Digimon: The Tamer Games

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It's time for the annual Tamer Games again, and Mikki is finally old enough to enter. Join her, and her partner Coronamon, as they attempt tasks that seem almost impossible to get the grand prize. The prize is the only thing she has ever wanted: The grand title of the greatest tamer in the world. (Yep, another OC story! If anyone has OCs for me, that would be amazing. I need a lot.)

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Digimon have roamed the Real World for as long as anyone can remember.

When a human is born, their Digimon partner's egg appears along with them and they are connected on a level that runs thicker than Maple syrup. Humans and Digimon are born together, grow up together and also die together.

Some Digimon are merely best friends that live peacefully, but there are others that live very differently. Some people and Digimon love the thrill of a good fight and the humans that fight are called tamers. They train their Digimon to be stronger than others and soon enough, contests and tournaments started where you would fight against other tamers for lovely prizes.

That's how the Tamer Games started.

It was once a little tournament where you could earn some money, but it quickly grew into the biggest event of the year. It started in Japan years ago, but now it's an international event that pits tamers from across the world against each other in challenges. The winner would then get the grandest prize of all.

To have the title of the greatest tamer in the world.

If you wish to enter the Tamer Games, you need to be between the ages of sixteen and twenty, as these ages are the ages where both people and Digimon have the strongest desire to fight. If you are the correct age, you need to go to a nearby Digimon Centre to fill out a form and hand it in.

There is a week dedicated to just entering so everyone who wishes to be in the Tamer Games can have the chance to enter. After the week is up, letters are sent out to the people who have entered and they then have to go back to the centre to take a test.

Having knowledge is the first step to becoming a great tamer, and so this test determines who goes through to the next round and who doesn't. There are tricks in every single stage of the Games and they could easily catch out just about anybody.

After the tests, it's a few days to determine who passed the test and who failed and those who have failed get another chance to write a harder test. If they fail that too, then they are out of the Tamer Games and cannot enter again.

Those who passed move onto the next round and everyone will travel to the specific country where the games are taking place and from there, they are separated into groups of three. This year, the games are being held in Japan again.

Once they are separated completely at random, they move to the biggest Digimon Centre in the country and they will stay there for the duration of the games.

At the Centre, they will receive multiple challenges that test team work, stamina and the mind. All great tamers have to work well in a team, have good stamina and have a sound mind. Some groups will be sent away if they fail to do any of these tests correctly and they are not allowed to enter the games again.

Then the second phase of the Tamer Games is complete.

The third and final phase is the tournament, which will test the bond between tamer and Digimon and also how strong the Digimon is. This is the most difficult part of the test as the contestants are now pitted against the new friends they had made during the second phase and all feelings have to be put aside.

Each contestant that was left will battle against each other in an official battle and the rules of the battle are as follows.

Do not completely destroy the other Digimon.

Anything and everything else is allowed.

The winner is determined when the other Tamer or Digimon is knocked out, either from exhaustion or injuries.

The winner of the tournament is then granted the title of the greatest tamer in the world.

Of course, not every Tamer Games are like this. There's always something that goes unexpectedly. Like one year, instead of the winner of the tournament getting the title straight away, he had to battle the previous year's winner in order to get the title. There was no winner that year.

So, expect the unexpected when it comes to the Tamer Games and enjoy every single moment of it.

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Author's Note

Hello all and welcome to my new story! I've had this idea for a while now and I never really got to writing it because I'm too lazy for my own good and it's here at least, so whoop whoop.

So this is an OC story obviously and it would be amazing if some of you could help me out with OCs. I already have a few up my sleeve, but as you can tell, I need a lot, so if anyone is willing to send me some OCs, that would be greatly appreciated.

I also really like a lot of drama with characters and I would like to do things such as enemies and love rivals and all that good stuff. Just for entertainment purposes you know?

Also, expect some silly stuff here and there. I'm not much of a serious writer; I really just do it for the LULZ. So yeah, silly stuff is to be expected.

Expect the first actual chapter of the story to be about Mikki and her entering the games and meeting a few of my characters, possibly even yours if you send me any. It'll probably be long and hopefully awesome and I'll try my best.

So onto the character form!


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Uhm... I think that's it. So see you hopefully soon!