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Main Pairings: Sora / Riku / Roxas triangle

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Twilight Blaze

Chapter 1: Novum Exordium

Twilight Town, the last Sunday of the summer vacations. A skinny brunet, wearing his usual white shirt two sizes bigger than his own and a pair of old red pants kept up only by an equally old brown belt, was exploring his new home. To be more precise, it was just the room the school had given him, but it was still nice to have a place to call home, now that he was so far from his family and friends.

Sora took an entire minute to admire everything, from the bunk bed in the corner (which probably meant he had a roommate) to the long desk on the other side of the room, just next to the only window. Close to the bed, there was a big cupboard and then... well, aside from the little bathroom, there was nothing else to look at.

The boy looked at his suitcase for a moment, but quickly decided that unpacking his stuff was an inglorious way to spend his first moments in his new dormitory, so he opened the window and gazed at the amazing view he had from there; Riku had told him many times that Twilight Town was well-known for its beautiful sunsets, but seeing one with his own eyes was another thing entirely: the sun, now reduced to half a sphere at the horizon, was slowly disappearing behind the mountains, painting all of the campus in a suggestive blood red light. He remembered that someone had told him once that the light of the sunset was red because that's the color that travels the farthest, but he never really understood what that meant. He quickly came back to reality when his phone started ringing.

"Hey, Kairi."

Sora could perfectly imagine his childhood friend squirming with joy on the other side of the phone. "Oh-my-oh-my-oh-my! Have they already given you a room? Mine is beautiful and... and... and everything is just so awesome! And you should totally look out of the window, the sunset is amazing, just like Riku told us!" She paused for a moment, to take breath, Sora guessed. When she started talking again, she had calmed down a little. "Oh, Sora, I'm so happy that we're finally here. Can you believe it? Starting from today we're students at Twilight High!" she said in a vaguely solemn voice. "Just, wow!"

Sora leaned against the open window, not wanting to lose a single second of the sunset. "Yeah, I'm happy too. To say the truth, when Riku came here last year, I was afraid that he would've forgotten about us and that we would've quickly become just his old friends back in Traverse Town." he confessed.

"I know, Sora." she answered, now having regained her usual calm demeanor. "You cried for a week when he came here to begin his studies, don't you remember?" Kairi asked, halfway between the serious and the mocking.

Sora was happy that Kairi couldn't see him: blushing was one of the numerous embarrassing behaviors that he had not yet managed to drop. "That's... totally not true!" he said in a slightly too high-pitched voice to sound believable. On the other side of the phone, the girl let out a laugh.

"Right, maybe not for a full week." she said, still laughing. "But more than five days for sure. Don't you remember?" Her voice suddenly became so serious that Sora felt a shiver running down his spine. "It was when you confessed to me... you know..." She didn't seem to be able to complete the sentence.

"That I was... I am in love with my best friend?" Sora suggested with just the slightest trace of resignation in his voice.

"Yes, that. I don't want to talk about it again, but..."

"Then don't do it. It's ok, Kairi, seriously." Sora interrupted her, knowing where she was trying to bring the conversation. "I'm fine like that." he said, more to himself than to her.

A few moments of uncomfortable silence followed, then Kairi talked again. "I still think you should tell him. Now that we're starting to study here together it's a perfect time for..."

"For what?" he asked, starting to get a little irritated at the insistence of the girl. "For telling him: 'Hey, Riku, guess what? I like guys and I'm in love with you.'"

"You can't hide it forever, he'll discover it sooner or later. He's your best friend, he'll understand."

"No, Kairi." Sora answered quietly. "Guys don't work that way, trust me. He could never understand and I prefer having him as a friend instead of not having him at all." He forced himself to smile. "Come on, it's not that big of a deal: I just have to suppress my feelings of undying love for him, I've been alright all these years, I suppose there's worse."

Kairi clearly wanted to retort, but before getting the opportunity to do so, someone knocked violently at Sora's door, making him nearly fall out of the window for the surprise. "Sora? What happened?" Kairi asked, worried by the noise.

"Uh, nothing." he answered getting up slowly. "But I'm probably going to meet my new roommate. Have a nice evening, Kai, I'll call you tomorrow."

"You too." she answered quickly. "And remember that tomorrow we'll eat together."

"At midday at the main cafeteria, I know." As if he could ever forget that the day after he would finally see Riku again. "Gotta go, bye." he answered while trying to reach for the door. Then, he finally opened it.

"Umpf, you surely took your time. But don't worry, it's not like I'm dragging a giant baggage that is killing me."

The blond boy that was standing in front of Sora was, effectively, pulling a huge suitcase. The brunet looked at the skinny guy, wondering how could he have transported something that was nearly twice his size. "You're my new roommate? Nice to meet you, my name is Sora." he said sporting a huge smile on his face and offering his hand.

"Yeah, yeah. Very happy to meet you and all that jazz. Now, how about lending me a hand with this thing?" the blond boy answered abruptly not even looking at the brunet.

Sora didn't dare to reply: he immediately took one of the handles of the huge suitcase and helped what apparently was his new roommate to pull it in. "It's really heavy." he said after having effortfully dragged it next to the bunk bed. "What did you put inside it that is so heavy?" The blond boy glared at him, then he started unpacking his stuff ignoring Sora's question. After a few seconds spent trying to find something intelligent to say, the brunet talked again. "I... uhm... am sorry if I've offended you. I didn't mean..."

"Listen, kiddo." the other boy said quietly, interrupting him and not stopping to place a set of pullovers in the cupboard. "I'm not thrilled at the idea of sharing my space with someone else." he declared in a calm tone, as if he was merely stating something obvious. "But I think I can live with that if we set a few simple rules; first: nothing against you, but when I'm here, it means that I want to stay alone, so don't call me if it isn't absolutely necessary." Sora tried to object but the boy didn't give him the time to say anything. "Second: do you see my suitcase?"


"Strange, because for you it doesn't exist. I have my stuff, you have yours: let's just keep it this way. If I find you, just once, sticking your nose into my things, it will be my pleasure to break it." Sora laughed nervously, uncertain if that strange guy was serious or had just a twisted sense of humor. He chose to keep that curiosity for himself, though. "And third and most important... I'm top, is that clear?"

Sora felt a hot flush running through his entire body, not really knowing what to reply. At least until he saw the blond boy climbing on the top bunk of the bunk bed and realized what he was talking about. Probably not the best roommate someone could wish for, but at least he looked like a discreet guy. Some hours of quiet silence later, when the two boys finally went to sleep, Sora managed to gather the courage to talk again.

"Hey... uhm... can I just ask you one thing?" Sora asked shyly, in his bed, looking over him.

"What?" a cold voice answered from the top bunk.

"You... you didn't tell me your name..." the brunet said, determined to get at least that answer.

After a few more seconds of silence, the blond boy talked again. "Roxas."

"Oh, ok then." Sora replied, surprised to receive an answer so promptly. "Good night, Roxas."

The faint echo of his own voice was the last thing that Sora heard before falling asleep.

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