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Just A Fling

By: Magayon


HINATA'S heart race as warm arms wrapped around her slim body. As if her heart is going to burst out at the strange feeling starting to crept on her body. She shook her head. It was not right to feel like that at the moment especially towards Sasuke. Since that fateful night, Hinata tried to forget everything that happened. The strange feelings she felt and how Sasuke made her want it. It was just crazy.

"Please let me go," Hinata muttered when she found her voice.


Sasuke stayed there for a moment. Hinata could feel him inhaled as if he smelled her.

Then she felt his arms loosened. Hinata moved quickly to her side and faced him.

There was a mischievous grin on his face that made Hinata frown. She didn't like what that grin meant. She was sensing danger. Everything that Sasuke is tells danger. From his onyx eyes, sensual lips and those warm arms that made her knees turn into jelly. Hinata should be careful in dealing with this kind of man. Sasuke was a type of man that a woman like her should not be trusted. Or else, she would be sorry.

"Welcome back," Sasuke said that caught her attention from examining him.

She nodded. "So… what will I do?" she asked.

"Too hasty, aren't we?"

"I-I just want to finish immediately so I can get my ring back."

Sasuke look at her for a moment. As if he was staring straight into her soul that made Hinata uneasy. How could a man like him do that to her? It was so weird.

"Fine," he said. "Follow me."

Hinata didn't ask and just followed his lead. They end up in a neat looking kitchen. It was black and white and she could not see any trace of dirt.

Maybe he got a maid or his girlfriend goes there to clean, Hinata thought. But then felt a pinch in her heart thinking about that. She shook her head and ignored it.

"You'll cook dinner for me."

Hinata cleared her throat. "W-what?"

"You'll cook dinner for me," Sasuke repeated, smiling.

Hinata opened her mouth and then closed it. She thought opposing him would just make it harder for her. She would just need to do something he asked with no questions. After that, she could get her ring back. It would be better that way. Besides, it would be just cooking for him.

She sighed. "What am I going to cook?"

"Anything you like." With that, Sasuke pulled a chair on the table for four. "I'll be just here." He put his elbows on the table and rested his chin on his hands.

He's going to watch me? Hinata almost said, mockingly but restrained herself.

"Everything you need is here."

Without saying anything, Hinata started to prepare for cooking. She put her bag on a chair in front where Sasuke was seated. Opening the refrigerator, she started to look for the ingredients for curry. And Sasuke was right when he said everything she needed was here. The refrigerator was full. She took the ingredients she needed and closed it.

Hinata opened a drawer to look for a knife.

"The knife is on the third drawer to your right," Sasuke suddenly said.

She didn't say anything. She went to the third drawer and found the knife when she opened it.

For a moment, Sasuke kept on instructing her where she could find the kitchen utensils she need. It was like he knew what she was looking for.

After finishing her cooking, Hinata immediately served her dish to the waiting Sasuke. He looked so happy when she served the food which made her smile. Somehow, she could feel that she was appreciated. Hinata never cooked for someone before. Even her family. Her father was too busy with work and didn't have time to eat at home. And her sister Hanabi… well, since their father wanted her sister to be the successor of the company, Hanabi always by the side of their father. Hanabi was still in college but their wanted her to know everything about their company.

Even if Hinata was the first born, her father didn't trusted her that she could handle the company. Well, that was in favour for her. She didn't want to be working in their company anyway.

When Hinata was a baby, she was very sickly. She was always in and out of the hospital. She was not permitted to lift heavy object or play with other kids because she might get tired and then got sick again. All her life, Hinata felt she was weak. But she was happy because her mother was always by her side to take care of her. She missed her mother very much. Her mother died after giving birth to Hanabi. Sometimes, Hinata wondered what would happen if her mother was still alive. Maybe her father would not be too workaholic. And her sister would know how it feels to have a mother…

"Don't just stand there."

Hinata blinked at the man's voice. She looked at Sasuke who was staring at her.

"Sit and eat with me," he said.

"Ahm… but I need to go." Hinata glanced at her wristwatch. It was past seven o'clock.

"Do you really need to go?"

She didn't know if her eyes was playing on her but Hinata thought she saw sadness in Sasuke's eyes. She bit her lower lip. "Not really. But I am not hungry."

Suddenly, Sasuke stood and went to a cupboard. Took out a plate and spoon and fork. He placed it on the table. "At least eat something. You might get hungry on the way."

Hinata wanted to protest but looking at his handsome face… she felt he was really concern. How this stranger could give her that feeling?

Quietly, she sat on the chair. It would not hurt her to eat with him for a moment. They started eating. Only the sound of the stainless spoon and fork on the plate could be heard in the room. Somehow, Hinata was not awkward with the silence between them. Strangely, she felt calm while sitting near Sasuke.

"It was very delicious," Sasuke said after they finished eating.

Hinata smiled. "Thanks."

"No. I should thank you. It's been a while since I got someone to join me to eat." There was sincerity in his voice that warmed Hinata's heart.

"But you should have a girlfriend, right? I mean… you are good looking. You seemed to have a lot of girls wanting you." Hinata wanted to hit her head for asking. Sometimes, she could not control her mouth.

Sasuke laughed. "Yeah. I got girls following me but I want something different. When I eat out with a girl, they would always expect that something will happen after that."


"So, how about you?"

"Me?" Hinata blinked.

"Are you getting married?"

She almost chocked. "H-how? Oh… the ring…"

"I somehow know you are not yet married since you and I… You know. You were a…" Sasuke seemed careful on his words.

"Yes. I am not yet married. But soon I will be," Hinata confessed. There would not be a problem if she said it to a stranger. After all, what could Sasuke do to her? Blackmail her? She would be happy if her upcoming wedding to Gaara would be cancelled.

Sasuke nodded. "I see…" He took out the velvet box from his pocket and placed it on the table. "This is yours." He pushed the little box towards Hinata. "There is no reason for me to keep it."

Puzzled, Hinata looked at the man. "You are giving my ring back?"

He nodded.

Somehow, Hinata felt she didn't want to get her ring and wanted to stay there… Ah! She was really crazy. Why would she not want her ring? Why does she feel she wanted to be a captive and be blackmailed by this stranger?

"I don't want you to be in trouble with your fiancé because of me."

Hinata wanted to resist. Taking her ring would mean there was no reason to see Sasuke again. Thinking about that, she felt a pinch in her heart.

But why?

Why does she feel that way?

Sasuke is a stranger. She didn't know anything about him. And he was letting her go…

Hinata should be happy, relieved. But no. She was feeling reluctant.

But then, she could not find any reason to stay. Lifting her hand, she reached for the velvet box.

"Thank you," she muttered.

"Before you leave, can I ask something from you?"

She nodded. "What is it?"

Without a word, Sasuke stood and leaned towards her. Hinata stopped breathing as his lips touched hers. She didn't know why she wanted to cry. She forced herself not to lift her arms to wrap around his neck. For the first time, she wanted someone kissing her. She could feel her heart race. She didn't want to end that moment.

But every beautiful moment has an ending.

Sasuke moved away from her and gently caress her cheek. "Thank you, Hinata."

To be continued…

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