Just A Fling

By: Magayon

Summary: When Hinata found out about Naruto's marriage to her best friend, Sakura, she felt neglected and hurt. She wanted someone who could hold her hand, someone she could talk to... And then she met Sasuke, a playboy who could only give her nights of pleasure, someone who held her even there's no real feeling between them. She thought she was okay with that, but why was she hurting when he saw him with other women? She was drawn to him but knew she could not ever cross the line.


HINATA couldn't breathe from the fierceness of his kiss. The heat of his body set fire on her own. Just how could a man she didn't know turn her body like that?

Sasuke. If she remembered it right, that was his name.

She and Sasuke met in a bar that night. She didn't expect that she would be going with him to his apartment. They were just talking then suddenly he started kissing her. She didn't turn away even if that was the right thing to do. She was inexperience and also unattractive. So it was a puzzle for her why Sasuke came up to her.

Hinata didn't plan on hooking up. She never even thought about it. She was just in the bar to have some drinks. She needed a release. A release from all the heartache she was experiencing.

That morning, she heard the news that her best friend, Sakura was going to get married. She was happy for her. But what hurt her most was that Sakura was marrying Naruto, the man whom she loved since childhood. Yes. She was in love with her best friend's boyfriend and now fiancé. Just thinking of it made her heart sank. She thought her heart could explode any moment because of the pain she was feeling.

All her life she was living a painful life. She felt neglected by her family. The family she thought who could support her. But turned out they were the ones who would bring her pain. She felt so alone. She could not even cry because she felt weaker when she did. She didn't want to become weak anymore. She didn't want any more pain.

So she thought going with someone whom didn't know her would make her feel wanted even if just a little time.

When Sasuke came up to her that night, she thought this was her chance. Even for just one night, she wanted to forget everything. Being weak, being alone, and being neglected. Tonight, she would not feel alone. She would be brave on making a decision. And her decision was to be with this man, a stranger whom she would not see after tonight.

Hinata's back touched the bed. He crushed her to him, taking control of their kiss. She moaned as he darted his tongue in her mouth to deepen the kiss. She never thought she could feel like that. Her desire for him was increasing as she felt his hands snaked under her clothes. It felt really wonderful. It wasn't a dream. It was really real. She was with a man who she only knows by his first name, on his bed, under his mercy.

The daughter of a very powerful man in the country was with a man she didn't know. She couldn't imagine what her father would do if he would know what she was doing right now.

But she didn't want to think anymore. She just wanted to savour the moment. She wanted him, Sasuke. Thinking of what he could offer her made her body tremble with desire.

She shivered as she felt his hand on her breast, pushing away her bra. She bit her lip when he rubbed his palm on her hardened nipple.

She had never allowed anyone to touch her like that. Growing up in a very conservative family, she grew up to follow the rules. She was so reserved. She didn't let her anyone to see her true feelings. Or rather, she was afraid to show her feelings to anyone because of the fear of being rejected.

Meeting Sasuke, he freed something in her, something wild that she didn't know how to control. She didn't want to control.

Without breaking their kiss, his other hand moved up to her back reaching for the zipper of her dress. He pulled it down. In no time, he took it off her. Tossing her dress aside, leaving her only with her bra and panties. He licked his lips as he looked at her with desire.

"You look lovely," Sasuke said that made her cheeks heat up.

She felt embarrassed and tried covering herself. Sasuke was the first man who ever saw her like that.

"Sshh..." He moved her hands away from her body, pinning it over her head. "Don't be shy," he said in a very seductive tone in her ear and licked it, sending shivers down her spine. This man could really make her lose control.

He started nibbling her neck and then leaving a trace of butterfly kisses towards her breasts.

"This needs to be gone," he said, taking off her bra in a swift motion.

Sasuke really knew how to deal with women's clothes. She wondered how many women he'd gone to bed with. She moaned as he flicked his tongue on her hardened nipple, making her more aroused. His thumb and forefinger teased her other nipple. She could feel something building up in between her thighs. She felt so hot. She was near to losing her mind completely. A moan of need escaped her.

"Wait," Sasuke said, climbing off the bed.

Hinata whimpered. The sudden loss of heat made her body throb even more. She looked at Sasuke at the side of the bed. He was taking off his clothes. Her heartbeat kicked as Saskue's naked body revealed to her. He had a really great body, like the ones from the magazines. Her eyes went further down to his groin. She flushed looking at his sex. She never expected that it would be like that. Would it really fit in her?

"Do you like what you see?" he asked, grinning that made her blush even more.

Hinata shifted her gaze away from him. If she continued to be like that, he would easily know that it would be her first time.

She looked back at him; he was looking something in his drawer.

"What are you looking for?" she asked before she could refrain from doing so.


Puzzled to what he meant by protection, she just watched him until he found what he was looking for. A packet of condom.

Of course. It would be best if they use protection. She didn't even want to have consequences after this night.

Sasuke ripped open the packet and slid it over his erection. "Now, let's get back to business, my princess," he said, climbing on the bed. His hands moved to the garter of her panties. She gasped as he slid it off of her, exposing her fully to his gaze. A smiled curved his lips.

He opened her legs and positioned between her thighs. Her body was on fire as he slid his hand on her most intimate part. She was so wet already by just his touch. Her nether lips are swollen and begging for more. He ran his fingers over her sex, making her shiver. Using his thumbs, he spread her open. He dipped his head down to take her in his mouth.

Hinata arched her back at the sudden sensation filled her. Sasuke began to lick and tease her, making her moan in ecstasy. She never thought of him doing that kind of... she could not even put a name on it. She just felt so wonderful. His hands held her hips, pulling her closer to his mouth. Her heart pounded wildly.

Tears began falling from her eyes due to the incredible ecstasy. She screamed out when she came. She never thought having sex would be so incredible.

Sasuke pulled back, looking at her, panting. Not giving her time to relax from her climax, he spread her thighs wider. He laid his body over her, groaning as her hardened nipple touched his chest. He liked her softness under his touch.

He lowered his head and kissed her, probing her mouth with his tongue. Her hands were stroking his naked back. Sasuke shifted his weight, the tip of his erection against her entrance. She swallowed to what would happen next.

Sasuke deepened his kiss and in one thrust, he slid himself deep inside her.

Hinata cried out as she writhes under him. She could feel Sasuke tensed as the realization hit him.

"Y-you're a..." His face was pale and stunned. He was about to pull out but Hinata wrapped her legs around his waist.

She would not let him go and leave her like that. Her body was still hot and throbbing. It would kill her if he would leave her because he found out she was a virgin.

Gathering all the courage in her, her one hand reached the back of his head, pulled him and kissed him deeply. He moaned at the way her tongue stroked his tongue with hers. Slowly, the tension in Sasuke faded. He answered her kisses with equal passion and desire. He took her hands and placed it above her head.

"This is what you want?" he said, his voice was hoarse and dark that gave her goose bumps.

She swallowed. Maybe she should have just let him leave her. He looked like he wanted to devour her.

Sasuke crushed his lips on her as he thrust himself again in her. She clenched her fists and whimpered at the sudden intrusion. Tears fell from her eyes and her body tensed. He stayed at his position to make her adjust to his size. When she relaxed a bit, he began moving. She felt her insides melting as he moved slow and hard against her. He kissed every inch of her he could reach while he was still inside her. The effect of his kissed on her heightened.

She did not regret losing her virginity to a stranger like him. He was very skilled making her lost control. But thinking back, she once dreamed that Naruto would be her first. She dreamed of the day he would finally realize he loved her. Pain crept in her heart. If only she had the courage to tell him what she felt maybe she'd had a chance. Maybe she was not hurting now...

Hinata came calling out Naruto's name unconsciously.

Sasuke quickened his stroke and joined her in bliss. He lay on top of her panting and weak before he rolled to her side.

Before sleep fully consumed her, she felt arms wrapped around her possessively. She never knew that being inside someone's arms could somehow ease her loneliness. She just wished it didn't end.

To be continued...

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