Sorry about the lack of posts... bloody university... I still am up to no good. As soon as I can, I plan to attempt "The Master" *takes a bow* yes, yes I know it will be dangerous and require a lot of skill. So I'll post the (failed) results when I've done it.

Warning, attempting one of the pranks I've been posting may lead to you being attacked. Attempt at your own risk.

Materials required:

A really (like... brain dead almost) gullible Who fanatic (who happens to own a diary or journal and writes in it).

The ability to steal said Diary/Journal (or... you know... BUY ONE?!)

A woman/man (as some victims may be female, or homosexual) preferably one who they don't know and can act.

Okay, I just need to illustrate exactly how gullible this fanatic needs to be... They basically need to be the type of gullible that would believe you if you put a painting of a hot dog in front of them, and managed to convince them it was real... maybe a bit less if you want this to not be as depressing.

A REALLY gullible doctor who fanatic (yes, I realize I've mentioned this three times now... mention it ten more times and there's the recommended amount of gullibility).


1. Read a bit of your friend's journal, get a glimpse at how they write things in there, get a general feel for it. Now, replicate it perfectly.

2. Find another journal at a store, that is exactly like it. Copy down your replicated words. Add some entries that sound like something they'd write about their dates with somebody.

3. Give them a name.

4. Either bribe a friend they don't know, or hire an actor they don't know, to act like they're the person's future significant other.

5. Definitely make sure they say such classics as "Hello sweety" and "This is the youngest I've ever seen you"

6. From here, you can basically improvise (not laziness, just it depends on what you find funny/not crossing a line)

7. Continue until it stops being funny, or until they figure out that you've been playing a horrible joke on them and attack you for making them think they had a future significant other... wow that sounds sad when I think about it...

Okay so obviously this is based on the Doctor's first meeting with River Song... If I was any better at making this specific type of prank then I certainly would have done better. I really need some suggestions using monsters and aliens from Eccelston and Tennant years.

Maybe I'll put a poll up on my profile asking which monster/alien I should use next.

Review so I can know exactly how I've been doing recently please.