Someone asked really nicely for this, so I hope they like it. I'm not really good with sex scenes but I did try to make this one steamy without being too explicit. To Starlover04, you asked, I hopefully delivered. I couldn't message you back but when I read your request I got this flash of inspiration and went with it.

Bonus Chapter

'I can't believe you?!'

Severus rolled his eyes. He'd been hearing this ever since he left Harry's room.

'I just can't believe you!'

'I heard you the first time. And the second. And the fourteenth' the dark haired man muttered, hiding a dark grin behind the paper as he reached for the coffee.

His audience weren't amused, but he didn't care. So he got to Harry first, without resorting to trapping the others like some of them did *cough twins cough*. Though he did wonder just how the pair had manage to rig up that much pink frosting, and he was almost certain he spotted a miniature swamp outside one of the rooms. Well it was Sirius' room, so he wasn't about to say anything. The splash and scream alone would have been worth missing the chance to be first. Maybe.

'But it's you Severus! You didn't seem interested at all!' said mutt whined.

'And you were, Mr Godfather? Besides, it is hardly my fault that you thought Lucius to be the one to watch' Severus replied with a raised eyebrow.

'Well he was the loudest' Sirius tried to defend.

Severus simply smirked. It was true that the blonde had been the most vocal about being Harry's first. A pity really that he wasn't more Slytherin about it. It wasn't as if he had much competition really. Most of the girls weren't all that bothered, too busy watching the males go nuts, Hermione especially wanted to wait until she was a bit older. Of the younger males really it was just the twins, and for the time being they were more interested in getting into Oliver's boxers. Draco had also taken a step back, likely realising what would happen if he made a play on Harry. Percy will still new and finding his place in the group, but he had noticed the red head give Harry looks from time to time, so perhaps he should be watched. Really it was just the older males, and even then there wasn't much. Remus was happy to sit back and watch the chaos, Gilderoy wanted a bit more experience so he didn't come across as a novice, and Xeno, that sneaky unspeakable, he was egging those interested on, making out he was trying to be next while casting behind people's back as they tried to beat him. Severus swore the wispy blonde was responsible for Lucius current purple hair, though most would blame the twins. He was surprised the man let him reach the door at all.

Said blonde turned purple was at that moment in a huff, admitting defeat on his hair he was slumped in quite frankly the most undignified position a Malfoy has ever been in, glaring at Severus for taking his spot. Narcissa had excused herself a while back, most likely to laugh herself silly in private, and didn't look to be returning any time soon.

'What's done is done. Now it's your turn. Well…unless I decide to have another turn. It was rather good after all' he commented after hearing Sirius mutter for the third time that it wasn't fair.

'Don't you dare!' came the response, from at least two people. He sniggered.

'Was it good? You have been rather tight lipped about the details after all' Remus asked, a knowing look on his face.

Severus felt himself blush and cleared his throat. They could find out when it was their turn, but Harry turned out to be a very good lover, for it being his first time.


As the door closed he found himself herded towards the bed. He sat back, curious how the young Dark Lord would behave. Harry smirked, stalking forward very much like Severus' panther form would, before sliding onto the older man's lap.

'So, are you expecting a reward for being first, Severus' he purred.

Damn but that was sexy. Severus shook himself out his thoughts.

'Well I hope so, but then, I am at your mercy'.

The few bed partners he'd had had never been on top before, so this would be a first for him as well. He never even considered being on the top tonight, not with Harry, it didn't seem right.

'Oh?' Harry breathed at his ear, grinning at the shiver it produced.

Severus took in a breath, which caught as those lips latched onto his lobe.

'So…I can do anything?' Harry whispered, nipping just under the ear before licking the sting away.

Don't whimper, must not whimper.

'I am at your service, master' Severus groaned.

The growl almost done him in, as Harry reached his neck, and bit.

'MY Severus…' the younger practically hissed, sitting back and tearing the man's bed shirt open. He stared greedily at the pale chest he exposed, eyes almost glowing taking in the sparce chest hair, the pink nipples.

Severus swallowed at the possessiveness tone.

'Yours' he whispered in reply.

He was rewarded with a warm look, before Harry darted forward and latched onto his right nipple.


Severus threw his head back, bracing himself on his hands as he arched to give Harry more room.


'You're trying to make me whimper like the mutt' he hissed through his teeth.

Harry gave a breathy laugh, moving onto the left nipple and chancing a bite. A groan was the response and he grinned as he sucked. Not quite the whimper he wanted, but the night was still young.

'Remove it' he ordered, tugging at the shirt.

Severus almost lost his balance pulling at the cloth, finally tearing the offending thing off fully and tossing it somewhere to the side.

'Lie back'.

Gratefully he let himself fall, watching as Harry came down with him, hands inching downwards as his lips remained attached to the nub.

'Harry!' Severus moaned, wanting without able to say the words. Thankfully the younger man seemed to understand and stretched up to grant a searing kiss. Pulling back to gasp in air, he gave the man a glowing gaze of arousal.

'Just think. This could have been Lucius'.

Severus gaped in shock, before realising he was being teased. He growled in offence and Harry laughed.

'My mistake' the younger said in amusement, before shimmying down and giving a shark grin at Severus' groin.

'Can I make it up?' he asked innocently.

That was not a whimper. That was definitely not a whimper.

'Utter Bra…urhg!' Severus choked out as with a swish of a wand his trousers were swiped off in one go, and now he lay bare before his master.

Doubt crept in as the silence stretched. He knew he wasn't the most handsome, and he was somewhat skinny and pale. Severus took a shaky breath as he waited for a response, any response.

He felt a hand gently rub his leg.

'Calm…You're perfect'.

He let out the breath in almost a gasp he was so relieved.

'Don't lie. I know how I look. I'm just glad for the attention'.

He was given a light kiss, eyes encouraged opened to see Harry hovering above him.

'I didn't lie. I told you, you are handsome to me'.

Severus made to protest, but was cut off as fingers curled round his member, already half hard.

'Don't make me punish you Severus. Listen to your master' Harry teased, slowly moving his hand up and down.

That was a whimper. Damn it.

'If this is a punishment, then let me complain' the older man groaned.

The younger just chuckled, moving to balance on his elbow as he, almost lazily, watched himself bring Severus to full mast.

'You're big'.

It was said casually, so casually he could have been talking about the weather. Severus just knew this was another tease, but he was just so aroused he didn't even bother to snark back.

'Anything in particular you enjoy?' Harry asked, twisting his hand slightly and flicking his thumb over the slit.

'That works' Severus replied shakily, trembling as the younger repeated the action.

'Ever thought of piercings, just out of curiosity?' came the next question.

'Merlin's sake Harry I'm having a hard time thinking here!'

More laughter.

'Well…let's see if this changes anything'.

And with that Harry leaned down and took the head into his mouth.

Severus howled. He bucked without thinking, only to have his hips pinned as the younger man discovered the joy of oral sex.


Words soon left him as he discovered that he enjoyed being bitten, just not too hard. He couldn't last like this. He could barely remember being this aroused, and really there hadn't been much foreplay at all. How in the hell would he survive when Harry decided to actually take him?!

He soon found out as a single, lubed up finger made a curious exploration around his entrance.

Merlin, Merlin this was too much!

'Master!' he whined, he'd deny it later.

The finger took that as permission and breached the ring, sliding in and out very carefully, in time to Harry's suckles.

He was done. There was no way he could last much longer, and this was just one finger!

Harry it seemed had realised this, and with almost a cheeky grin, gripped the bottom of his member, and squeezed.


Severus panted in frustration as Harry came up to watch him, finger still in motion.

'Can I add another?'

He glared at the younger's innocent expression.

'What do you think?!' he growled back.

Harry laughed, and then withdrew completely!


'Lie on the bed properly. Spread your legs wide'.

The protest caught in his throat at the order, and Severus scrambled to obey.

'Hurry…!' he pleaded.

Another chuckle but he didn't care as this time two fingers probed his entrance, pressing gently in and out until they could reach right up and catch the bundle of nerves.

Severus only thought he had howled before.

'Is here good?' Harry asked, pressing hard against the area, grinning as he received nothing but pants in reply.

'Must be' he remarked, pulling his fingers back and, before Severus could up and strangle him for being a tease, pushing three fingers back in right to the hilt.

That shut up any protest.

His own need was straining through his boxers, and as he prepared the older man he pulled at his own clothes with his free hands, managing to remove his top and trousers and pulling himself free. He was forced to squeeze his own hardness as Severus let out a particularly arousing moan, biting back a groan as he tried to control his panting breaths.

'Severus…Are you ready?'

Severus just barely heard the words. Mustering up the strength he leaned up and gazed into Harry's eyes.

'Take me master. Hard'.

Harry moaned, grabbing the man's legs and throwing them over his shoulders as he lined himself up.

'You asked for it' he growled, then slammed in to the balls.

Severus blacked out. At least for a moment. Then white hot pleasure surged through him. Through the haze he heard Harry muttering as he thrust.

'So hot…! So…tight! So…! Perfect!'

He gave in. He was pleasing his master, this was perfect. He didn't protest as Harry lurched forward, grabbing his wrists and pinning them by the sides of his head, sure he would have bruises but just not caring as he was rocked almost violently against the bed. On and on it went, and all he could do was hold on for dear life, sure he was beyond whimpering and right into screaming. His legs had fallen down Harry's shoulders and he'd curled them round the younger man's waist, gripping hard, afraid to let go, wanting to just fuse the two together. Merlin if he could just stay like this, just have his master inside him for the rest of his life, he'd die happy.

Vaguely aware that this wasn't like him at all, and not caring one jot, finally Severus felt himself getting close. So close!

'Come Severus' Harry ordered.

He came, and came hard. This time he did black out, only coming back to awareness when he felt a soft cloth gently wiping his chest and stomach.

'Come back to me Severus. There we go…' Harry soothed.

He let himself be lulled back, a bit sorry that the younger man had clearly came inside him and not given him the chance to taste him.

Oh what the hell.

Harry started as the older man pulled him over, lining his member up and swallowing it whole.

'Severus…!' he protested, ending with a groan.

Severus mentally smirked and congratulated himself as he sucked, knowing he was also partly tasting himself and yet more excited at the thought. He sucked and nibbled until he felt the length grow hard once more. Teenagers he thought as he brought a hand up to fondle the younger man's balls.

'Ahh…! Severus…! I'm going to…!' Harry moaned in warning.

He didn't care, he was determined to have this, and so he kept on sucking until liquid gushed down his throat, swallowing greedily as he coaxed out as much as he could. Finally the last remaining trickle ceased, and the member left his mouth with a soft pop as he lay his head back. He sighed contently as Harry all but fell beside him.

'You didn't have to do that'.

'Yes, I did. I needed it' he replied sleepily.

He felt more than saw Harry smile, before the younger man's arm slid round his chest and pulled him against the warm body.

'I think I bruised your wrists. Sorry'.

'Don't be. Goodnight master'.

'Goodnight Severus'.

***Flashback End***

Just thinking about it made him shift position.

'You can find out yourself, if you ever get a chance' he snarked back, smirking as Sirius and Lucius whimpered at the thought.

'Damned snarky dungeon bat!'

'What was that Lucius? You are being quite out of character I must say'.

He chuckled as the purple haired man finally gave up and stormed out the room.

'I'm sure we'll all find out soon. Though if we all limped out like you did I suppose we'll have to pace ourselves' Remus commented with a shrug, grinning wolfishly as Severus glared at him as he fought a blush.

Sirius just sniggered, before remembering he was mad and deciding to grab a snack while he reminded himself not to be jealous.

'Watch it wolf, it'll be your turn soon' Severus growled.

Remus just smiled.

They both jumped as there was a crash from upstairs, shortly followed by Lucius' scream of frustration.


From his position on the floor outside Harry's bedroom, covered in whatever this gloop was and very much wishing he had noticed the large bucket on the ceiling as he crept down the hallway, he watched in disbelief as a pair of red heads stepped out the shadows, grinning madly.

'Well well well...'

'Looks like our dear Lucius…'

'Was hoping to do something naughty…'

'With our Dark Lord'.

The pair shared a look and sighed dramatically, crossing their arms and shaking their heads.

'Tisk tisk. Imagine him…'

'Thinking he could sneak past us…'

'And make second place'.

And with that the pair smirked, then dove through the door, sealing it shut as the blonde lunged.

'AHHH…!' Lucius screamed as he heard them, and Harry, laugh from inside.

'I WILL BE THIRD! I WILL NOT LEAVE THIS SPOT UNTIL YOU LEAVE!' he snarled through the wood, huffing as he received no reply.

'Is there a problem Lucius? You look like a toddler taking a tantrum'.

Growling the blonde turned to his to be ex friend, the git who apparated here to taunt him.

'And who's fault is that?!' he hissed.

Severus simply smirked, glancing at the door as noises began to sound through. He bit back a laugh as Lucius whimpered. The man would never live this down.

'Cheer up, third time's a charm as they say'.

Quickly he decided to leave, dodging hexes as he all but ran down the corridor.