Tokiya groaned. The sunlight hit his eyes making his head pounding. Last night, the Hokage team threw a big party after their winning in Ura Butou Satsujin. They (the monkey) and Kuu team drank themselves silly. Heck even the Uruha teams drunk too. Kurei sponsored all the drinks.

He only drank the punch, but now he realized that the punch was spiked. He didn't remember anything after the fifth glasses. Plus the hangover was terrible. His eyes blurry, his head felt like someone just drop one-ton anvil from ten meters high straight to his head, and all his body felt numb and tired. All in all he felt like shit. He groaned again.

He moved his hand to cover his eyes from the offending sunlight. But the hand didn't obey. He opened his blurry eyes to look at whatever that constrained his arm.

Only to find a certain purple-haired girl slept contently beside him. She was using his right arm as a pillow.

Tokiya blinked. His usually agile mind was slow today. He could NOT comprehend the fact that Fuuko, of all people was sleeping beside him.

'It's better then having Domon sleep beside you.' A voice, suspiciously sounded like Recca, chirped in his head. 'Besides Fuuko is cute, sexy and above all she's only on her underwear on your bed.'

The last sentence knocked some sense into his mind. He shook his head furiously to get rid of the annoying voice. Bad move, because Tokiya found the world spinning around him. He fought the urge to groan for the third time. If Fuuko awake it will be his doom. Or worse, she woke up, look at him, screamed her head off and all the people will barge in the room to found him and Fuuko on the bed. Wait a minute . great he's only wear his birthday suit.

Yes, he could see it all. Recca would laugh hysterically, Domon would pulverize him; Kagero would raise her eyebrow, and Yanagi. She would think him as a pervert. He didn't care about the other thought but he would die first than having Yanagi think wrongly about him. Just what were he and Fuuko doing last night?

Tokiya was too occupied with his train of thought to notice the sign of awakening from Fuuko. She stirred and continued to sleep, snuggling closer to Tokiya, murmuring his name. Tokiya's body and mind froze, waiting for the inevitable Kamaitachi (one of Fuujin's attack).

It didn't come. Tokiya looked down to his chest where Fuuko's head currently laid. For a few minutes, he tried to unclasp Fuuko's death drip from his waist, trying to get away from the will-be-source-of-tornado in the room. No such luck, her grip just tighten, her leg tangled with Tokiya's and she pressed her body close to him. Tokiya could feel her breast against his torso.

Tokiya gulped. He was the man of control. He could keep his calm even at the most dangerous time in battle, so how come a simple unconscious move from Fuuko could get his heart ran a mile an hour and turn his calculated mind into a jumble. Oh yeah, this is the first time a girl hug him like that. That's why.

'What should I do?' Tokiya's mind screamed. He tried to squirm his way out but like his first attempt, it didn't work. To make it worse, his squirm woke Fuuko up. She yawned heartily and blinked her sleepy eyes.

"Morning, Tokiya." She kissed his cheek. "I still wanna sleep."

'Tokiya, TOKIYA!! Since when she call him that.' Tokiya was in the edge of hysteria.

"What's wrong with you? You look pale." Fuuko touched his forehead. "You drank too much last night, Toki-chan."

"I think so too." Tokiya said it with a hoarse voice automatically.

"Hummm, last night was great." Fuuko snuggled against Tokiya's neck. Her hand caressed his chest lovingly. "You're really a man."

Tokiya gulped. 'No it just can't be. Maybe I am wrong, maybe she implied another thing.' He felt Fuuko licked his earlobe. 'Goddamnit.'

Tokiya pulled Fuuko away from him, before the hormones work on his mind. He needed to know what happen between him and Fuuko. And he didn't need Fuuko to distract him.


"Yes, Toki-chan?"

"I'm sorry but what did we do last night?" He braced himself incase Fuuko went ballistic.

Fuuko giggled. "What do you mean? You mean you're forgot. It's not funny ya- no."

Tokiya blanked.

"You . you really forget." Tokiya nodded.

Then Fuuko did something that very unlike her. She sniffed and a solitary tear drops from her eyes. It's the first time Tokiya went into the panic mode.

"Come on, don't cry, Fuuko. I'm sorry but I really don't remember." He tried to soothe the crying female. If it were another time, he would insult her when she cried like that.

"How sniff how cruel sniff it was sniff my first time sniff and you forget." Fuuko turned away from Tokiya. She hid her face with her hands.

"Fu ..Fuuko, I'm sorry." Tokiya put a hand on Fuuko's shoulder only to get it slapped away.

"Sorry won't help anything."

They fell into silence with only Fuuko's hiccups as the only sounds in the room.

"I will take the responsibility." Tokiya stated.

"Huh?" Fuuko looked at Tokiya.

"I will take responsibility, so you don't have to worry." He hugged Fuuko. "I will take care of everything."

"Tokiya .." Couldn't contain her laughter anymore, Fuuko started to giggle. Tokiya look at her; confused when the laughter become louder.


"Aha ha ha ha ha, sorry Mi-chan, you should see your face right now." She giggled. "It's so hilarious."


"Stupid, consider yourself prank."

"WHAT?!" Tokiya's confuse turn into anger.

"Whoa, don't be mad, Mi-chan. I was only kidding."

"Kidding?!" Tokiya blew up. "You don't kid with this kind of thing."

"Hey, it's not my fault you drunk yourself silly last night then Kurei and Recca decided to make a bet on you."

"And, what kind of bet that is?"

Fuuko grinned. "To see your reaction when you wake up, of course. If you still your freezing self then Kurei and Recca wins. But since you fell guilty than it's my win. Tokiya?"

Tokiya stood and walk to the chair where his cloths were put. He put them on silently, then he walk out the door.

"What the hell happened to him? It's not that bad." Fuuko started to wonder with Tokiya's behavior. She thought he would take the ensui and try to kill her mercilessly. But her wonder was cut short when a voice was heard from the outside.

"Uwaaaaaaa, Mikagami, what the hell you're doing?" Recca's voice was carried in the room. Then sounds of things break and another yell could be heard.

Fuuko smiled. Well it's Mikagami alright. Fuuko whistled and went to the bathroom. She giggled again when she remembered Tokiya's reaction.

'But my heart was beating so fast when he hugged me. Could it be that I fall in love with him?'

Fuuko contemplated on that bit of revelation. "Naah."

She took a shower while outside the room Recca's yell still could be heard. "What did I do?!"


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