The Master

Materials Required

A track of the four drum beats on infinite loop

A volume control

A very gullible Dr Who fan

Some way of getting them to hear it (PA system, speakers, etc, just make sure they hear it where ever they go!)

A fog watch that can't be opened

Decent Skills with Lying or trickery


Step 1: Make sure everyone else who happens to hear the soundtrack, knows to pretend not to notice it.

Step 2: Start by playing the soundtrack while the victim sleeps if possible.

Step 3: Give them the fog watch saying that somebody gave it to you for them, and that they need to return to the way they were

Step 4: Start by playing the soundtrack very quietly, so it's just barely audible, and increase in volume until they are convinced that they're hearing the drums

Step 5: Drop a hint that they may be the Master hiding as a human from the time war as subtly as possible.

Step 6: Hope that all of your work will pay off with them thinking that they are the Master, and possibly going crazy.

Step 7: (if successful): Watch the magic happen :D

Author's Notes: Sorry about any remotely possible disappointment at my continued delays with releasing chapters on Maurice, encountered some writer's block, so to make up for it, I'm starting a series called 'Ways to Prank a Dr Who Fanatic' that I will release as frequently as possible.