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This one is on Luna

Word of the Day Challenge prompt - meander


She was something akin to a nomad within Hogwarts, wandering around the corridors, passing everybody without so much as a greeting or sign of acknowledgement of her presence. She never really had something that bound her to a certain place, to always return every day or so nor had she any friends she would usually levitate to as most of the other students seemed to have.

It was strange really, to be so alone in a school this big. There was bound to be at least someone here that could possibly be her friend and accept her for who she was instead of trying to change her like the Ravenclaws did. Maybe it was better this way though, she always easily avoided all and any conflict she did not want to partake in as no one really missed her presence. She wandered around the walls of Hogwarts with no real goal in mind. She had been able to watch many people from her position of a wallflower within Ravenclaw. She knew perhaps more about anyone in the castle than even the observant Slytherins. Had she been so much inclined, she could get just about anything she wanted from the information she had. She did not want to though, so she did not because she needed nothing such information could buy.

Her walk was usually slow and careful, not wanting to interrupt or intrude on anything, not willing to disturb anything that went on around her that did not affect her directly. Her walk allowed her to remain unnoticed as she moved through the day, silent even in the many echoing corridors of Hogwarts.

The other girls in Ravenclaw often questioned each other how she had even managed to get into Ravenclaw, she had heard them whispering about her when they had not realized she was there. She had not been hurt at those words though because everyone searched for knowledge. She was just searching for knowledge no one else had thought to look for. If that was insanity, they she would be proud to be called insane – all the greatest minds were called insane anyway. If that was meant to be an insult, it really was not a particularly good one. She could not really blame them though, all their knowledge had to come out of books to be true and not necessarily experience so she could not truly call them smart merely knowledgeable.

She was sure many of them knew of the house elves that worked in the Hogwarts' kitchens despite never seeing a single house elf around Hogwarts. She had gone down to the kitchens and seen them for herself. She had spoken to them and knows of every order and duty they were expected to carry out in the castle. She knew the magic the house elves possessed was unlike that of wizards as they were able to bypass wards that kept wizards out.

The authors of those books consulted by the Ravenclaws had never managed to truly understand the magic of the house elves. Each and every one of them looked down on the magical beings that cleaned their homes happily, seeing them as nothing more than servants. She knew better, any one of the house elves could probably do more damage than the entirety of the Dark Lord's army yet they did not.

That was not her fight though. Her fight was for knowledge that managed to meander and dodge the understanding of other witches and wizards, the knowledge that was truly precious in its rarity.