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I woke up at the crack of dawn the next day in a good mood. I was lying in bed with Clary resting against my chest but then I remembered what Hodge told me… That she had been abused for years. That sudden realization made anger bubble inside of me. I tried to move away so I wouldn't hurt her and so that I could go work out in the gym, but each time I tried to move, she clutched my shirt tighter. I chuckled quietly before getting comfy again and soon after, I fell into a deep sleep… dreaming about my red head.

I woke up at least three hours later and immediately noticed Clary wasn't there. I began to panic slightly. What had happened to her? I got up quickly and began searching for her. First I checked the kitchen, then all of the bathrooms and the library before hearing some giggling coming from Izzy's room. I opened the door and found Izzy and Clary sitting on her bed giggling their heads off. Once the door opened they both glanced up at me and that's when I noticed Clary had showered and changed. She was wearing an old pair of Izzy's skinny jeans which looked good on her, and a skin tight black top with a leather jacket on top. I admit, she looked beautiful. I didn't realize I was staring until she remarked;

"You shouldn't stare Jace."

For the first time I couldn't think of sarcastic remark to shoot back at her. I glanced back at Izzy who had been observing the whole situation before saying;

"If you don't mind I would like to steal Clary from you for a little bit."

I could see her blush slightly before reassuring my sister that she would be back soon before following me out of the room. We were walking silently down the corridor before she broke the silence.

"Thank you for saving me" she whispered.

"You're welcome" I replied. "Have you had breakfast?"

"No I haven't. I'm starving… C…could you make something for me to eat please?"

"It would be my pleasure" I smiled before grabbing her hand and pulling her to the kitchen. I began bustling around pulling out saucepans and ingredients and 20 minutes later I pushed a plate of pancakes in front of her. She immediately began munching on a pancake and within five minutes the whole plate was clean. I chuckled quietly before she said defensively "what? I was hungry?"

By then I was laughing loudly and it took me a while to calm myself down. When I finally stopped I noticed she had cracked a very beautiful smile. With that I grabbed her hand and dragged her off again. I had decided to take her to the garden that was located at the top of The Institute. I reached the metal door that blocked us from the garden and with a slight push, I let it swing open.

I heard her gasp quietly and then whisper "it's beautiful!"

"I thought you'd like it" I replied. I pulled her towards a bench and was shocked when she leant against my chest.

"I have something to tell you" she said. I already thought I knew what she was going to say but let her continue anyway.

"From the age of five, I… I've been abused by my father and brother. When my mother left for work or went out with her friends, they'd abuse me for hours then when my mom got home I had to act like nothing had happened. I don't know why they started doing it, they just said I was worthless and deserved it." I could feel her body shaking so I pulled her towards me and turned her to face me.

"Look" I began, "when I was four years old, my father began training me to be the best shadowhunter that I could be. He had high expectations of me and if I didn't do well…. He'd beat me." I released the breath I hadn't noticed I was holding, glad that I could finally tell someone. She was staring at me with her big green eyes and a single tear fell down her cheek. I wiped the tear away and then without thinking I captured her lips in a sweet kiss. At first she didn't respond but then she began to kiss back.


He kissed me! He actually kissed me…. And I was kissing him back! His lips tasted like honey and god did it taste good. I tangled my hands into his hair and pulled him even closer. Eventually he pulled me onto his lap and when I pulled away we were both breathing hard. I laid my head on chest and listened to his heartbeat. I could really get used to this. I don't remember falling asleep but the next time I woke up I was in a room I didn't recognize. Then I noticed a sleeping angel sitting on a chair next to the bed. I chuckled quietly before letting sleep take me.

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