The first night in the second phase (Part II)

The whole room was silent, anxiously waiting for their first challenge to be announced. They were all weary from the travelling, but the determined looks on each and everyone's faces were so clear that Meledy knew they would tackle this challenge head on.

She coughed and cleared her throat and everyone looked at her with serious expressions.

"All the Tamer Officals have talked it over, and we thought it would be best to do this now, when everyone is still tired and whilst the building is still unknown to you all. We figured that this will tell us who's truly determined to be in the Games and the way you handle this first task will decide on whether you stay or not.

We all decided to throw you into a massive game of hide-and-seek!"

All the teens had truly shocked expressions. Hide-and-seek was a kid's game, was it not?!

Meledy continued after a quick nod of her head," here's how it's going to work; we know this building back to front, we know every little trap door that could potentially conceal you, we know all the hidden passageways so there isn't anywhere you rascals can fully hide from us.

Everyone can go hide when the bell sounds and we'll give you five minutes to hide yourselves. Each of the Tamer Game Officials will set out in five minutes and if we find one person or Digimon, we'll bring him or her back into the dining room. Once we each find a victim, the bell will sound once more and everyone will return here. If the Digimon - or person - we find is in your team, then you will come stand beside him or her and we shall have a final game of hide-and-seek where our best seeker will hunt you down.

The first person he finds, and his whole team included, will be eliminated from the Tamer Games, not even spending their first night here. Oh, how so very tragic."

Mikki grumbled to herself and folded her arms, Geez, when will they stop with the little games? First Dodgeball and now Hide-and-seek, what's next?

"So now everyone has two minutes to get back in your teams and formulate a battle plan! Go, go, go!" Meledy shouted, pointing at no one in particular.

Everyone ran around in chaos, trying to find their team members.

The twins, Lopmon and Lopmon, Dracomon and Miyuki had already found each other and were discussing things in a little huddle.

"Okay everyone. I say we just run for any cover, but as far from this room as possible." Axel, but then again it could have been Alex, commanded, taking control.

Miyuki frowned, "but isn't that what everyone is going to do? I think the officials will start looking at the room that's the most far away and then come inwards. They know everyone will try hide as far away as possible so they aren't the first found."

Dracomon couldn't help but agree with his partner. "Yeah and instead of spending all those minutes running wildly to the other side of the building, we can spend it finding the best hiding spot."

"Wow, that's the smartest thing I've heard you say Dracomon," Miyuki stared wide-eyed at the little, blue dragon.

"Oh stop it you!" Dracomon blushed, his little cheeks going a bright red. ""I learn from you."

Now it was Miyuki's turn to blush, but before she could say anything, Lopmon jumped in the middle of the two. "You guys are so mushy sometimes."

The twins looked at each other with wide eyes, then back at her and burst out laughing.

"W-what?" she stammered.

"Nothing, that was just kinda cute," Alex, or maybe Axel, interjected.

"I'm not cute buddy," Dracomon growled, a little insulted. Usually he could take a joke, but maybe his nerves were just running high cause he really didn't want to go out on the first night.

Alex, maybe Axel, took a step out of their huddle circle, to step into a girl's back, causing her to go forward and land on some boy who was sitting down. "Whoops, sorry Charlie!" he yelled before grabbing his partners in crime and running off to the entrance. They had their plan all sorted out, there was no need to huddle any longer.

Charlie quickly got off of Otto's lap, not looking too perplexed about anything. Otto, on the other hand, had a look of shock on his face and he turned his face swiftly so no one could notice the hint of a blush creeping up.

"I don't know, what good will hiding on our own do?" Charlie asked, not taking a second notice of Otto and turning to Mikki.

"Now that I think of it, even if we did hide on our own, if one of us were found, we'd still be in the second game. We should hide together, and then at least we'll know if we're in or out." Coronamon suggested, holding his hand out in explanation fashion.

"Exactly!" Charlie burst out, snapping her fingers.

"So we're all just hiding together then?" Mikki confirmed, and everyone nodded. As the others walked to the door to get ready, Mikki spotted pink hair close by and immediately went towards it.

"Hey Ash!" Mikki shouted, grabbing her friend's shoulder and spinning her around.

Her brown eyes were wide for a second, but as she recognized Mikki, she seemed to calm down again. The two did their good luck hand shake and Mikkie left with a smile to join her team mates again.

Ash was feeling all warm inside, happy to have a good friend with her, but then jumped when she heard the bell ringing.

"That's your signal! You all have five minutes to hide!" Meledy shouted out and everyone went rushing past the Happy Team.

"Holy shit, how did we not think about that?" Lily suddenly burst out, pointing at the Crazy Eights, whose Digimon had all reverted back to their in-training forms.

Isabella held on to her Yokomon, Lucky held on to his Motimon and Gideon held on to his Kapurimon.

Now Yokomon was almost baby form of Biyomon. She was still pink, but looked like a radish as she had little villi-like legs and a large, blue flower grew off the top of her head. Motimon was just this pink blob creature who had two arms and wide, brown eyes. Kapurimon was this adorable, almost beast like Digimon that wore a helmet over his head (body?) and had a bushy purple and white tail.

"Alright Lucky, Gideon! We have the smallest Digimon around here and that lessens the chance of them being spotted. Now we just need to find... Aha!" Isabella turned at the first door and opened it to reveal the abnormally large library.

"A library. This is perfect." Gideon spoke up, his voice posh and British.

He, along with Lucky, ran through the door, leaving Isabella chasing after them as they ran around trying to find a good spot to hide in.

THE BITCH SQUAD - and Kris - all ran together and they passed the first open door.

"Library anyone?" Kris stopped to ask, only to be knocked across the head.

"No!" Molly yelled at him, "No libraries for us!"

"Yes ma'am," Kris replied as his eyes grew like little hearts as he walked all love-drunkenly behind them.

The BITCH SQUAD - and Kris - all saw the next door opened and realized it was a movie theater.

"It's dark in there! We can totally hide in there," Hanna exclaimed in sheer delight and just as she was about to walk in, Bekki stopped her.

"Nuh-uh, DemiMeramon would be too big of a giveaway in there. We'll be out the first moment an Official walks in." She said.

Hanna looked depressed. She really just wanted to go into the movie theater. "But what if DemiMeramon hides really-"

She couldn't finish her sentence because she had lent her back against the wall next to the door, causing it to open and for her to fall through a secret passageway.

"Ow, I guess this is what they meant by trapdoors..." Hanna realized, rubbing the back of her head where she had hit it.

"Look, there are other doors and hallways in here." Molly saw as she looked through the opened wall. "I'm sure this would be a nice a spot as any to be here."

They all climbed inside and the wall magically closed up behind them.

"We should go this way," Aruruamon spoke up, pointing her green arms in the direction to the left. "People are in the other direction."

"Dammit! Well if others got in, maybe we won't be the first to be found." Molly tried to cheer up the group, who everyone (except Kris and Bearmon) looked pretty sad that they weren't the only ones who found this fantastic hiding spot.

The eight of them ran to the left direction and just in time too, cause six others arrived a few minutes later.

"Did anyone hear anything or am I just going crazy?" Vivian asked.

"I didn't hear anything," Veemon responded, looking around him. They still had their visors on, even in the dark, secret passageway.

"Are you ever going to take off your sunglasses?" Iris asked, coming up beside them with Gabumon. He was silent, looking at these two with slight distrust.

"I've already said that they're visors, not sunglasses!" Vi replied, taking both her and Vee's off nonetheless and putting them in a secret case so they wouldn't get damaged.

"Guys, I was wondering something..." Jasper spoke up, disrupting the two girls' conversation. When they looked towards him, he was inspecting the wall, "I'm just worried that these tunnels are meant to trick us into trying to hide in them 'cause they seem like the safer option. What if it's just a trap and we're now stuck in it?"

"Come on, Jasper. We're the Destiny Squad! We take what fate gives us and we make the best of it. So what if it tricks us now? We'll get another chance and then we won't fall again." Vi said brightly, trying to cheer him up.

Gaomon appreciated what Vi said, and smiled at her. She did feel a lot better about going into these secret passageways with that pep talk and it seemed that Jasper did too.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry, I was just being silly." Jasper said, relaxing his shoulders.

A little noise sounded and everyone turned to Iris, who was looking at her phone as its alarm buzzed. She looked up from it, her eyes wide as she said, "guys, I timed it... and five minutes is over. The Officials are gonna come."

In the Great Library

Four teams hid in this large room. The Crazy Eights were hidden by some bookcases in the top floor while The Noodle Squad was across the way, hiding in the vents. There was an open view and Alex, or maybe Axel, stood on watch there while the remaining five members of his team were all squished together behind him. The other two teams were unimportant and they were hidden somewhere on the first floor.

Everyone heard the door creep open and one of the Officials walked in, carrying a bejewelled cane. He was dressed smartly in a suit and Gaizmon padded in, his grey pelt blurring past Axel, or Alex's, vision as he raced across the room. The man with the bejewelled cane (none other than Morter III) walked along the side of the room, his footsteps echoing off into the room, creating a dramatic effect.

Morter III looked up at the vents sticking out over his head and his bejewelled cane came up to whack it hard. The noise rang out sharply in the Twin's, Lopmon and Lopmon, Miyuki and Dracomon's ears and everyone covered each other's mouths so no one would scream.

When everything seemed silent, Morter III huffed and continued on his way, stopping where the fireplace was.

He took one of the fire toys and threw it up and down in his hand. The twin who was keeping watch in the vents could see everything, but he had no idea what this strange man was thinking.

Suddenly, he threw the fire toys with such force, that it stuck itself into the wall. A little squeak was heard and a Bakemon materialized, stuck on the wall since the fire toy had pinned him there by a ghosty arm.

Morter III smiled darkly before straightening himself and going over to Bakemon. "I've found one." He said into a walkie talkie and there was a big congratulation from Meledy before he silenced the device. He grabbed Bakemon and walked out of the library, leaving everyone, but the group who was caught, sighing in clear relief.

In the Gym

No group was hidden in the gym, as it was two open spaced and there was not enough space to hide more than two people, but there was a group hidden in the girl's bathroom.

Team Happy occupied two of the three toilet cubicles available. The three Digimon all stood on one of the toilets, in case anyone did decide to come in and look underneath to see their feet. Neemon and SnowAgumon balanced on the toilet together, while Terriermon occupied Neemon's head, thankful that the walls of the cubicle were tall enough for him to do that.

In the next cubicle, Ash, Lily and Will all attempted to stand on the toilet together, but were failing miserably.

Will was squished up against the wall, while Ash crouched on the top of the toilet and she was squirming because Lily had no other choice but to lean on her as that was the only way he wouldn't crash to the floor. Her drawn up knees touched his chest and they were both extremely uncomfortable in this position.

"I regret making this decision." Will puffed out, finding it hard to speak since he was so squished.

"You say that now," Lily grunted, trying to move so he could kick him, but that almost resulted in them all falling off. After they quickly regained their balance, Lily and Ash were in an even more awkward position.

He was leaning heavily on her now and she felt like she was trapped in a cage because he was standing while she crouched so his tallness just doubled and he towered over her more than usual, completely covering her.

Just as she was about to stutter out a sorry, the door to the bathroom opened and a whistle with a cheery tone was heard.

"Oi, Uncle, aren't you supposed to be seeking?" A voice asked steps were heard across.

"Yes, but if I don't pee now, my bladder is going to explode." A man's voice, Lily and Ash recognized him as the guy who passed them on the first test, grumbled out and the door to the first cubicle swung open.

The noise of water hitting water sounded and that dragged on for an extremely long time. It felt like five minutes had gone by just from this man peeing, but Team Happy were trying their hardest to remain still. Tension was high in the air and finally, Uncle stopped peeing and flushed the toilet. They heard the tap go on as he washed his hands and the door swung open as he and his Digimon partner walked out.

Team Happy let out the long breath they had all been holding and Lily suddenly slipped, causing everyone else to fall down on top of him. It was literally a dog pile as Will lay limp since Ash was desperately trying to get off of him. When she did and quickly went back to the toilet seat, Lily heaved Will off of him.

"Guys... it's really creepy that Uncle comes to use the bathroom in the girl's one..." Ash said quietly, fumbling with her shirt in embarrassment.

The boys weren't sure how to answer, because they themselves were inside the girl's bathroom.

"Whose bright idea was it to hide in here anyway? I'm gonna be scarred for life!" Lily exclaimed, crossing his arms and glaring at Will.

"Don't look at me like that. There are mostly male officials, so I thought there would be less of a chance for them coming in here. It was better than any idea you had!" Will snorted back at him.

"Shh, he's still in the gym," Terriermon spoke to them through the wall. His large ears were up and listening for any signs he might come in again.

Silence enveloped everyone, and after a while, Terriermon laughed. "He left now."

The team slumped over; thankful they had escaped at least one Official.

In the movie theater

The Bombers and another random team that has no importance whatsoever were spread out across the Movie Theater.

Betamon was hidden in the popcorn container, letting the popcorn cover his entire body. He just hoped that they replaced the popcorn tomorrow. He wouldn't want anyone to taste Betamon when they wanted popcorn, but it was the only logical place he could think to hide in. It covered him nicely while allowing his a nice view of the room.

Levi and Allen were hidden close together, both opting to hide in the flowing curtains. They stayed still and silent and Allen was just hoping Etemon wouldn't try some lame stunt.

Speaking of Etemon, he was hidden in one of those life-size figures of at the side. It was one of Hulk and he thought it was meant to be considering he was the Digimon King and all.

Gizumon was in one of the vending machines, right where the drinks or snacks fall to and where you put your hand in to grab it. It was a smart idea, granted the Officials didn't want a quick snack.

Raine was hidden under an extensive amount of beanbags and just managed to cover herself all up before the door opened.

It revealed Meledy (obviously she would be in the movie theater) and Phascomon and they walked in slowly. Their eyes searched very carefully and they walked along the edge, looking in between the seats. She was coming up close to one of the kids in the other group and not wanting to be the first to be found, he quickly aimed the slingshot he carried around with him and hit Allen behind the curtain.

"Ow! The hell was that?" Came Allen's muffled voice as he rubbed his head, finding it sore just above his eye.

"Aha!" Meledy yelled, flinging open the curtain to reveal Levi and Allen looking shocked. "I found you," she said brightly before taking Allen's hand and pulling him out of the theater with her.

"The fuck you tryna pull?" Raine exploded from her beanbag hiding spot and marched on over to the kid who had shot at Allen.

"Whatever," he replied, placing his slingshot back into his pocket.

Levi had to quickly run and save the kid from Raine's rage, even if he did deserve it.

In the Secret Passageways

The BITCH SQUAD – and Kris – as well as the Destiny Squad were in the secret passageways. The two oldest Officials, with their Babamon and Jijimon, were wondering around the halls and the two groups had been dodging them the whole time.

The secret passageways were confusing, to say the least, and wherever they turned, it just led down a different path they hadn't been before. The Officials walked slowly, but they knew they were there. They just had to catch one of them.

Finally, after ten minutes of running around blindly in the darkness, they all heard a scream.

It was a girl's scream and Kris was relieved to run into all his team members and their partners, so they must have caught another person from the other group.

Old Hilary had gotten a hold of Vi and she had just screamed from the shock of a wrinkly, old hand popping up out of nowhere.

"Vi!" Veemon exclaimed as he turned back, shocked that his partner had been caught.

He felt cold hands grip him and looked up to see the old man smiling down at him. "We've got you." He said and he said it so pleasantly that it felt fake and forced, which only annoyed the two.

They pushed on one of the bricks and the wall opened. Jasper, Gaomon, Iris and Gabumon had been close and they supposed they might as well follow since they didn't have to hide anymore.

In the Hallway

"You know... I kind of feel like this is cheating..." Mizu spoke up as they followed Uncle through the hallways.

Renamon was beside her, pushing Tea's wheelchair along. "It was the only solution I could come up with. It would be difficult to hide while Tea is in a wheelchair."

Tea looked downcast, "I'm sorry everyone," she spoke up, her voice soft.

"You need not be sorry Tea," Time said, placing his hand on her shoulder in comfort. "This does help us a lot."

They were all in the shadow world that Renamon visited often. It was darker than how it would normally be and shadows covered just about everywhere, but no one can see them if they are in it. She often used this technique to get away from people as she was quiet and often, did not want to talk to others.

They were following Uncle 'cause they didn't want to wait around in the dining room. They all wanted to know if it was just random luck that leads the Officials to you or if they really do know where you're hiding.

They were slightly disappointed with Uncle and Gomamon. They just wondered around, not really paying attention to anything, even though he had already passed a group near the gym.

He suddenly stopped, and the kids behind him stopped with caution.

"Hey Renamon... we won't just suddenly vanish out of the shadow world, will we?" Gaomon asked, looking at her seriously.

She wasn't quite sure as to what she should say. "I'm not sure... I've never sent a group as big as this here."

All stood still as Uncle turned to face him. His gaze intensified and he immediately started running towards them. Everyone stood frozen in shock, thinking they had been discovered, but the middle-aged man ran right past them, towards an open door.

There was commotion in there and a few seconds later, he dragged a girl out by her ear. She looked really upset and angry and he just looked happy that he finally found someone.

As the others followed Uncle back, they heard the bell sound once again and everyone started to go out of their hiding spots and into the hallway. The shadow world disappeared around The Peace Team and a few kids jumped at their sudden appearance.

When everyone made it to the room, they all sat back in silence as the five people and Digimon who were caught were revealed.

The only team of note were The Bombers, who stood behind a grumpy looking Allen, and The Destiny Squad, who were standing there behind Vi and Veemon.

Meledy took a step forward and addressed all the contestants. "Now that everyone's gathered, there's been a change of plan. Instead of the whole group going out to hide again, you will now have to choose amongst yourselves who will be the one to hide from each group."

Vi turned towards her teammates, "I volunteer to hide. I was caught first, so it's obviously Fate that wants me to go hide for this team and to see us to victory."

"But Vi, I was also caught," Veemon responded to her. "I think I should go and hide."

"Aww Vee, you don't have to-" Vi was interrupted as he dug into her pocket to take out the special case that held their visors.

He placed them over his eyes, and then placed Vi's over hers. "It's Destiny Vi! I won't get caught." He assured her before running off to where the chosen people were gathering. Since two Officials had caught two people of the same team, there were only four hiding for survival instead of the predicted five.

Levi was in for The Bombers. They had been about to say Allen should go since he got caught, but then Etemon reminded them how lazy he was and they all agreed to not send him out. They also agreed to not send out any of the Digimon, because Etemon was way too loud, Betamon wouldn't want to go on his own and Levi argued that cause Gizumon was purple, he wouldn't be able to hide properly, which resulted in another argument about colour. And so, because of the argument, Levi was thrown in there to hide for them all.

"You guys have three minutes to hide now!" Meledy shouted at the bell rang again. The four members raced forwards, with their teams cheering each of them on.

Veemon headed straight for a wall once he was out of sight of the others, and tapped random spot so it would open for him. He finally got it open and raced through to the secret passageways. He knew it semi-well by now and this best seeker of theirs won't want to spend forever chasing him around in here.

Levi raced onwards, knowing exactly where he wanted to hide. He also returned to the place where his team had been caught, but instead of hiding behind the curtains as he had the previous time, he spotted the other life-size figure that occupied the other side of the Movie Theatre, right across from the Hulk one Etemon had been hiding inside.

This one was an Iron-man one and as he walked towards it, he pulled a roll of duct tape from his pocket and also a tube of super glue. Even if he was found first, his bomb-proof plan would not blow up in his face like an occasional explosion from Gizumon that's gone wrong.




Just after Levi strapped himself inside the Iron-man figure, he heard the bell ring.

What? How can someone be found so quickly?! Levi thought in shock, his eyes opening wide. Hoping it wasn't some trick to get someone out of their hiding spot, he attempted to get out, but all the duct tape he had strapped himself in with made the task impossible.

He desperately tried to move his legs, and somehow succeeded. With a yawp of triumph, Levi began to move towards the door, still inside the Iron-man figure.

Once he raced through the door, silence enveloped the room as everyone turned to see the Iron-man figure that seemed to magically come to life. Some girl screamed and called him some ghost, but he held up his hands quickly.

"No, it's me Levi!" He shouted and they seemed to go from frightened to downright curious as to why he suddenly pitched up dressed as Iron-man. "I'm stuck..." he explained and everyone laughed at him, forgetting the sorrowful moment of having an unimportant team get eliminated just a moment ago.

"Man, what an eventful night! You kids are so funny!" Meledy burst out once she stopped laughing. "Congratulations to the contestants who still remain in the Games. That's it for the first challenge and you crazy kids will get a day to rest tomorrow so don't waste it."

With that said, all the Officials walked out of the Dining Room, leaving the remaining teens high fiving each other and some even hugging.

They all began to slowly make their way out and towards the other building. It was about ten at night now, and some of them were tired and wanted to sleep.

Levi was at the back with the rest of The Bombers, still being Iron-man.

"Levi, I can get you out of there," Gizumon told him, looking up at his covered face.

Levi shook his head quickly, but it was too late because Gizumon had already started to glow. Wide-eyed, Raine and Allen, along with their partners, had no idea what he was doing and didn't try to run away so they just stood there. Well, that's a stupid mistake to make.

Gizumon exploded, making everyone have a free lesson in learning to fly and they all landed some way off, smoke coming from their clothes.

"Fuck..." Raine mumbled, struggling to get up.

"Yosh! It worked!" Levi said, climbing out of his Iron-man figure that had busted open in the front. He turned to Gizumon, who was looking very proud of himself and said, "But you know I don't really mind wearing anything I want to."

"It would have been uncomfortable sleeping in it." Gizumon argued, justifying his explosion.

Levi nodded, and looked back at the figure. "I bet that would still be awesome to wear once I fix it up."

"It would." Gizumon agreed as he helped Levi pick it up and carry it back to their room.

The rest of The Bombers eventually made it back to the room, still slightly smoldering. They each gave Gizumon a whallop for blowing them up, then Jasper and Gaomon passed out on their bed while a cursing Raine went to the bathroom as Betamon went to their shared bed.


There still lay a team stuck in the main building.

It was room nine (who I still haven't thought of a name for) which consisted of Sello, Muchomon, Jake, Dracmon, Gumdramon and Jamie and they all were stuck in a secret room that didn't seem to have any exit.

The Digimon raised their head. "It looks like the challenge is over now." Muchomon said to the group.

The humans were all sitting on the floor, looking hopeless.

"Did they really forget about us?!" Sello shouted at the ceiling.

Somehow, they had gotten stuck in this secret room with no way out and it appeared as if everyone just forgot about their existence.

Jamie put a hand on her shoulder, "There, there. We shouldn't give up, they'll come for us eventually."

Jake looked at him, "Yeah, I sure hope so..."

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So onto the characters:

Room 1. (Noodle Squad)

Axel - Lopmon

Alex - Lopmon

Miyuki - Dracomon

Room 2. (InsertCoolNameHere Team)

Mikki - Coronamon

Charlie - Armadillomon

Otto - Tsuikaimon

Room 3. (Team Happy)

Ash - Neemon

Will - SnowAgumon

Lily - Terriermon

Room 4. (THE BITCH SQUAD! - and Kris)

Bekki - Aruraumon

Molly - Grademon

Hanna - DemiMeramon

Kris - Bearmon

Room 5. (The Bombers)

Raine - Betamon

Allen - Etemon

Levi - Gizumon

Room 6. (Peace Team)

Time - Hyokomon

Tea - Renamon

Mizu - Gaomon

Room 7. (Destiny Squad)

Jasper - Gaomon

Vivian - Veemon

Iris - Gabumon

Room 8. (The Crazy Eights)

Isabella - Biyomon

Lucky - Arukenimon

Gideon - ExTyrannamon

Room 9. (Reader's choice for team name)

Sello - Muchomon

Jake - Dracmon

Jamie - Gumdramon