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Title: Wanna Sext?

Rating: M

Summary: Sasuke joins an online chatroom, where he encounters someone who really turns him on.

Nami-Kun: Wanna Sext?

Shadow_Me: I don't see why not ;)


Sasuke lounged against his leather couch, cola in one hand and a rice ball in the other. After a week of having the deal with that annoying pest also known as Naruto Uzumaki, the raven haired teenager could finally relax in his peaceful home. He smirked at the television, languidly maneuvering his hand towards his mouth, taking a bite of the rice ball, straddling his legs slightly. The sunset elicited faint rays of sunlight to cascade through the open kitchen window towards the East of Sasuke, but he just kept his transfixed gaze on the ninja battling to the death on the flat screen. Wearing a baggy pair of black sweat pants, and a loose white t shirt, he placed the Cola on the table nonchalantly and continued to feast on the rice ball. A light chuckle erupted from his mouth as the taller brunette was decapitated by his opponent. Today was his parent's wedding anniversary, so they left to some exotic island to celebrate, leaving Itachi and Sasuke to tend to the manor, but the elder of the two had already set up plans to meet up with his girlfriend, so that just leaves Sasuke. Sighing nonchalantly, the raven carded his spiky black hair groaning when he noticed that his right palm was now empty of rice in ball form. Draping his arm over the back of the couch, he arched an eyebrow abruptly, glancing over his shoulder to find that it was only 5:30 in the afternoon.

"Niisan, better have dinner here by 10 or I'm going to be pissed." He mused, leaning forward to grasp the Cola in his left calloused palm. Onyx eyes intently watched the television, abruptly turning into U shapes when the albino on screen fell to his death. Sasuke was sadistic, it was something that he found out about when he was younger, after witnessing the death of his best friend and her family. He wasn't terrified of the incident, in fact it turned out to be pretty amusing at the time. Groaning inwardly, the Uchiha squirmed on the upholstery, reaching into his back pocket, where the phone quaked against his left butt cheek. A text message from Sakura. He rolled his eyes nonchalantly, tapping the screen to open the message:

Haruno, Sakura: [Hey, Sasuke. Get on My_Booklet, I wanna chat with you :D]

He stared absentmindedly at the message for a few minutes, trying to conjure up the perfect excuse why he couldn't chat with her.

Uchiha, Sasuke: [Fine, give me a sec.]

That roused something inside him, but he pushed the abrupt feelings aside, grasping the Cola in his hand before ascending the spiral staircase, phone in hand. He pondered why Sakura liked him so much? After all the times he rejected her advances, and that one time where he told her personally that he could and would never love her, it didn't stop her! Trudging down the narrow hallway, he pushed open the last door on the right (three doors on the left, two on the right), stumbling over randomly discarded clothing, languidly descending into his swivel chair, shaking the mouse which elicited the monitor to turn on. His canopy bed sat adjacent to his computer stand just a few feet away, the black silk sheets and drapes corresponded with his unfazed attitude... Dark. The lamp sat proudly on top of the wooden table next to the computer, a shelf of books decorated his wall, and the small walk in closet stood next to the entrance of his bedroom. Placing his phone delicately on the wooden table next to the computer, he typed in his username and password hastily, scrolling down his list of My_Booklet contacts until Sakura's name emerged before his onyx eyes.

Shadow_Me: Hey, Sakura.

He lounged backwards in the chair, folding his arms against the back of his head as he waited for the pinkette to reply. Sitting in total darkness, except for the light shining in from his open bedroom door, Sasuke arched an eyebrow at the screen, leaning forward hastily, gripping the sides of the monitor with tenacity.

Nami-Kun has entered the chatroom.

"The...fuck? Who's Nami-Kun?" Sasuke inquired, letting his fingers click the keys with experience.

Shadow_Me: Who are you, Nami-Kun?

He waited a few seconds until the stranger replied.

Nami-Kun: Who are you? You do know you aren't in a private conversation. How do you know Sakura?

Sasuke arched an eyebrow, scratching his head nervously, conjuring on the perfect line to counter Nami's.

Shadow_Me: Evidentally, you don't know it's wrong to interrupt someone when their trying to have a conversation with someone else. How rude? *pouts*

The raven smirked mischievously at his accomplishment, resting his elbow on the edge of the desk, where his computer sat, watching the stranger reply something he'd never expect.

Nami-Kun: I never expected someone with a name like Shadow_Me to be so childish. I like that. Maybe we should chat in a more restricted atmosphere?

Sasuke found himself smiling slightly, nodding albeit he knew the stranger couldn't see him, but something about this person intrigued him.

Shadow_Me has entered into Private Chatroom #245

Nami-Kun: Took you long enough XD

Shadow_Me: It only took like 3 minutes lol.

Nami-Kun: How old are you? I don't want to be messaging some kind of pedophile or some little kid who's too young to be on this site.

The raven read the message, wiggling his nimble fingers playfully before, letting them make contact with the keyboard.

Shadow_Me: Damn, eager much?

Nami-Kun: I get straight to the point ;) Can't handle how direct I am? ;P

Shadow_Me: I can handle anything. If you want to be the direct, then fine. I'm 17.

Nami-Kun: So am I! Wow! Where do you live?

Sasuke hesitated, wondering why this guy would inquire such a personal question. Well he thought it had to be a guy, with the name kun, it had to be a male. But he answered, it was the least he could do.

Shadow_Me: I live in with my parents.

Nami-Kun: Daaaaamn, I hadn't noticed. Are you a guy or girl?

Shadow_Me: A guy.

Nami-Kun: Oh 0_0

Shadow_Me: Is that a problem for you, sir? Were you expecting to get off while conversing with a horny female?

Sasuke got up from the chair, stalking towards the entrance way of his bedroom, glancing over his shoulder before disappearing around the corner towards the stairwell. Sitting on the rail, he slid down to the bottom, something his mother would scold him for if she were home. Rummaging through the refrigerator he grabbed another Cola and rice ball, at which he scurried back up the stairs, plopping down in the chair letting his eyes rest on the monitor.

Nami-Kun: No, it's not a problem. I prefer men over women anyway... Wanna Sext?

Sasuke gawked at the computer screen, remembering the teen did say he was direct, but it still bewildered him. Sitting in darkness (except for the light shining from the monitor and open door), he bit into the rice ball, typing on the keyboard with his left hand only.

Shadow_Me: Oh, a fellow homosexual :D. I don't see why not ;) just be glad that I'm not in a relationship at the moment.

Nami-Kun: Must be my lucky day ;) Have a preference?

Shadow_Me: Preference?

Nami-Kun: Yeah, like what type of guys are you more attracted to?

Sasuke tapped his index finger against his chin, worrying his bottom lip while gazing up at his plain white ceiling, noticing how bumpy it was for the first time. The light beamed on him, from the monitor but he sighed languidly, clenching and unclenching his hands into fists until he mustered up the courage to reply.

Shadow_Me: I really don't have one. As long as I'm on top, I truly don't care who they are :P

Nami-Kun: Well, I really enjoy brunettes with really dark hair. Guys with spiky hair and eyes that looked like they could pierce through your soul with just one glance.

Shadow_Me: It must be your lucky day, because I'm a raven. I must be your dream guy *laughs*

Nami-Kun: I guess you are *winks* Are you in the mood?

This took Sasuke aback, his mouth opening subconsciously, taking the last remains of the rice ball into his mouth. Gulping down a swig of Cola, he typed on the keyboard.

Shadow_Me: I'll be in the mood if you make me ;) turn me on, Nami-Kun.

Nami-Kun: Awww *pouts* I was expecting a different answer. You start.

Shadow_Me: Waaaah? You're making me start... I told you to turn me on not me turn myself on, but fine. Where are we?

Sasuke grabbed the can of Cola, drinking a small sip glancing up at the screen, to see that Nami had replied.

Nami-Kun: We're in your bedroom, and I'm slowly caressing your chest.

Sasuke smirked at the answer, feeling that tantalizing sensation of arousal emerging from darkness, coursing through his body. The feeling was all too familiar, and it was something he wouldn't mind.

Shadow_Me: I'd let you continue, while I fretted the shell of your ear with my tongue, whispering dirty things into your ear.

Nami-Kun: Ummm... What would you tell me? *plants sloppy kisses all over your neck*

Shadow_Me: *moans* I'd tell you how good I'd make you feel having my penis inside your wanton anus. Feeling it ram into your prostate until you couldn't see straight for days. *grips your chin and pulls you into a kiss*

Nami-Kun: *Kisses you back while slithering my hand into your pants, grabbing your hard on*

Sasuke felt his sweat pants tighten at the news, groaning inwardly he pushed his fumbling fingers through his black hair, eyes locked on the screen as he repeatedly found himself reading the last message over and over in his mind. Letting his shaking hands touch the buttons, he typed in his response.

Shadow_Me: *groans, while I grab both your hands and places them above your head, grinding my crotch against yours*

Nami-Kun: Shadow_Me...Aaagh...what else would you do to me?

Sasuke looked down at the tent in his pants, biting his bottom lip while forcing himself to look away, typing frantically on the keyboard.

Shadow_Me: I'd suck your neck, licking my way up towards your jaw line, until you moaned my name.

Nami-Kun: Shadow_Me! *moans your real name, while arching against your front, begging for you to release my hands* Send me a picture.

Shadow_Me: Of what?

Nami-Kun: It doesn't matter, I just need to see you! *rolls my hand against your balls angling my head to take your lips into a kiss*

Sasuke moaned, gripping the hem of his white t shirt, removing the article of clothing languidly, carding his digits through his hair. He felt so hot! Grabbing his phone he selected one of his personal pictures of his full body, one that showed him standing naked and open. To insure his privacy, he blurred out the face and connected the USB cord to his electronic device, sending the photo to his virtual lover. It's been a few months since he was last this aroused with anyone, and he hasn't masturbated in a while either. Flicking his tongue over his index finger, a message announced that his "lover" had received his messaged and even replied.

Shadow_Me has sent a picture message 5 minutes ago.

Nami-Kun: that want so, don't I won't to man love to that *drools*

Shadow_Me: Waaaaaaah? 0_o

Nami-Kun: Sorry, I was drooling all over my keyboard and my hands a trembling *blushes* I meant that was so hot! Damn, I want to make love to that. *pushes your pants off, and then your boxers, watching your erection spring to life*

Sasuke bit his bottom lip, letting his erection escape from its encumbrance, forcing his pants and boxers down to his ankles, gasping at the cold air that abruptly attacked his shaft.

Shadow_Me: *pushes my erection against your crotch, leaning forward against your lower abdomen, kissing you just above your low riding pants. Right at the base of your V line*

Nami-Kun: Mmmmm... Oh Shadow_Me! Ugh, go lower please! *pushes you lower, hoping you take me into your mouth*

Shadow_Me: It must really be your lucky day ;D *wastes no time removing your clothes, taking the erection in my moist cavern bobbing vigorously up and down your shaft*

Nami-Kun: Go...God damn! Nnnnnnngh, Shadow_Me... Yes! *moans, entwining my fingers with your hair, holding you steady as I thrust softly into your mouth*

Shadow_Me: *holds your hips down to detain you, pushing my tongue into the slit of your penis, toying with the foreskin. Pulling away I'll kiss my way down to the base of your dick, engulf a testicle*

Nami-Kun: Don't...Don't stop! Please let my buck! Please, why do...you need to be a tease *moans your real name*

Sasuke gripped his penis firmly into a tight grasp, pumping the organ. He threw his head back slightly, wishing that Nami-Kun's hands were around him, eliciting such pleasure. He gasped for breath, reading the message before him.

Nami-Kun: I'm...I'm coming!

Sasuke groaned, oscillating his hand rapidly, straddling his legs in the dark worrying his bottom lip to stop the moans from erupting into the silent air.

Shadow_Me: *pulls away and flips your body over angling myself for entry*

Nami-Kun: Waaaah? No preparation? *reaches behind me and pulls ass cheeks apart for Shadow_Me*

Shadow_Me: Hell no! I can't wait! *thrusts into your ass, almost ejaculating at the heat that engulfed my organ in your core*

Nami-Kun: *cries out in agony, but eventually adjusts to the abrupt size*

Sasuke continued to pump himself, moaning out despite himself trying to detain such noises. He'd never thought of ever having virtual sex with anyone, but at the moment he couldn't think of anything at all! Too disoriented to fathom or even comprehend the world around him, Sasuke forced himself to pull his hand away from his shaft, typing on the keyboard.

Shadow_Me: *fucks you senseless, pulling out almost all the way, shoving back in half way, giving you shallow thrusts*

Nami-Kun: No! Go deeper!... Fa...Faster! Give it to me, please!

Shadow_Me: ugh!...you're so...damn tight it's too much... I'm going to cum! *continues to pound inside you, quickening my pace as the squeaking bed gives me motivation*

Nami-Kun: ugh...Yes! Right there...give me more!...nnnnnnnnnnngh! *grabs a hand full of bedsheets, shutting my eyes with brute force while grimacing at the painful pleasure*

Shadow_Me: So...mmm... So close...I...I can't keep going. *releases your hips from my grasp, bracing my body up with both hands, retreating and protruding my bottom half rapidly*

Nami-Kun: Im coming!

Sasuke reached forward to reply, pumping his organ as the feel of his climax approaching quickly, attacking his slightly convulsing body.

Shadow_Me: Me too!

He gave one last powerful thrust, spewing white strings of cum all over his computer screen, keyboard, chest, and a small amount on his chin. Lolling dependently against the back of his swivel chair, Sasuke struggled to regain his composure from his recent high. Leaning forward languidly, he grabbed a small towel, cleaning up the mess before looking up at the monitor through half lidded eyes noticing the message that elicited a slight smile on this masochistic's face.

Nami-Kun: Wanna video Chat? I would really like see the face of the man that caused me to cum all over myself. XD

Sasuke fixed his clothes, staring vacantly at the screen before him. Should he accept that video chat? What if this guy knew him and told the world that he took part in this grotesque behavior? It's damaged his Uchiha pride! Sasuke thought fast typing frantically on the keyboard.

Shadow_Me: No, not now... Gotta go bye.

Shadow_Me has left the chatroom

Sasuke averted his gaze towards his bedroom door and sighed languidly. Who's Nami-Kun?

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