This is my first fanfic, so if it sucks, I'm sorry! I haven't read the Hobbit, but I have seen the movie many times, and I've read as much fanfiction as I can get my hands on. If I've got any facts wrong, just let me know and I'll try to fix them. The next chapter will be longer! :)

Chapter One:

The air was hot with anticipation. Sweat dripped from the back of Fili's neck down into his armor, creating an uncomfortable itch. He squirmed for a moment in the blazing sunlight before resigning himself to the persisting sensation.

Kili gave a low chuckle from behind his brother, startling the older of the two, who had thought he'd been alone, "This armor doesn't feel the same as when Dwalin used to make us train in it when we were younger, does it? It's different somehow. Heavier."

Fili turned to him, squinting in order to see the brunette's usually energetic face twisted into an expression of dislike, "Or maybe you're simply not strong enough to hold it up any longer, little brother. We've been wearing it for a substantial amount of time, more than we have in the past."

Normally Kili would rise to the bait, and the two of them would begin a wrestling match that only Thorin had ever been brave enough to attempt to break apart, but today was anything but normal.

"I can't help but feel as if this is all wrong, Fili. Thorin… I mean, the King, isn't himself. He's just…" The younger trailed off as he leaned against the railing, staring down at the expanse of grassland that was to become the field of battle any time now.

The brunettes silver armor glinted in the sun, casting a slight glare across Fili's eyes. It was strange to see his brother dressed up, in the garb of a prince instead of his normal disheveled, half thought through outfits. They'd always had mail and other forms of protection before, but nothing this new, this extensive. It all matched, fit together perfectly as if it were made for the two of them.

Fili was wearing gold, as was fitting the crown prince, according to Thorin. He hadn't wanted to wear it, would rather have simply worn something less adorned, something basic. He'd secretly removed several pieces to allow himself a larger range of motion and more agility, but no one other than himself and Kili (who'd helped him) knew about it.

Kili was straightening the quiver on his back, stocked with a new assortment of arrows. He'd been forced to accept a more finely fletched set that he wasn't happy with, something he'd complained about numerous times already. He'd slipped a few bolts of his own making back into the mix, but if anyone had noticed, no one mentioned anything.

"Oh for Durin's sake," the aforementioned unsnapped a large piece of the silver garnishing his arms with a frustrated huff, letting them fall with a clatter to the stone floor, "I can't move in these!"

"Kili…" Fili reprimanded halfheartedly, wanting his brother as protected as possible.

"How am I supposed to fight if I can't even reach my bow? Why couldn't we just wear our normal gear? It's not like we haven't been in fights before…"

"It isn't the same."

The reply was quiet and vulnerable sounding, "I know."

Fili moved as silently as he could covered in metal, coming to rest next to the brunette, knowing that Kili would explain what was really bothering him as soon as he was ready. Thorin wasn't actually what had him on edge. No, there was something bigger that was the issue.

"I thought… I thought that battle would be valiant, fought over something worth dying for. Not this. I mean, Erabor, Thorin, I would die for them, you know that, else I wouldn't have gone on this quest in the first place, but I didn't think I would be so… scared."

Kili wouldn't meet his eyes as Fili glanced over at him.

"I think you're supposed to be scared in situations like this. If you weren't, I'd have to have Oin check you over to make sure nothing was wrong with your head."

Kili gave his older brother a small smile, brushing his bangs out of his eyes as he straightened. He was about to say something when a war horn drowned out his words.

A brief bubble of panic enveloped Fili as he glanced down and saw the goblin troops nearing. There were more of them than he was expecting, and the orcs hadn't even arrived yet.

"I guess that's our cue," Kili said, forcing a wry grin as he pushed himself away from the railing, hurrying towards the staircase with Fili close behind.

Before he knew it, they were gathering in formation, the company at the front lines.

Thorin nodded to the two of them as they took their place. He motioned for one to stand on either side of him, but when Fili caught his brothers barely concealed look of fear at the thought of separation, he pretended not to notice his uncles direction, choosing instead to give Kili a reassuring glance as he settled into place next to his younger sibling.

And then the doors to Erabor were opened, ushering them forth onto the battlefield.