Okay, so the poll is up! And yes, I know Daleks are an option, but this is just one Dalek, for if you lack friends and more... Supplies.

Now then, since Listy things are against some rules, I'm going to be adding in some characters, let's make one male and one female.

They are the demonstrators. The male will be named Jennifer and the female will be named Bob, no, I am being serious. I tentatively add a list of supplies to be placed above the demonstration.

Authors notes are still bold, I'm not sure if I can get away with putting supplies in them: Some garbage cans (metal) or metal sheets, skills with welding tools and welding, Metal bulbs shaped like a giant M&M, A toilet Plunger, a Paint roller, some things to make it controllable, a stick with a bulby thing on it shaped like the eyestocks of the daleks, and a voice changer thingy. Now today is Bob's turn to be the prankster.

A bright and sunny day started with Bob and Jennifer eating cereal at their table. Jennifer was being a bit of a piggy and hogging all of the food, so Bob decided she needed to get him back. But how to do this? It took her... seconds of planning before she came up with the idea to make Jennifer think that a dalek had exterminated her, and come to enslave him.

She gathered the supplies in a couple of hours, and set upon working immediately. Shaping the metal sheets into a suitable container for the radio controlled base, and receiving walkee talkee with a voice changer attached to it. She brought it all together, making loads of noise. Jennifer being curious of mind walked out and asked what was happening in the middle of it however. Since Bob knew that Jennifer was extremely gullible, she managed to convince him that she was working on the car.

Hours later, she had completed it. And now, she was to see if it would work. Testing of the Dalek's movement and voice went perfectly, as she was skilled at building things. She decided it was time to start. Placing a conveniently realistic dummy of herself on the floor of her garage, she screamed and hid in a separate room. She was smart and decided to put cameras for viewing (and re-viewing) onto the dalek.

When Jennifer entered the garage, he saw Bob's corpse on the ground, with a Dalek towering over it. Bob made the Dalek face Jennifer, and say to him: "You, Pig-man! You are now under the authority of the Daleks! Any attempt to escape, resist, or breathe will result in your EXTEEEEEERRRRRRRMINATION!" (She really exaggerated the extermination). That alone was enough to make Jennifer faint in a comic fashion.

When he woke up, Bob was standing over him with a massive grin on her face. At least until he attacked her (as are the hazards of scaring somebody half to death).

Okay, that wasn't too difficult. Comment on the quality of this please, increasing? Decreasing? I am bound by rules to make it so.

Oh and seriously, there is a poll on my profile, please check the monster/alien off that you wish for me to do.