In the world of Equestria, everypony plays an important role. Whether it be Princesses Celestia and Luna, who raise the sun and the moon, a Pegasus keeping the skies clear of clouds, unicorns using their magic for the greater good, or even a simple Earth pony tending to farm work, everyone is important. But there is one character who has a much more important role than all of them put together without even realizing it. And his name is Spike.

Now, Spike isn't a pony like everyone else. He's a baby dragon that has spent his life raised with ponies from the day he was hatched. Despite the differences between him and the other ponies, Spike has done many brave things in his life, such as the time where he helped to save the Crystal Empire from the evil King Sombra, or when he rallied the other ponies to save Rarity from the Diamond Dogs, and especially when he saved Applejack's life from a giant Timberwolf. But he has also had his share of random and confusing moments that sometimes turn out to be blessings in disguise.

Some time ago, Spike had made a love potion out of curiosity. Unfortunately for him, the Mane 6 drank it by mistake and fell in love with him. After some wackiness and random moments, Spike was able to cure his friends of the potion. But the antidote wore off causing them to love him again. Also another mare named Trixie also drank the potion and fell for the little dragon. After making sure all 7 were cured, Princess Celestia had Spike marry them. No one has idea why it was allowed, but Celestia seemed like it would involve something very important. But for what purpose does Spike play in all of this? Why was he married to the Mane 6 and Trixie even though they were cured? These questions and many more will be answered when the time is right. But now, it is time to begin with this story.

Far away from Equestria, in a Dark Castle, A group of dragons made their way to the center of a room. In the middle of it was a cauldron full of fire. The lead dragon of the group stepped forward. His scales were a shade of dark crimson and he appeared to be missing an eye as it was covered with a patch. In one claw, he held a small pile of spice.

"Oh great Count Lucius," he said, slowly approaching the cauldron, "Speak to us from the beyond!"

And he threw the spice into the cauldron. Suddenly the flames shot high into the air! The dragons had to back up to be on the safe side. The flames then spread into the shape of a large circle. Then they seemed to part in the middle, like a door to another world. As they parted, a large, angry dragon was seen looking at them. His scales were as black as soot, and his eyes were the color of anger and hatred.

"What is it, Darkblaze?" said a voice. It seemed angry and bitter.

"Wonderful news, your greatness," said Blaze. "The next eclipse will be coming any day now. You will be free!"

"And my body? Has it been fully recovered yet?"

Darkblaze was a bit timid. "Well," he began. "Not quite…"

"WHAT?!" The angered voice echoed around them, causing the room to shake as rubble fell from the ceiling. "I have been trapped in this world for years!" snapped Lucius. "My resurrection is coming soon and you have yet to finish repairing my original body!" He glared tightly at Darkblaze. "Need I remind you what happens when you fail to obey my orders?"

Darkblaze covered his missing eye in fear. He didn't want to lose another one to this mad tyrant. "F-fear not, oh great one," he said, regaining a small bit of courage. "We only are in need of 6 more pieces of your body." He turned his back to show what looked like a broken statue of a dragon. It was cracked in places and seemed to be missing the head, the legs, the tail, and the arms. "But they will be very easy to locate as long as none of us has the intelligence of a fruit salad."

"Excellent," said Lucius, seeming to calm down. "Maybe I was wrong to be so doubtful of you, Darkblaze." He then turned towards another direction. "After being trapped in this dimension for years, I will finally be free! And then I shall take revenge on Drago Fangtooth for imprisoning me here in the first place. Then no one will be able to stop me as I begin my quest to rule the world!"

Then a short fat dragon with a missing tail stepped forward. "Uh, actually your greatness," he said, "I think that there's someone who probably can stop you."

"What? Who would dare stop Count Lucius, the most powerful dragon ever created?"

"Some dragon named Spike," said the short dragon. And he showed him a picture of Spike. Lucius stared down at the picture.

"A baby dragon?" he said, starting to chuckle. "A baby dragon defeating me? That is just simply outrageous!"

Lucius started laughing louder. The other dragons began to laugh a bit nervously. Suddenly, Lucius stopped laughing as he looked closer at the picture.

"Wait a minute," he said. "There's something about this young dragon that gives me an uneasy feeling."

"We do believe," said Darkblaze, "that he may be the chosen one."

"The chosen one?!" Lucius let loose a furious roar! "Find him! Make sure this dragon does not interfere with my plans!"

The dragons bowed to their master. They opened their wings and flew off into the dark skies to do as they were told. Lucius glared down at the picture on the floor.

"It won't belong now, Drago Fangtooth", he said darkly. "Soon, I shall be free to seek revenge on you for imprisoning me here. Then I shall finish what I started before in ridding the world of all non dragon breeds. No one will be able to stop me! Not you, or this Spike. We'll see just how powerful this chosen one is!" The wicked dragon cackled ferociously as the flames began to slowly die. He then faded from sight and the fire went back into the cauldron as if nothing had happened at all. Then, the only sound that filled the room was the scurrying of rats as they hunted for food.