September 10, 1996

0354 hours

"Push, Aphrodite! Push!"

A shrill high-pitched scream filled the palace. Lady Aphrodite gripped Queen Hera tightly until blood oozed out of the Queen's arms, but no one noticed. Lady Aphrodite was sitting in an upright position, covered in a layer of sweat. Her beautiful face cringed as she let out another cry of pain. Lady Athena was helping with the delivery, glancing every now and then at Lady Aphrodite.

"Push, Aphrodite! The babe is coming now," Lady Athena urged. "I can see her head now. Push!"

Another scream was filling the room and everyone gritted their teeth, resisting the painful noise.

"It's just a... another two centimetres and she will be born into this world. Hera, help her with the birth. She cannot take this much pain anymore. It's too much." Lady Athena told the Queen.

The doors opened and another goddess was in the room. She took off her bow and her set of arrows and placed it at the side of door. "Am I late?"

"No, Artemis. You are just in time to see the baby." Queen Hera said quickly. Lady Artemis ran to the women and stared at the baby that was coming out.

"This is one of the reasons why I do not want children." She grumbled.

"Artemis!" Queen Hera snapped. "Do not say this things in front of Aphrodite!"

"Just one last push and it will be over, Aphrodite, I promise you." Lady Athena said. "You & Hades can take care of the child if you want to."

Lady Aphrodite pushed until a cry of a newborn filled the ears.

"Congratulations, Aphrodite. You have brought a goddess into the world." Lady Artemis smiled.

"Welcome to the world, Isabella Marie." Lady Aphrodite whispered weakly.