimented.

"Thank you." She said.

"Kick ass out there okay?" He grinned. "I want to see you win."

Kaitlyn smiled up at him. "I'll try my best."

Roman smiled down at her before wrapping her in his arms. She snuggled her head into his chest as he squeezed her close to her. Roman felt so good and so right. Soft butterflies fluttered in her stomach as he pulled away with a smile on his face. Kaitlyn knew Roman wasn't one to genuinely smile very often but when he did, oh how beautiful he looked. He was a kind soul; a nice man hidden under a tough exterior. He's such a…he's such a perfect person.

"We need you at gorilla, Kaitlyn." A producer called over, breaking Kaitlyn's thoughts.

"Alright." She called over before looking up at Roman. "Thanks, Ro." She said.

"No problem, Kait." He smiled before watching as she left.

The monitor room was packed as wrestlers kept piling in. Wrestlers spoke enthusiastically of the Divas match tonight; sharing their opinions and ideas. Natalya once again smiled at how these girls managed to make the Divas Division important once more. She turned to speak to Fandango about the match when the door opened up.

In walked the Shield, forcing everyone to hush down. They looked around the silent room, dozens of eyes staring back at them. The awkward silence was beginning to grow thick when WWE's shortest Superstar stood up.

"Want some popcorn?" Hornswoggle asked as he held the bowl out to the team.

Slowly the boys grew grins as Seth moved forward. "Yeah man! I've been craving some all night!" Seth spoke as he grabbed a hand full.

The crowd quickly grew noisy again at that. They even welcomed the boys to sit with them. In retrospect the boys felt awkward sitting with the group of wrestlers. They were all so lively and they started to speak to them like they were all buddies, but…the boys couldn't help thinking this was pretty cool.

"Shut up! It's on!"Aksana called out, waving her hands frantically as to motion everyone to quiet down.

"We're in for quite a match tonight, gentlemen." JBL spoke as Kaitlyn's music played.

"I know! Best friends turned enemies now fighting for the Divas Championship one more time." Michael Cole agreed.

"Do you think it's right for Kaitlyn to call AJ out again?" Jerry "The King" Lawler asked, his voice being drowned out slightly by AJ's song.

"I think Kaitlyn should just give up!" JBL commented. "AJ has beaten her time and time again; AJ is clearly the better champion!"

"Oh, shut up!" Cole spoke with annoyance in his voice. "Kaitlyn said this was the match to end it all; this was clearly a good idea."

"The match to end it all has happened already…it's happened 3 times!" JBL exclaimed.

"We might have seen a lot of matches between Kaitlyn and AJ, but this isn't regular Kaitlyn anymore. This is a new and improved Kaitlyn." Cole said. "She might win this."

A bell was heard around the arena, indicating the start of the match.

In the ring Kaitlyn and AJ looked at each other, sizing each other up before either of them made a move. Kaitlyn, this time, decided to wait till AJ did her first move. She knew things had to be done more carefully and skillfully. There was no room for letting her anger guide her into doing something idiotic; it was time to really wrestle.

AJ, who looked surprise at Kaitlyn holding back, moved around Kaitlyn like a tigress stalking her prey. But, instead of the prey being helpless, the prey was much stronger. AJ smiled lazily before lounging herself at Kaitlyn.

Like some crazed animal, AJ started to claw at Kaitlyn's body and face. It left stings around her but Kaitlyn knew she had to do this with skill. She wasn't here to play games anymore; she wasn't here to fight like a group of middle schoolers. She was here to wrestle. To show that she was the best at what this company is built on.

"Oh bloody hell." Wade muttered at the screen, leaning his elbow on his knees as he trained his eyes on the monitor.

The match had been going on for 15 minutes now and the wrestlers couldn't tell what Kaitlyn was doing. She would have the upper hand but would quickly lose it. And, when she did, Kaitlyn didn't look the least bit worried about it which made the wrestlers much more confused.

"What is she doing?!" Dean muttered.

Kaitlyn was currently on the ground as AJ let herself go on Kaitlyn. She was taking beatings and scratchings and it all honestly looked painful. Kaitlyn had had a couple of good shots but there was no clear ending for her. Half of the crowd didn't know what to think anymore.

"She's got this." Roman muttered to Dean. "I know she does." He said, as he trained his eyes on the new hybrid brunette. Everybody was changing around their decisions but Roman dared not to think of such a thing; he knew Kaitlyn could do it. In his gut and his heart he knew she can overcome this because she changed and he was there to witness it.

Kaitlyn slowly stood up, her head hurting something fierce as AJ breathed heavily. AJ was getting tired; Kaitlyn smirked slightly at that. This was what she wanted. She wanted to have AJ use so much energy, so much juice, that she would have to calm down. Kaitlyn knew she wasn't quite there yet though. After all Kaitlyn was AJ's best friend once upon a millennium and nobody knew AJ better than Kaitlyn.

"Come on! Is that all you got?" Kaitlyn called over to her, slowly standing up as she moved over to AJ who laid tiredly.

She grabbed a fist full of her hair as she stood her up. She moved her hand to punch AJ when she blocked it; starting her spider monkey attack once more. This time it hurt much less and felt almost weak. Got you exactly where I want you. Kaitlyn thought to herself before pushing AJ off her.

She grabbed a hold of AJ's head, taking her over to a turnbuckle before slamming her head on it. AJ fell down with the trauma, holding her head as Kaitlyn moved back. She shot the horns up as the crowd cheered. That never got old.

In the corner of her eye Kaitlyn could see AJ getting up; she slowly but surely moved across the ring away from AJ.

"Kaitlyn moving back slowly." Cole commentated.

"What is she doing?" JBL asked, as AJ started to stand up straighter. They watched as AJ started to walk over to Kaitlyn.

"Is she going t-?" Cole was cut off by Jerry Lawler's enthusiastic voice.

"Spear! Spear!" He yelled out as Kaitlyn ran towards AJ. The impact of Kaitlyn's body on AJ caused the spitfire to fold like an accordion before falling flat on the mat.

In the ring, Kaitlyn quickly rolled off AJ before taking her leg and holding it up.

"1…2…3!" The crowd counted before cheering loudly.

"The winner and your new WWE Diva's Champion, Kaitlyn!" Jillian announced.

Kaitlyn sat up, feeling tears starting to well up in her eyes. She did it. She finally did it! She beat AJ!

She stood up as the referee handed her the Diva's Championship; fresh tears streaming down her face as she felt the weigh on her arms. It was back, it was hers again. She showed AJ, she showed everyone that she is worth it and that good does prevail in the end.

Her delicate fingers traced the belt as she looked down at it happily. The crowd's loud cheers rang through her ear as she looked up at them slowly. "I did it!" She yelled out, causing the crowd to cheer louder.

Kaitlyn raised the belt in the air, basking in the moment before she felt arms wrap around her. Surprised, she looked around and saw Seth, Dean and Roman wrapped around her as they congratulated her loudly. She laughed as Dean and Seth propped her on their shoulders.

Tears still streaming from her face she rose the belt up in the air; the crowd responding with the greatest sounds of happiness.

"Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn! " The crowd chanted, causing her to let out a chocked laugh. This felt great; this made her feel alive. She was sure nothing else could top this moment.

Dean and Seth placed her back down carefully. She smiled over at them before diverting her eyes to Roman who looked nothing but happy for her.

"Congratulations." He said as he hugged her.

"Thank you."She said as her cheeks started to redden. She wiped her cheeks as Roman pulled back.

They looked at each other for a few seconds before Roman did something Kaitlyn in a million years wouldn't have expected. He kissed her.

Ooo's and Awww's were heard around the crowd as Kaitlyn's eyes grew shocked. She felt Roman's hands on her cheeks. The shock quickly faded as she kissed him back, throwing her arms around his neck as she leaned in closer.

"Awww!" Dean and Seth gushed obnoxiously as they let out laughs.

Roman pulled back with a sheepish grin on his face. Kaitlyn looked up at him with a shy grin of her own. She bit her lip as the crowd started to gush as well.

Roman let out a laugh before holding Kaitlyn's hand and raising it up. "Believe in Kaitlyn!" He bellowed out; causing her to laugh as she raised the belt in her hand.

"Believe in the Shield!" She mimicked Roman, looking around at the boys…her true friends. She had finally had her closure. She finally ended everything and she felt good. AJ was behind her and in front of her was a positive future. Even, if that meant losing her Championship tomorrow; she knew she had ultimately won. Now she had three best friends…well 2 best friends and a possible boyfriend but either way she had people that liked her. Three guys that saw potential in her and knew that she would prevail because justice was always served eventually. Kaitlyn wasn't sad anymore…no she was happy so very happy. And it was all because of some help from her friends. Her very best friends.


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